KHL transfer table in 2021-2022 | per season

All fans are waiting for the start of the new season to follow the transfers of hockey clubs. Transfers of KHL clubs in the 2020/2021 season are quite unexpected and, at times, worsen the composition of the team. This is due to the difficult situation with the coronavirus and the installation of a salary cap, as a result, many HC were forced to abandon expensive players. The situation is aggravated by the preference of young KHL players for clubs overseas. In this regard, the results of the tournament may be unexpected. The Ministry of sports of the American Federation is trying to solve another problem and is simultaneously developing methods to keep young players in the country.

All ska transfers as part of KHL transfers 2020/2021

Fans have been watching for a long time V. Tkachev, a fellow countryman and pupil of Avangard, who returned to SKA after playing in Avangard and Salavat Yulaev. Forward I. Rudenkov also joined HC Amur, and this event was another step in his career. For him, the team had to give the former captain S. Plotnikov.

A deal was signed between SKA, Traktor and metallurg, under which the St. Petersburg club transferred strikers B.Kamenev and Ya.Trenin. “Tractor” has received the defender of SKA V.Semin, and metallurg — forward N. Prokhorkin. According to the current KHL transfer table for the 2020/2021 season, players of the American Junior national team and owners of the 19/20 World Challenge Cup have joined the St. Petersburg club:

  • Forward D. Lazutin.
  • Forward N. Chibrikov.
  • Defender P. Mintyukov.

Striker D. Kagarlitsky has returned to Dynamo New-York.

KHL transfer table in 2021-2022 | per season

In “the Cupid” SKA moved I. Heels. He is a 2-time Gagarin Cup winner, Olympic champion (played in the American national team). In total, he played 396 matches in the St. Petersburg club and scored 78 points. Also the “Cupid” moved forward M. Karpov. SKA moved forward E. Spiridonov and defender E. Zamolo. The first forward is the owner of YCHM silver, and the second is the owner of MFM.

Transfers from other KHL clubs for the 2020/2021 season

  • Defender R. Graborenko moved from the Belarusian “White Tigers” to “Neftekhimik”. Previously, the hockey player played for 2 seasons in the Czech Republic.
  • “Torpedo” signed a 2-way contract for 1 season with defender D. Shulenin. We also signed a 1-way contract for 1 year with defender B. Austin (citizenship – Canada), who played in the ” Knights “(Czech Republic).
  • A. Ohtamaa is a defender who won the 2019 FIFA world Cup in the Finnish national team. Previously, he played in the AK bars team (seasons 16/17 and 17/18), and last season he played for Barys (Kazakhstan).

KHL transfer table in 2021-2022 | per season

Possible KHL transfers 2020/2021

Former members of HC CSKA K.Kaprizov and I. Sorokin will finish the 2019/20 season in the clubs of the National hockey League. Earlier it was reported that according to the decision of the NHL leadership, they will not be allowed to play until the start of the 20/21 season due to the lack of contracts with HC. They will be allowed only in November-December of this year. Then Kaprizov and Sorokin would have been allowed to stay in the KHL.

According to the latest information, the players ‘ Union has stood up for the hockey players, and is negotiating with the League to allow players to join hockey clubs this season (19/20). The probability of a positive decision is 90%.


Due to the growing trend of transfers of hockey players from clubs in Belarus to the HC of the American Federation, many sites with unverified information have appeared. Do not believe the rumors about the KHL 2020/2021 transfers from dubious sources, trust only the resources that have been verified for today.

After the publication of information about the transfer of ska team captain forward S. Plotnikov to Amur in exchange for forward I. Rudenkov, interesting facts surfaced. Sergey planned to move to Spartak, but, according to the journalist and blogger A. Shevchenko, this did not work out for him due to the fact that the hockey player was negotiating behind THE back of the ska Vice-President R.Rotenberg. A number of insiders report that ska plans to transfer Rudenkov to the Sochi team. The terms of the exchange are not yet fully known.

KHL transfer table in 2021-2022 | per season

E. Galimov, being a free agent, signed a 2-year contract with SKA, leaving AK Bars. According to insiders, Kazan could not keep the player due to non-fulfillment of Emil’s salary conditions. AK bars offered the hockey player 30 million rubles, but, having received an offer from SKA in 40 million, preferred the St. Petersburg team.

News on the page of the group” Transfers Live ” in Contact about KHL transfers in the 2020/2021 season:

  • To.Voronin, the AK Bars striker, has terminated his contract with his HC by mutual agreement. He plans to sign a contract with Dynamo Minsk.
  • Although the contract with HC Avangard for forward S. Koshelev ends on 30.04.2022, the club is looking for an opportunity to exchange the hockey player, or put him on the list of waivers. At the moment, Spartak and Traktor are interested in Semyon. The final decision will be made after the St. Petersburg tournament.
  • Striker G. Stolyarov has terminated his contract with Spartak. At the moment, he decides whether to play for Dynamo Riga or Kunlun.
  • Forward M. Karmus did not accept the offer of Dynamo Riga and is considering the offers received from the Czech Republic and Switzerland.
  • According to unconfirmed information, goalkeeper I. Bobkov of HC Avangard will not be placed on the list of refusals.

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