Jungle cruise-movie 2021: release date, cast

In 2021, the film “jungle Cruise”, based on the attraction of the famous Disney Corporation, will be released in cinemas. The story is about travelers sailing on a river through a jungle that is full of dangerous beasts, wild animals and reptiles.

Filming a movie

The film was planned to be released in October 2019, but then postponed until June 24, 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has extended the waiting period, and the premiere was postponed again to 2021.

Earlier, the Studio tried to make a film inspired by the famous attraction. In 2011, we were in talks with actors Tom Hanks and Tim Allen about a film adaptation of the story of a journey with many misfortunes. But later, Disney Corporation changed the previous developments, invited Dwayne Johnson to play the main role.

Work on the picture is complete. Test screenings were held to learn the audience’s primary opinion for further development, if necessary, before applying special effects.

Filming of the Comedy film took place in Hawaii (USA) on the island of Kauai, part of the picture was shot in Atlanta, Georgia. Photos from the set periodically appeared on the web, reflecting the atmosphere of joy and creative adventures. The American trailer for the film was released in 2019, which increased the audience’s interest in the release of the film.

Director and crew

The Director’s chair was taken by Jaume Collet-Serra of Catalan origin, previously known for the projects “Goal 2”, “Night fugitive”, “Air Marshal”, “Passenger”. The American began his career in Hollywood with the creation of horror films “house of wax figures”, “Child of darkness”. Then came the Thriller with Liam Neeson. But the acclaimed film “shoal” about the confrontation between a shark and a blonde followed, which marked a return to the bloodthirsty genre.

Actors Dwayne Johnson and Emily blunt have worked with the Director before. The adventure film “jungle Cruise” has become a new joint project. The script was developed by Patrick McKay, John D. Payne, who reworked the early draft, former options Glenn Ficarra, John Requa.

The music for the film was written by the famous James Newton Howard, one of the most famous composers in Hollywood, the author of the musical accompaniment to the films “pretty Woman”, “the Sixth sense”, the “Hunger games” trilogy, etc.

The plot

The story takes place at the beginning of the 20th century. One of the Central characters of the film is the captain of a ship that undertakes to deliver a woman, a brave nature researcher Lily Houghton, and her brother to the upper reaches of the Amazon river to find a mysterious tree. According to the legend of native American tribes from South America, the legendary plant has magical properties that can heal people.

Lily Houghton and her brother hire Frank, a brave captain who has his own small cruise ship to organize cheap excursions for tourists. Travelers are expected to meet with enemies, unforeseen situations. In the wilds of the jungle turns out to be a rival company from Germany, which is preparing an insidious trap for opponents. In addition to meeting evil people, travelers have to get acquainted with deadly representatives of the Amazon flora and fauna. Expect a clash of heroes with a supernatural phenomenon.

Jungle cruise-movie 2021: release date, cast

The cast

The film involves a team of bright actors, known for their previous works.:

  • Dwayne Johnsonhe will play Frank, the captain of a ship that has found itself in the top three brave heroes (“Second chance”, “treasure of the Amazon”).»);
  • Emily Bluntwill portray Lily Houghton, a brave researcher (“Changing reality”, “Life by Jane Austen”).»);
  • Jack Whitehallplays the role of McGregor Houghton, Lily’s sophisticated brother (“Fresh meat, “” Urban legends»);
  • Andy Nymanwill portray ser James Hobbs-Coddington (“Corporation”, ” Peaky blinders»);
  • By Paul Giamattiget used to the role of a grumpy port captain.

The main villains of the film will embody Edgar Ramirez, Jesse Plemons.

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