June 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

June – the start of the summer holidays, so everyone is very interested to know what will be the production calendar in the USA and on which holidays and additional days can be counted in 2021.

Weekend June 2021 according to the law

Only in June 2021 should be 22 workers and 8 weekends at five-day working week. According to article 112 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation in June, there is only one official holiday – the day of the USA, which we celebrate on the 12th. In 2021 it will be a Friday, which can not but rejoice citizens. By Law, working time prior to this date will be reduced by one hour. It turns out that USAне will get a mini-vacation: short Thursday, and plus it is three full days a week. Compared to other months of June 2021 is not rich in extra rest days due to which usually USA citizens like to extend myself put them annual leave.

Calendar daysThirty
Working DaysTwenty one
Shifts and holidaysOne
Abbreviated daysOne

Knowing how we rest, it is easy to calculate and the number of working hours

WeekWorking hours
40-hourOne hundred sixty seven
24-hour front Desk99.8

June 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

Holidays calendar USA

  • 01.06. This date is rich in events. First day of summer celebrating the Day of the Northern fleet, employees of government communications, as well as textile and light industry.
  • 05.06. Your professional holiday is celebrated by environmentalists and employees of the state service of plant quarantine.
  • 06.06. The Russian language day. The second name – "mother’s day". In recent years this holiday has gone beyond our country: under the auspices of the UN events, workshops, Express-lessons and lectures for popularization of the Russian language.
  • 07.06. Professional holiday irrigators and the day of crowdfunding, which is first learned in 2012.
  • 08.06. Day of social worker.
  • 12.06. Day USA, which many of our citizens perceive as the birthday of the state.
  • 13.06. Date for professional furniture makers and brewers.
  • 14.06. Your holiday is celebrated by workers of the migration service.
  • 20.06. Developer of the mine and torpedo service.
  • 21.06. Professional date health-care workers and handlers.
  • 22.06. The day of memory and grief, the date has been set to commemorate the beginning of world war II.
  • 27.06. The day of inventor and innovator, as well as the youth Day. Both are red and are marked on the last Saturday of the month.
  • 29.06. Day partisans and underground fighters.
  • 30.06. The day of the security staff of criminal-Executive system of the Ministry of justice.

June 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

International holidays

  • 01.06. Day of protection of the rights of the child and the parents. It is also a Day of milk.
  • 02.06. A day of healthy eating.
  • 08.06. World oceans day.
  • 09.06. The international day of archives and the friends.
  • 12.06. World day against child labour.
  • 14.06. Day blogger blood donor.
  • 16.06. International day of the African child.
  • 17.06. World day to combat desertification and drought.
  • 20.06. World day rider and refugee Day.
  • 21.06. International day of skateboarding.
  • 23.06. International Olympic day and Day of widows.
  • 25.06. The day of friendship and unity of Slavs, and the Day of the seafarer
  • 26.06. The international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking and international day in support of victims of torture.
  • 27.06. World fisheries day.

June 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

Religious holidays in June

In the USA is home to adherents of different faiths, so it will be interesting to see which religious holidays fall in June 2021.

  • 03.06. The Vladimir icon of the Mother of God (Christianity).
  • 05.06. Poson (Buddhism).
  • 06.06. Saint Simeon and Saint blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg (Orthodox).
  • 07.06. The day of the Holy Trinity and the finding of the head of John the Baptist (Christianity).
  • 08.06. The day of the Holy spirit (Christianity).
  • 14.06. The Holy righteous John Kronshtadtskogo (Christianity).
  • 15.06. Beginning of apostles ‘ fast (Orthodoxy).
  • 24.06. Icon of Mother of God "it is truly meet" (Orthodoxy).
  • 30.06. The birthday of Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) (Buddhism).

Unusual holidays

  • 08.06. Day of St. Petersburg cats and cats.
  • 13.06. World day of knitting in public. Celebrated every second Saturday of June. First it was the promotion of unity of all lovers of knitting, but over time, the celebration turned into a charity event.
  • 19.06. Day observer of the clouds.

June 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

  • 20.06. Day of protection of elephants in zoos. Celebrated since 2009. The festival organizers are responsible for the collection of money on the TV show educational films about animals in zoos are charity events.
  • 21.06. International day of the flower.
  • 23.06. The day of the balalaika. It is noted at the international level: the festivals performers populists, street concerts. Since 2010, in the Crimea for this holiday coincide with the festival of folk music "Nuggets".

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