July 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

The middle of summer 2021 will mark the July month, which accounts for most of the holidays. This hot season a lot of interesting reasons that are widely and imaginatively can be noted in nature.

Business calendar

The beginning of the month falls on a Monday, end on Friday. Based on data from the manufacturing calendar, the number of days in this month every year consistently and is 31 days. Of them in work and worry USAне will spend 23 days.

Calendar daysThirty one
Working daysTwenty three
Shortened working daysno
Working shifts and holidaysno


Only 8 weekends to delight USAн in July 2021, so very protracted celebrations of working people to afford can not. However, the lucky ones whose annual leave will drop this month, will go on long-distance and journey. Given the huge demand for train tickets, it is recommended to plan foreign trips in advance. But, according to statistics, we – the citizens of the USA – more rest in our own cottages. This category of people should be prepared for traffic jams, especially if travel is to be on Friday night.

July 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

Public holidays

Official holidays are not expected, therefore, to leave the workplace early in July, no one opportunity will be.

Depending on the schedule of work of the enterprises work calendar July 2021 may include the following number of hours:

WeekThe number of hours
40-hourOne hundred eighty four
24-hour front Desk110.4

The unofficial holiday dates

Second month of summer, rich in all kinds of events. So in addition to collecting mushrooms and berries, already ripened by this time, USAне will be able to show respect for family and friends congratulated them with one of the memorable dates.

For professionals of the field

In the middle of summer it is worth to pay tribute to the people who reached success in different fields. Our professional holidays are celebrated:

  • 02.07. – sports journalists;
  • 03.07. workers of sea and river fleet;
  • 05.07. – employees of naval aviation;
  • 09.07. fishermen;
  • 10.07. – postal workers;
  • 11.07. – lighting technicians;
  • 12.07. the flight attendants of civil aviation

July 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

  • 18.07. fire;
  • 19.07. Steelworkers;
  • 23.07. – sales staff;
  • 24.07. cadastral engineers;
  • 26.07. – jumpers;
  • 28.07. — PR-specialists;
  • 31.07. – sysadmin.

Officers and soldiers of the USA also will not remain without attention. For them July 2021 prepared a lot of holidays:

  • 03.07. – GAI;
  • 17.07. – base marine aviation;
  • 19.07. – the legal service of the Ministry of internal Affairs;
  • 25.07. – river police and investigation authorities;
  • 28.07. – The Navy.

Festivals of world importance

If there is a desire to get together with friends, you can always find a suitable case. The international calendar will allow you to spend your vacation about in July 2021 note the following days:

  • 02.07. – UFO;
  • 06.07. the kiss;
  • 08.07. – family, love and fidelity;
  • 11.07. – chocolate;
  • 15.07. – jam festival;
  • 20.07. – cake and chess;
  • 23.07. – whales and dolphins;
  • 30.07. – friendship.

July 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

This month there are other memorable dates:

  • 01.07. – entry of Buryatia in the Russian Federation;
  • 07.07. – anniversary of the victory over the Turkish fleet in the battle of Chesma (1770);
  • 10.07. – anniversary of the victory in the battle of Poltava (1709) and the Day of Russian military glory;
  • 14.07. The Bastille Stormed;
  • 18.07. in memory of Nelson Mandela, who called to change lives for the better;
  • 28.07. – The Baptism Of Rus.

Church holidays

Will not be bored and the Orthodox people in the USA. The ROC has prepared for the congregation a few holidays in July 2021, to note that in the family:

  • 06.07. The Vladimir wonderworking icon of the Mother of God, and Midsummer;
  • 09.07. – The Tikhvin Mother Of God;
  • 15.07. – Saint Photios;
  • 19.07. – Martyr Hermias.

National holidays

Observant person will always be able to predict future events and the weather by their appearance. The wise Russian people have defined the future with hints of nature:

  • 03.07 – Methodius-the Sparrowhawk. Rain pointed to rainy rainy July and early August.
  • 10.07. – curly clouds floating from the West, promised the onset of rainy days.
  • 12.07. – festival of the Sun. Two short rain ensured a great harvest.
  • 20.07. – holiday Avdotya Stagnone. The weather determined the quality of hay.
  • 29.07. – the feast of Aminogen. By a strange coincidence, the birds on this day were silent.

July 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

Events in the world of sports

For football fans, July will be remembered for a long time, as it will lead to a long-awaited championship. According to the decision taken by the Executive Committee of UEFA, the quarter-finals will be held in USA. At the stadium "" the fans are waiting for an unforgettable spectacle with the participation of your favorite teams.

But the main event will be the opening of the Summer Olympic games in the Japanese capital. In Tokyo, where organizers have built a stadium with an unusual concept, will arrive about 7.5 million viewers from around the world.

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