Journey to India – movie 2021

The film “Journey to India”, which is expected to be released in early 2021, are expected not only fans of adventure thrillers and lovers of mystical genre. After all, this painting has another name (“Wii 3”) and is a triquel, based on Gogol’s famous stories. But do not confuse this franchise with “Goldeneye” with Alexander Petrov in the lead role. These are two completely different projects.

Journey to India – movie 2021

The link to the first parts

In 2014 came the film “Viy”, a joint production of USA, Ukraine, Germany, great Britain and the Czech Republic. Although the film crew and the actors were mostly Americans. The guest star of the cast was just Jason Fleming, who played the main character cartographer Jonathan green. He went on an expedition in the Eurasian continent, came to Romania and ended up in Western Ukraine. There he told the story of the mystical monster Wii, industry and Homa Brutus. Green, he witnesses the appearance of the impure forces; with him befall an incredible story. But to return to Moscow, it all seems a mental disorder or a sleep.

The second part of the “Wii” titled “the Mystery of the seal of the dragon” was supposed to appear in theaters in August 2018, but due to strict Chinese censorship the Prime Minister to postpone the beginning of 2020. The plot continues the story of Jonathan green, who goes to far-Eastern expedition on the instructions of Peter the great: Emperor asks to make cards. On arrival green comes to China, where he is faced with new adventures.

The budget of the first film made $ 26 million, and the rentals collected 34 million For the second part was spent 46 million, but it is planned that the money will be repaid with interest, because many will want to watch the amazing nature of China. During the filming of “Journey to India” will spend about the same (about $ 40 million), and again, shooting on location, so you can look forward to rubbing their palms in anticipation of another geographical perspective and exciting adventures with elements of mysticism.

No references to the film “Viy” 1967 “Journey to India” and the entire franchise no. Just a mystical story by Nikolai Gogol is very popular, so of interest to many filmmakers.

Journey to India – movie 2021

The plot of “Journey to India”

After China, the creators of the franchise decided to send Jonathan green, to another exotic country. Cartographer, doing the job of Peter the great, plans to return with a report in Russia, but fate throws him into a mysterious India. Greene again have to fight with the impure forces. Fortunately, this time it is surrounded by many new friends, whom he managed to acquire during the previous adventures.


Release date of the movie “Journey to India” set for 2021, but the shooting is still ongoing, so things can change. Producer Alexey Petrukhin said that part of the filmed material, but not enough for either the trailer or the teaser, so fans will have to wait a bit. But soon the light goes out the second part of “Wii” on the trip to China, so the viewer can enjoy this picture.

The crew

The Director of the film “Journey to India” remains Oleg Stepchenko (“Cut bait”, 2004, “Men’s season: velvet revolution”, 2005). It is very important to trikvela, because experience with the first two parts always comes in handy for filming the third. The producer has also remained the same is Alexey Petrukhin (“the Teacher”, 2015, “to be or not to be”, 2011). On the script they worked together, drawing on the works of Nikolai Gogol, and legends of India.

The cast

The role of Jonathan green continues to play Jason Fleming (“lock, stock and two Smoking barrels”, 1998, “snatch”, 2000), which managed to catch the fancy of the audience even in the first part of the franchise. Even before the first “Wii”, he successfully passed the casting, which bypassed Vincent Cassel, Keanu Reeves and Sean Penn. Your character it compares with Indiana Jones admires the thoroughness of the work on the film and proud of the cooperation with the Russian Director and producer.

Journey to India – movie 2021

It is known that for the filming of the third part were invited to another Hollywood actor Mel Gibson (“What women want”, 2000, “Braveheart”, 1995, “Mad Max 3″, 1985”), which should play a key role. What is not disclosed. Perhaps it will be a mystical character that Jonathan green will face during your travel to India.

And time the action will unfold in India, not to do without stars of bollywood. In the film “Journey to India”, which will be released in 2021, participated and Indian actors: Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and others.

The film with a hint of the mystical novels of Russian classics, Hollywood actors, shooting in India – a highly original blend that promises to be explosive and very interesting. “Journey to India” will be released in 2021, but the audience has the time to watch the first two parts. This will allow you to feel the idea the writers and Director, to find out how it all began, and to imagine how events can develop further.

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