Jokes on the New 2021

To save your friends from boredom in the night, is to prepare for the celebration in advance to come up with something interesting. That will surely help to dilute the friendly atmosphere of humor and laughter. To help can original jokes for the New year, which definitely makes the beginning of 2021 unforgettable.

Lazy game

Adults often lazy after a couple of glasses of champagne to flee to the dance floor. To "warm up" friends, coming back for another fun game.

Like it or not

Bold and even the "spicy" choice for the company, which has both boys and girls with a good sense of humor. The essence of the game is to the neighbors on the holiday table (different sex) "appreciated" appearance to each other and said one thing that they like most in the appearance of the partner and one that is less like. For example, like the ears, but don’t like the thumb. After everyone made the choice to kiss that part of the body that you like, and bite the one that is least attractive.


The mental game is the type of Crocodile, but for the lazy, good enough to lighten up the mood after the previous jokes. The rules are simple: choose "Gal" who leaves the room while the remaining players do not figure out what famous person, friend or animal to make. After the selection it returns back and tries without any hints or gestures to try to guess who they asked? He is only allowed to ask leading questions built in a funny way. For example: "If it was a smartphone, then what?" or "Or if it was a dog, biscuits, perfume, vegetables, etc., then what?". Players try to invent a cool Association. For example, "It would be the movie pulp fiction" or "It would be a piano without keys." Generally, the process actively involved all participants and then for a long time laughing at the ridiculous answers it.

Jokes on the New 2021

Lost in translation

Everyone has a smartphone. So why not use it as a generator of laughter? Open Google translate and enter the text of a song or a poem in Russian, translate into any language, then translate the resulting text back to Russian. How do you mean Japanese haiku, obtained by translation of the beloved Christmas song "the forest raised a Christmas tree":

"The forest raised a Christmas tree

In the forest she grew up.

Winter and summer thin

"Oatmeal, sir!"

For this contest you need 2 teams of 2 people. One contestant per team – cook, second – taster. The latter need a blindfold. Each of the two contestants will have to try the same dishes and try to guess what they cooked. Whoever guesses the more ingredients, the winner.

Jokes on the New 2021

Name that tune

Almost every one of us as a child loved this show. So why not try to simulate it during the party? Guests should be divided into 2 teams, and then include popular songs, until someone squeals. Win those who know many tunes.

You can also add a competition "Answer song." Its essence lies in the fact that one of the participants sang the question of the famous song and the other would answer him. For example, one sings: "Who invented you, star country?" a participant from the other replies: "Strange woman, strange…". The winner is the team that was able to answer more questions.

Time toasts and congratulations

2021 – the year of the ox. Therefore, fun should fit the character of the celebration. Very interesting solution would be to put on the bottom of box great gift, and on top – a helium-filled balloon with a piece of paper with wishes for the coming year. Imagine the scene: a guest opens the box and out flies the ball. There will be a loss: "that’s all?". But after people will notice at the bottom of the useful and necessary gift, then his expectations will be met and the value of the "gift" will increase significantly. As wishes you can choose funny quatrain. Especially cool would be to congratulate someone who was born in the year of the ox:

"In the year of the mouse I congratulate,

Born under the sign of this animal.

And well a year to live I wish

Let it be your life is easy!

I wish the same to be nimble

As a mouse, and no less provocative!"

The rest will fit such fun:

"And in the new let the exception

No rats bull we good

That was all we wished,

Make it clear and easy!"

Jokes on the New 2021

"Let no anger and worries

Myshkin New year!

Let ring with intoxicating glasses!

Happy New year you people!"

"If you suddenly see her

Someone suddenly shouts: "Oh, e!"

Climbs into time on a stool

But usually the yoke!

Well, we are more than happy

ox year will come as it should!

Will it share the success

That was enough for us at all!"

You can still shove the ball gag from the category of "on the verge of a foul", but you need a good knowledge of the interlocutor, so as not to inadvertently offend the "delicate nature":

"Not like in a group of rats

They say usually scat

But there are exceptions,

About him (her) colleagues, everyone knows…"

It is also possible to give standard gifts, and after to please close the balls inside which are the notes with cute wishes. If no balls, we can restrict papers: the important thing is how they are presented. Positive emotions for each guest in any case guaranteed.

Jokes on the New 2021

Time predictions

While in search of Christmas jokes for 2021 is difficult to avoid the topic of comic predictions. For the year of the ox will approach the prediction in verse form. Here are a few ideas these funny messages:

"Myshkin year you will do it!"

"The mouse gives us the love: find its you again"

"If you show skill in the New you luck"

"The mouse brings good luck and new cottage!"

"No sorrow, no worries Rats will not be allowed in the New year!"

"Mouse prepares you open and excellent events"

"bull of the year goes to all of us in the New without any problems"

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