Jewish New 2021: the date and traditions

2021 the Jewish New year is a time of prayer and repentance. It has nothing to do with the holiday, which is celebrated in European countries or America. Rosh Hashanah (the so-called New year of the Jews) has a deep meaning. Ancient rites and traditions emphasize the peculiarity and importance of the occasion.

Date of celebration

Rosh Hashanah is not the same as the European New year. The date of the holiday the Jews count according to the lunar calendar. Due to inconsistencies with the Gregorian calendar it is unclear when the Jewish New year in 2021. The celebration usually falls in the autumn. Rosh Hashanah is a two day new moon of the seventh month of Tishrei.

Important! In 2021, the Jews will celebrate the New year from the evening of 18 September to the evening of 20 September.

Jewish New 2021: the date and traditions

And although the beginning of the holiday falls on Friday, two days would be official holidays. According to tradition, the feast is forbidden to do any work (even the food women try to prepare in advance), and all the free time you need to devote to prayer, meditation on life, repentance for sins committed.

The essence and peculiarities of the holiday

Rosh Hashanah is a special time in the life of the Jews. It is believed that on this day occurred the creation of the world God. Besides, in this day happened and other important biblical events:

  • the expulsion of Adam and eve from Paradise for their sins;
  • the release of Noah on dry land after the flood;
  • the sacrifice of a lamb to Abraham instead of the son;
  • the liberation of the Hebrews from Egyptian slavery etc.

According to old legends, it is believed that the New year is the day of judgment. God examines the deeds of each person to make a decision on his fate to bestow happiness and prosperity, send test or even to take out of this world. For this reason, many Jews pray on the occasion to repent for their sins and receive a blessing from God.

Jewish New 2021: the date and traditions

This is the day of summing up over the past year. The Jews are engaged in introspection, working on fixing bugs and thinking about how to curry favor with God. The Jews believe that this celebration may depend on the fate of man. This is a test of the willingness of sacrifice that proved Abraham. He was ready to sacrifice to God his son.

Interesting! Chassidim on Rosh Hashana pilgrimage to the Ukrainian city of Uman, where the grave of the founder of their religion Nachman Ben Simcha. Every year the city comes to a 30-40 thousand Jews.

Traditions and customs

The new year starts after sunset, although the main festivities are held the next day. Before sunset women must light candles. They indicate that came to the house the occasion. Candles should be lit all night and the next day. With the onset of Rosh ha-Shana must all pray.

Jewish New 2021: the date and traditions

The family gathers for the holiday table. The father of round sweet bread called challah, says the blessing, and then dunks the pieces in honey and treats the household.

Festive table

On the Jewish New 2021 for a celebratory feast, in addition to challah, prepare other traditional dishes. Be sure to is served on the table:

  • apples, pomegranates and other fruits that symbolize prosperity and a rich harvest;
  • honey (eat it with bread and fruit) is a symbol of a sweet and carefree life, full and rich;
  • boiled sheep’s head, indicating the superiority and success in business;
  • fish (required head), which brings fertility.

Jewish New 2021: the date and traditions

Definitely on the table should be and carrot slices. It is a symbol of wealth and success, because apparently carrot slices look like coins. Housewives must cook meat hearty dishes and other treats.


One of the oldest and most obligatory Christmas traditions of the Jews is the sounding of the shofar. The so-called musical instrument made from the horn of a RAM, goat or antelope. The sound needs to hear, every Jew, as it is believed that if next year a person waiting for happiness and success. Troubled exactly 100 times.

The origin of this custom is explained in different ways. Some say that the sounds of the shofar show God to people’s willingness to sacrifice and to repent. Others argue that musical instrument drowns out Satan, who says to God about the sins of the people.

Important! To hear the shofar must standing. In between the sound of a musical instrument is not to utter words that do not belong to prayer.

Jewish New 2021: the date and traditions


In the afternoon of the first day of the celebration of Rosh ha-Shana all Jews perform the ritual called tashlich. Its essence lies in the fact that adults and children go to the nearest pond where the fish live. In the water they throw bread crumbs that are out of pocket. This rite symbolizes purification. People get rid of their sins and impious acts committed during the year. After that, all bathe and dress in festive clothing, usually in white.

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