January 2021 in USA: calendar, holidays, weekends, how to relax

Ahead of the new year holidays, which will give Americans the longest weekend of the year-we offer you to understand in more detail what the production calendar will be for January 2021, and how we rest this time.

New year’s holidays

Traditionally, the government provides all American citizens with winter holidays covering two holidays:

In January 2021, the holiday will last even longer than usual – from January 1 to January 10 inclusive.

The winter holiday period will be so long by combining the 8-day new year’s holiday period (from 01.01.21 to 08.01.21) and the following Saturday and Sunday (09.01.21 and 10.01.21, respectively).

Important! The first working day of 2021 will be Monday, January 11.

Production calendar

To calculate working time standards, you can refer to the production calendar compiled for January 2021.

Thus, in 2021 we will have 2 more days of rest than in the past. Recall that in January 2020, there were 14 days off, and 17 working days.

Depending on the specifics of the work schedule, the distribution of the weekly workload will be:

  • for a 40-hour week – 120 working hours;
  • for a 36-hour week – 108 hours;
  • for a 24-hour week – 72 hours.

After a long vacation, American citizens are waiting for three full-fledged working weeks, which means there will be no time to “build up”.

Two days off resulting from the superimposition of the holiday period on Saturday and Sunday, January 2 and 3, will be moved to Friday, November 5, 2021 and Friday, December 31, 2021, respectively.

Orthodox calendar

In January 2021, the Orthodox Church in America will celebrate the following holidays::

January 2021 in USA: calendar, holidays, weekends, how to relax

Please note that from 01.01.21 to 06.01.21 the Christmas fast, which began on November 28, continues, and from 07.01.21 to 18.01.21 There will be Christmas Yuletide (solid weeks).

Other holidays

Not all important dates that are celebrated in America in January will be given days off in 2021. There is a whole list of international, professional and even comic holidays that can become an occasion to meet friends.

In the first month of the new year, do not forget to congratulate the representatives of such professions:

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