January 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

Weekend in January in the USA is considered one of the longest in the whole year. New 2021 is no exception. January 2021 starts on Wednesday the most favourite holiday for adults and children – New year. Christmas holidays last for more than a week, and during this period you can arrange a mini-vacation: to go on a journey, or to do all the household chores that have accumulated over a long time of working days. To efficiently plan your schedule, you must know how to rest in 2021.

The official weekend

Holidays in January 2021 in the USA begin with the New year, a smooth transition in the religious light of the Christmas holiday. The Labour code of the Russian Federation stated that official non-working period this month, dates are from 01 to 08 inclusive. Thus, USAн have the opportunity to lavishly celebrate the New year, Christmas, and relax for 8-th day before labor weekdays. To work the citizens come the 9th of January, Thursday.

January 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

Because the 4th and 5th of January are official holidays fall on Saturday and Sunday respectively, it may be decided on their transfer on other dates.

There are two possible scenario:

  1. weekend 4 and 5 will be postponed to 9 and 10 January, which will give 12 days off in a row;
  2. USAнам will offer 2 extra days off on may holidays on 4 and 5 may, which will give 5 days off in a row.

Likely to be implemented the second option. Then you can leave the 9-th and 10-th January hours due to transfers to other dates. But it is determined by the individual decision of the organization and approved by separate internal order.

So, 04.01.2021 transferred to 04.05.2021 (Monday), and 05.01.2021 respectively 05.05.2021 (Tuesday) . In the end, the feast will last 5 days from Friday to Tuesday 01.05.2021 05.05.2021 inclusive.

On May 9 USAне will rest only 3 days with 09.05.2021 (Saturday) at 11.05.2021 (Monday).

January 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

Important! Official weekend shifts dates are approved annually by a separate Resolution that ratifies the Russian tripartite Commission. The document is expected in autumn 2020.

Production calendar

To schedule a job as an accountant and HR staff use the information from the factory calendar. In January 2021 the division between working and non-working days the following:

Feature daysThe number
CalendarThirty one
Abbreviated pre-holidayZero
Transfers2 (4th and 5th Jan)

Time tracking is performed depending on the number of working hours per week:

Working timeThe number of hours
40 hours per weekOne hundred thirty six
36 hours/week122.4
24 hour/week81.6

Important! Presents the production calendar is prepared at the rate of 5-day week with days off on Saturday and Sunday and the observance of official holidays.

A more precise work schedule should be specified on your company. In some organizations, the working time is not normalized and rasfasovka is determined depending on the position and activity. For example, paramedics, firefighters, rescue workers and representatives of many other professions, work at night, so their working time may coincide with a public holiday. In this case, they are entitled to compensation for work in the holiday period.

Other holidays

Official holidays in January 2021 is governed by special regulations, but the month is also full of other celebrations of professional or other nature.

Professional holidays
DateDay of the weekName
12.01.2021SundayThe day of the Prosecutor of the Russian Federation
13.01.2021MondayThe day of Russian press
21.01.2021TuesdayEngineering troops day
25.01.2021SaturdayThe Navigator of the Navy day
26.01.2021SundayWorld customs day
31.01.2021FridayDay jeweler
International holidays dedicated to various topics
Day of the weekName
EnvironmentWorld peace day
SaturdayDay of reserves and national parks
TuesdayOld New year
TuesdayInternational hug day
Saturday"Tatyanin den" (student Day)
SaturdayChinese New year
TuesdayWorld day of mobilization against nuclear war
EnvironmentThe day of the invention of the car
ThursdayThe world day care for patients with leprosy

Orthodox calendar

In January, Orthodox Christians celebrate one of the greatest and brightest holidays – Christmas. This event always say Jan 07. Preceding Christmas post ends 06 Jan (its commencement on 27 December of the previous year). In the night from 6 th to 7-th of January, in the temples starts the festive Liturgy, which is served at night. At the end is the communion of the Holy mysteries of Christ is an important and special experience for all Orthodox Christians.

Other equally great feasts are the Circumcision of the Lord (14.01.2021) and the Theophany or Epiphany (19.01.2021). The celebration of the Circumcision of the Lord dedicated to the fact that the baby was circumcised according to old Testament law established for all Jewish boys. Then the Lord was given the name Jesus, which was predicted by the Archangel Gabriel.

The baptism of the Lord established to the event of Jesus ‘ baptism in the Jordan. Then came upon him the Holy spirit and the voice from heaven proclaimed, "This is My Son…". This holiday it is customary to sanctify the water and to plunge into natural water bodies (rivers and lakes).

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