It has a different name — the film 2021

Svetlana Khodchenkova managed to win the love of the audience and each picture with its participation immediately attracted the attention. Probably a new film, “her other name”, where the actress will appear in an unusual role, will be no exception.

Svetlana not only played the main character, but also acted as the producer of the cinema project. She described the new product as “art-mainstream”, is able to reach a broad mass with different interests and tastes. And, according to the active view which appeared in December of last year, the teaser, was not mistaken.

It has a different name — the film 2021

The plot

37-year-old Lisa, living in a small provincial town seems to have everything for a happy life: beauty, money, a prestigious job, the respect of others. But she’s tormented by some inner grief, which turned a young, successful woman in unbalanced hysteric. Lisa clearly has a “skeleton in the closet” which it carefully hides from outsiders, not wanting or being ashamed to share the oppressive secret.

At the age of 21 in the last year of high school, the main character got pregnant, but never found the strength to raise a child. Dizzying career that awaited her after graduation, wealth and success attracted the girl so much more than the prospect of messing with the diapers and somehow managed to survive with a baby in her arms. After a short struggle with his conscience, ambition won, and Lisa just don’t take newborn daughter from the hospital. Soon the girl was adopted, she began to live with a foster family.

And now sixteen years later, all grown up and blase “good life” Lisa begins to feel remorse. She understands how badly did once with the daughter and wants to make amends. In addition, Lisa suspects that her current personal life – a kind of retribution for the betrayal of their own child.

All alone in a huge, beautifully furnished, but empty and cold apartment, the heroine is beside herself barren dreams of the unfulfilled and vainly seeking a way out. It is unknown how many would have continued this back and forth, but the accident gives a young woman a fair shake, after which her thoughts come to a relative order. She decides to find the daughter and take care of her, the increased attention to compensate for years of lack of maternal love.

It has a different name — the film 2021

It is one thing to think something and quite another to translate vision into reality. In their quest Lisa and then face all sorts of obstacles: no hurry to reveal the whereabouts of the girls left. In the end, the woman finds 17-year-old orphan Uliana and convinced himself that this is her daughter, takes the teenager to himself.

The authors of the film promise to show the audience the dark side of the night life, underground dens, one of which moonlights as Juliana. Encountering resistance from his daughter, Lisa begins to realize that is still not ready in a motherly way, to forgive and to warm the warmth. She is painful to take care of another person, even if it is associated with blood ties. Perhaps the demons of despair, so many years had tormented her soul, had nothing to do with the rash act of his youth?

A psychological drama played out between the main characters, threatens to end tragically, if they don’t find the strength to make a step towards each other. The tape is unlikely to accept easily, but promises to be very atmospheric.

The crew

The Director of the film, and also one of the authors of the script – Veta Geras’kina, not so long ago graduated from the Moscow school of new cinema Dmitry Mamulia. Her debut work was the short film “Successive stage” and now came the “full meter”. Despite little experience Geraskina in the film, well knowing her Khodchenkova sure that the new tape will get really bright and memorable.

Moreover, Geras’kina wrote the script for the Comedy “Sober driver” Rezo Gigienishvili.

The producers of the film were Konstantin FAM – the Director of the acclaimed anthology “Witnesses”, dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust and Ekaterina Mikhaylova. Became part of the administration and Finance unit itself and Svetlana Khodchenkova. During the presentation of the teaser for “she’s Got a different name,” the actress explained that stepped in to produce exclusively to a role that had interested her even at the stage of creation of the script, gave it to someone else. “I’m sure no one will be able to convey the character of the heroine better than I,” said Khodchenkova, commenting on his decision. Previously it has talked about its desire to engage in producing activities, to choose their own scenarios and to develop a “new experimental territory.” The bulk of the filming will take place in the spring and summer 2020.

It has a different name — the film 2021


Svetlana Khodchenkova is one of the brightest stars in contemporary Russian cinema. Her debut took place in the first year of the Shchukin theatre school, when Stanislav Govorukhin, brought amazing, pure Russian beauty girls saw in it the main character of cinematographic novel “Bless the woman”. Picture just coming in to rent, became a cult, and Khodchenkova, what is called “woke up famous”.

But, as recognized herself an actress, her role in Govorukhin almost played with it a cruel joke. Directors saw Svetlana in exceptionally gentle, kind and compliant girl and on the role of the other plan were not invited. For several years the actress had to fight with the existing image, proving that she can play different characters, including the negative. Hollywood blockbuster “the Wolverine” and the Russian tape “Bloody lady Bathory” – the best proof.

Now the actress will again try yourself in a new role, playing a woman whose psyche is slowly collapsing under the influence of guilt. Its main partner will be 23-year-old Alexander Krotkov, while known to the audience only a cameo role in the TV series “stormy weather.”

Also among the actors of the film 2021, “she’s Got a different name,” mentioned the Dutchman Jakob Diehl, with a light hand by Kirill Serebrennikov played in two Russian historical dramas: “dear Hans, dear Peter” and “Paradise”.

It has a different name — the film 2021

Release date of the movie “her other name” is well known to fans. Hopefully, they will be a truly memorable encounter with art, brings to mind the true values of life and to appreciate the near and dear people.

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