Is it possible to get married in 2021 | when is the best time

Getting married is the first and one of the most important events in the life of a young family. Everyone wants this day to go smoothly and calmly. Therefore, in addition to the main wedding chores, it is worth choosing a favorable day for the wedding and finding out whether it is possible to get married in 2021.

Feng Shui wedding

To choose a favorable date of marriage according to the Eastern horoscope, there are 4 groups of animals:

  • Horse, Tiger, Dog;
  • Goat, Rabbit, Pig;
  • Rooster, Snake, Bull;
  • Dragon, Rat, Monkey.

If one of the spouses is born in the year of the Snake, and the other in the year of the Goat, then they should join their hearts in marriage in the years of the Bull, Rooster, Rabbit, Pig. In this case, it is better to choose dates 1,2,3,12 and 21.

Is it possible to get married in 2021 | when is the best time

When is it better to get married in 2021?

The happiness of a family depends on the people who marry. However, there are so many different beliefs revolving around the wedding celebration that you will listen to them Willy-nilly.

Folk omens and superstitions

For a long time, people believe in all sorts of signs, especially when it comes to health or happiness. On this topic, there are a huge number of superstitions that need to be properly explained. So, for example, you can not in any case drop wedding rings, this means the collapse of the marriage. The wedding is in may, so many people have heard “they will suffer”, but what about the rest of the months:

  • January-being widows;
  • February-live together;
  • March-live in another country;
  • April-happiness will not last long;
  • may – witness infidelity in your own home;
  • June – the whole life is like a honeymoon;
  • July-changeable love;
  • August-the husband will be a friend and lover;
  • September – quiet peaceful life;
  • October – heavy everyday life of the family;
  • November-wealth and happiness;
  • December – strong and strong love.

American traditions say that not only the month is important, but also the day of the week: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – to be rich, healthy and happy, and Thursday and Friday – to experience difficulties in family life.

In addition, dates should also be chosen wisely. The 13th day of the month is considered the most unhappy, and 3,5,7,9, on the contrary, carry family well-being. Bad dates will be February 29, June 11, and July 16.

In addition to the combination of day and month, you should take a closer look at the weather conditions. Rain or snow on this day is considered a good sign that promises prosperity, and a strong wind or storm means that the marriage will be windy.

Is it possible to get married in 2021 | when is the best time

Chinese horoscope

In choosing the year of the wedding, the main character will be the animal that rules at this time. According to the Eastern calendar, 2021 will be the year of a noble animal – the White Metal Bull. Calm color and iron character are two of the main features of the upcoming year.Slow, hardworking and confident, requires decisive actions.Children born this year will be obedient, balanced and ready to take responsibility from an early age.

Astrological forecast

A combination of many factors: the phase of the moon, the time of its sunrise and sunset, the location of the planets will be able to predict to the minute whether a given time is favorable for marriage.

Church holidays

It is believed that it is forbidden to celebrate a wedding during lent and great holidays. The exceptions are Christmas, Annunciation, Easter, and assumption.Is it possible to get married in 2021 | when is the best time


This science deals with numbers and their combinations. Scientists believe that any event is subject to a combination of numbers. So you can calculate how much the date of marriage will be favorable. To do this, you need to sum up all the digits of the wedding date, an odd result indicates a favorable day. Each resulting digit has its own meaning:

  • unity – family comfort and enrichment;
  • deuce – the marriage will be short-lived;
  • Troika – short-term fun, infidelities are likely;
  • four – sadness and resentment throughout life;
  • top five – life in harmony and enjoyment;
  • six – a long and successful marriage;
  • seven – striving for knowledge of each other and a better life;
  • eight – financial well-being;
  • nine is a successful marriage.

You can analyze not only the wedding date, but also the dates of birth of the spouses. So you can not only calculate a favorable day for the celebration, but also the compatibility of two people.

Year following a leap year

It has long been believed that a leap year is unfavorable for starting a family. However, a less well-known fact is that the two years following a leap year are considered the year of the widow and widower. Signs predict the premature death of one of the spouses or the collapse of the marriage. In addition, the omen States that from 2004 to 2041 it is impossible to marry, as this will lead to lack of money, poverty, abortions, down birth, childlessness and other ailments. Despite all these omens, if two people love each other and are confident in these feelings, then you should not wonder if it is possible to get married in 2021. The main thing is not to doubt and go together to the end.

Is it possible to get married in 2021 | when is the best time

Lunar calendar

The lunar calendar is the position of the moon relative to the constellations of the Zodiac signs. More than 6,000 years ago, people began to notice that the position of the moon affects human behavior, his condition and the world around him. Changing each code, it shows on which days it is better to connect each other with family ties. The most successful phase is considered to be the growing moon, as well as in the Zodiac signs: Sagittarius, Taurus, Libra, Pisces. Venus in the sign of Taurus is considered the most favorable moment when it is better to get married in 2021. Days of lunar and solar eclipses should be avoided, because they are considered unsuccessful. Experts believe that no matter how well the newlyweds treat each other, a wedding on unfavorable days is simply doomed to an early loss of a spouse, infidelity or childlessness.

The wedding is a happy day in the life of young people. In a family, love, care, and mutual understanding have always been and will always be the most important things. And if all this is present, then you can be sure that no signs can deprive it. However, if there is a chance to increase the probability of a successful marriage by listening to popular beliefs, then why not take advantage of it? Whether to get married in 2021 is up to You.

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