Invasion movie 2021

New fiction film “the Invasion” from Director and film producer Fyodor Bondarchuk spectators can watch on big screens on the first day of 2021. This is a continuation of his story “the Attraction” (2017). Not so long ago the sequel appeared with the same first part of the name only with the prefix “2”, but in the end the creators decided to give its own unique name.

Invasion movie 2021

The film team

The film “the Invasion” – the work of several studios (Hydrogen, Art Pictures Studio), film Fund, channel “USA 1 and the company “NMG Studio”. Directorial and production work is done by Fedor Bondarchuk, under whose leadership created the film “the 9th company”, “Stalingrad” and so He took the Director’s chair to create “Attraction”, one of the most cash Russian films.

“Attraction” is a science fiction story by Fyodor Bondarchuk with a story about the first meeting of earthlings and extraterrestrial intelligence. In the history of the national cinema it is the fourth film project, translated in the IMAX format. Among critics and viewers he has not received high ratings: a rating of “Kinopoisk” is 5,676/10, IMDb is 5.5/10. Although the results of the rental total fees for USA and CIS countries exceeded 1 billion rubles., and the film has sold to 74 countries.

In making the film 2021 is also involved:

  • Second Director: Oleg Trofim. Revenue from the rental of his debut work “Ice” by 400 million rubles exceeded the fees from the first film of a novel “Gravity” and amounted to 1.5 billion rubles.
  • Production: Dmitry rudovsky (“Junior”, “Survive”), Anton Zlatopolsky (“the Quiet don”, “Catherine”), Mikhail Vrubel (“Ghost”, “Ice”).
  • Work on the script: Andrey Zolotarev (“Coach”, “Academy), Oleg Malovichko (“Sklifosovsky”, “Method”).
  • Cinematography: Vladislav opelyants (“Student”, “Summer”), though the first part worked Mikhail hasaya.
  • Writing music: Igor Vdovin (“Atomic forest”, “mermaid”).

Invasion movie 2021

According to Bondarchuk, the picture will be filled with many ambitious special effects, computer graphics and unpredictable plot twists. The Director promised to pay slozhnopostanovochnaya scenes. Given the fact that preparations for filming took a year and a half, and the budget “Invasion” declared in the amount of 645 million RUB, reason to doubt his words, and large scale shots are almost there. For comparison, the budget of the previous part “Attraction” was “only” 380 million. Accordingly, the question arises: can a film 2021 to beat the box office record of its predecessor? The creators of “Invasion” has already announced plans to overcome the fee from the rental threshold of 2 billion.

During the presentation of the sequel at the 30th anniversary festival “Kinotavr” were shown a video clip, which confirmed almost Hollywood scale of operation: shooting from a copter on a “green screen”, a lot of cameras, a variety of locations, including filming under water and in the crater of the volcano.

In the set of pictures will also be involved Aurus Senat – domestic car of Executive class created within the project “Cortege”.

The cast

In 2021 in the science fiction Thriller “the Invasion” you will see actors who starred previously in the first part of “Attraction”:

  • Irina Starshenbaum – Julia Lebedeva (“it’s complicated”, “Summer”, “Kept woman”).
  • Rinal Mukhametov alien Hakon/Khariton (“Year of culture”, “Catherine”, “Cool tango”).
  • Alexander Petrov Artem, former boyfriend of Julia (“You’re pissing me off”, “Method”, “Police with the ruble”).
  • Oleg Menshikov – Colonel Valentin Lebedev (“Woe from wit”, “the Legend №17”, “Gogol. Beginning”).
  • Sergey Garmash – Deputy Prime Minister (“the fall of the Empire”, “Leningrad 46”, “Your”).
  • Yuri Borisov (“the Young guard”, “Inseparable”) is the name of his character is still unknown.

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