Innovations in Examinations in 2021

After large-scale reforms affecting the Exams in previous years, graduates, their parents and teachers are concerned about the question, what innovations will be on the GIA-11 in 2021 and to what items this “new” could significantly affect the test results.

Although Exams-2021 is still enough time, some innovations, pending graduates, known today and we offer more details to understand the information, walking in the network is true and what is just speculation.

The third compulsory subject

The main innovation in the Exams 2021 is the possible introduction of compulsory exam on the history of the USA.

Innovations in Examinations in 2021

According to the statistics in 2018-2020 academic year history as a subject passed 103 290 people, among whom the highest score (over 80) scored only 9.2% of the total number of participants. The average score of the certificate in history is 55.3.

Vladimir Putin has long emphasized that it is impossible to build the future without knowing thoroughly the history of their own country. Introduction the third compulsory subject discussed for a long time, but the term has acquired a very specific shape, when the Minister of education Olga Vasilyeva confirmed the fact of introducing mandatory testing for history in 2021 for graduates of 11 classes, speaking at the Military Academy of the General staff of the air force USA.

Thus, it is possible that in the 2020-2021 school year, 11th graders have to pass 4 subjects:

  • 3 compulsory (mathematics, Russian language and history);
  • 1 by choice (a list of subjects will remain unchanged, and foreign languages will be available in Chinese).

Open at the moment is the question of the structure of Kim for the new compulsory subject, because the new Exams should have questions regarding the history of the USA, and tickets 2020 covers a much broader amount of topics.

Important! As of the end of August 2020 at the FIPI website there is no information about the introduction of compulsory Exams in history. A promising model KIM fully complies with the 2020 and covers the entire material of the school course, and not only the history of the USA.

Analyzing these facts, we can assume that the mandatory in 2021 will remain the two main subjects (mathematics and Russian language) and history, as before, will be one of the electives.

Exam in a foreign language

No less than the prospect to take the story already in 2021, students are afraid of the promise of the government to make a compulsory subject of English. In 2021 this will likely not happen, but two years later (in 2022) it is possible the appearance of the fourth mandatory exam.

Innovations in Examinations in 2021

So, in the upcoming season of foreign language will remain subject, as a new resolution approving such innovations in Examinations 2021 absent, and the format of the exam will require the organizers of the serious work on the technical equipment of the offices. In addition to English, the graduates will also be able to pass the tests for French, Spanish, German or Chinese.

According to the statistics, the situation with the English language in the year 2020 was better than history. The subject handed over 74 272 people (just over 11%) and 42.7% of the participants showed results in the range of 81-100 points. The average score of the certificate is 73.8 per.

Exams in home school

With the aim of eliminating the main source of stress, members of the Federation Council Committee for science, education and culture, offered to return final exams back to schools to allow 11th graders to take the Examination on the basis of its educational institutions.

Innovations in Examinations in 2021

But, it is not necessary to hope that after the approval of this innovation in the Exams 2021 will be able to write off or use the tip of a teacher. Exam format and requirements offices will remain unchanged. This means that the actions the examinee will be strictly monitored using cameras, and homeroom teacher will not be able to attend GIA.

Choice for IT specialties

The Federal portal has a draft order, according to the text which is already in 2021 students entering the IT profession will be able to apply for selection certificate Exams in computer science or physics.

Innovations in Examinations in 2021

This decision was obviously taken in order to increase interest in the exact Sciences. In fact, choosing the Exams in computer science, the graduate is deprived of the possibility to join for other technical specialties, where a necessary condition for the submission of documents is a certificate in physics. Now the guys who have not finally determined the direction, you can pass the exam in physics and if you want to apply on IT and in the engineering profession.

The increase in passing scores

In 2021 the Ministry of education decided to raise the minimum threshold cut score for the universities. The innovation will affect everyone who plans to join on the budget or the contract (for the bachelor and specialist degrees) in one of 352 universities in the USA, controlled by the Ministry of education.

Full list of the educational institutions of the Russian Federation, which will set new threshold points, is given in the Ministry of education and science order No. 729 from 06.09.19.

In other universities of the country as the minimum handkerchiefs will focus on last year’s recommendations of the service.

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