In what currency to keep their money in 2021

Thinking, in what currency to keep their money in 2021, it is understood that there is no single option with a full guarantee of stability. Political and economic crises, natural disasters can lead to higher prices in some currency, and the depreciation of others. In any case, rapidly changing conditions require to learn to follow the current state of Affairs within the country and in the world as a whole and in a timely manner to adapt to changing circumstances.

Features a separate currency

Understanding the characteristics and trends in terms of monetary units are often used in the Russian Federation will help you to choose the best option to store your own cash savings, and possibly increase their reserves.

The ruble

In respect of the ruble remains a dependence on oil prices. At higher prices last we can talk about strengthening the national currency. But the objective reasons for the considerable growth of prices for “black gold” yet, which is primarily due to growth in the volume of its production in the United States. On the other hand, this has a positive effect on inflation, or rather contributes to its decrease.

In what currency to keep their money in 2021

Considering these facts, it is possible to keep a part of money in 2021 in national currency, in particular the funds needed to repay regular needs. An additional advantage of this option would be increasing rates on ruble-denominated Bank deposits, which cannot be said about foreign exchange deposits. But even in this case, the yield slightly exceeds inflation, therefore, the deposits should not be regarded as an investment instrument.


For 2021, the experts talking about a possible sharp rise of the dollar, which further confirms the strengthening of the domestic economy of the United States. For internal courses USA predictions are ambiguous: the specialists of the economic development Ministry predicts the ruble to the dollar in 2021 of about 68:1, but some experts talking about a possible jump in the dollar to 70 and even 80 rubles, which will depend on the sanctions for the Russian Federation.

Thus it is possible not to pay attention to the rumors that predicting is not the first collapse of the dollar and choose it to store part of their savings in 2021. Here it is also useful to remember that it remains the universal currency, which is converted into national equivalents in most countries of the world. But to buy dollars at better than “free” capital. According to some analysts, the dollar savings may not justify itself in the short term, but in 2-3 years the situation will change for the better.

In what currency to keep their money in 2021

On the background of the main USAн currencies – the ruble, dollar and Euro, it is the latter shows greater stability in recent years: it strengthened against the ruble by 50% and the dollar by 7%. But the incident and succeeding events (as Brakcet, the desire of Catalonia and Northern Ireland to independence) can undermine this stability already in 2021.

Thus, the best option to store your own savings will be split into several parts to buy different currencies. This will partially protect themselves from losses associated with exchange rate fluctuations. The distribution of currency can be selected depending on the retention periods and purposes or use the most popular among financiers proportions: for example, the famous rule of thirds, which includes the diversification of savings in rubles, dollars and euros by 30% for each currency.

In what currency to keep their money in 2021

Alternative methods

Keep the money in 2021 is not only on the currency but also to consider alternative non-monetary ways to save money. Among them:

  • Gold. For 2020, a gradual increase in gold prices: in October, the cost of 1 Troy oz (31.1 g) was nearly $ 1,500. In case of further aggravation of trade relations between the US and China precious metal will continue to rise in price. Gold purchase not only private investors, but also the largest Central Banks of the world.
  • Real estate. Reliable method with the main drawback the need to have a large sum of money to buy the apartment or house. So it is not for all segments of the population. During the crisis the price of housing is falling rapidly, but over time it can be sold significantly more expensive, while receiving a good profit. Besides the additional income available by renting of your property.
  • Securities, stocks, bonds. Cost effective option not only to preserve but also to multiply their savings. But you need to be able to assess the situation on the financial market and not to forget that there is always the risk of losing all investments. So, before buying a stock it is important to assure the reliability of the selected company. Those in the USA are Gazprom, Transneft, VTB 24 and recently MTS.
  • The cryptocurrency. A new way of investing money and at the same time a vivid example of the instability. That only is the incredible rise of prices of bitcoins in 2017 and almost of its devaluation in 2018. Most experts agree that the contributions in the virtual money “the train has left”. This option should only be considered for those people who are constantly monitoring the situation on the market and understand the nuances of its functioning.

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