In USA, you may receive a single payment system HCS

If the government approves the amended version of the draft law on the unified payment document HCS, introduced by state Duma deputies headed by Sergey Pakhomov in June 2020 in 2021 in the USA may receive a single payment system.

Recall that after the first review, the document was sent for revision. Meanwhile, the government has expressed readiness to support the bill if the new version of the project will be quality and working group will resolve all the shortcomings identified earlier.

The essence of the bill

The new system of payment of utility bills, which can enter this year, suggests a number of important innovations, including:

  • the introduction of a single receipt, which will be collected all principal payments;
  • the launch of a digital payment, delivery of which, plan to realize through the state services portal;
  • the transfer function of forming and printing out receipts for special operators, which will be a public or private company;
  • the creation of a unified framework allowing to optimize the statistics of growth rates and reporting.

In USA, you may receive a single payment system HCS

The necessity of transition to the single payment system housing has ripened for a long time, because the inhabitants of small settlements, and USAне living in large cities, the number of challenges they have to face on a monthly basis, call:

  • inconsistency of format of payment receipts between different utilities providers;
  • different billing date, because of which people find it difficult to plan your budget;
  • the fees that the Bank calls for each such payment;
  • a large number of accounts that need to systematize and store.

Accordingly, if to USA will be a single payment system services problems home owners may be diminished, and organize information, which will be a single check will be much easier.

What will be the single receipt

In fact, a single receipt will represent a payment document, which will collect information from multiple service providers.

In USA, you may receive a single payment system HCS

But its format may differ in different regions, depending on the number of utility companies that will be ready to move to a new format of interaction with subscribers.

So, in a single payment order can be made data to pay for all major utilities, as well as additional items such as:

  • for the management;
  • the output of garbage;
  • the current repair and maintenance of the house;
  • for major repairs, etc.

Operators or payment centers

Positive experience of energy supply companies with design centers already have, because the system has already completed testing and successfully operates in many cities of the country. Moreover, they promise that if in 2020-2021 years unified payment system HCS will appear in all regions of the USA, you can choose between the services of a municipal or private operators. This format in turn should create a market of healthy competition and encourage operators to find the most beneficial for consumers and suppliers of housing services conditions of cooperation.

In USA, you may receive a single payment system HCS

Although the government plans to complete the transition to the single payment system in 2020 and 2021 for organizations leave the right, as before, to bill subscribers.

What to expect USAнам

Clearly, the residents of regions where the only innovation will be introduced in 2020 and 2021, will appreciate the convenience of the new format of the payment of utility bills. But innovation has not yet launched, and people have a number of questions arise:

  • as reflected on the final amount of the appearance in the new chain link (clearing center);
  • whether or not it skewed the data and who to contact in case of detection of errors in payment orders;
  • won’t the promised reform cause reductions in the energy supply companies, because they no longer need such a number of operators in the billing Department.

Most likely, clear answers to these and many other issues of concern to consumers and the suppliers of housing services, will be announced after the official approval by the government the text of the bill.

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