IgroMir in 2021: date in

Love computer games and always tried to be the topic of the most innovative interactive entertainment – find out when to host the exhibition IgroMir 2021 (date), where will be presented the most bright novelties of the gaming world and how much is the ticket this year.

A bit of history

Predecessor unique exhibitions representing the most advanced developments in the field of interactive entertainment, was a Conference of game developers (KIR), which was first organized in 2003 at the Moscow state University.

In 2004 and 2005, the developers of computer games have met in the “Cosmos” hotel. The event had caused great excitement among developers and gamers, but the organizers had to refuse to visit the conference, many people due to the inability to accommodate all of the leased premises. Therefore, it was decided to move the event to a new site and restart the format. So there was a unique exhibition that received the original title – IgroMir.

IgroMir in 2021: date in

From 2006 to 2010, the exhibition was held in pavilion all-Russian Exhibition Centre, and since 2011 – on the basis of Crocus Expo.

To see the most advanced technologies of computer games, as well as an interesting development for consoles, PC, tablets, smartphones and systems of augmented reality, hundreds of thousands of guests, including:

  • the representatives of developer companies.
  • gamers of different age categories;
  • slug;
  • lovers of books and comics based on the lay of the legendary game;
  • fans of cosplay.

So, in 2020, the exhibition was visited by 183 000. It is not surprising that almost ended the event, all guests and participants were interested in only one question – when and where will be organized the following IgroMir, and how to get to the exhibition in 2021.

The place and date in 2021

In 2021 the complex of events will be held in pavilion 1 of the Exhibition centre Crocus Expo.

Although prior to the opening of a new exhibition of IgroMir in 2021 for another year, the date has already been determined – an incredible and fantastic world of computer games will be open to all comers from 1 to 4 October 2021.

IgroMir in 2021: date in

Of course, to take care of ticketing IgroMir 2021 beforehand, despite the fact that the start date of the event is still far, interest in the exhibition grows every year.

Stands and entertainment

Traditionally, the exhibition will be held for 4 days. On the first day (01.10.20) when IgroMir 2021 will start to see the novelties will be able professionals and members of the press with a special invitation and from 2 to 4 October exhibition will be open to all comers.

During this time, guests will be offered a variety of entertainment:

  • many new products from the leading developers;
  • favorite and new games Non-Stop;
  • legendary retro game;
  • exciting quests;
  • participate in gaming tournaments and Championships;
  • a colorful show with participation of favourite heroes games;
  • exhibition of comics, movies and TV series Comic Con Russia;
  • festival cosplay;
  • the prizes from sponsors;
  • workshops;
  • presentations;
  • showmatches.

What vivid images try on the participants of the cosplay-festival in 2020, see the video:

At the stands of participants it was possible to see not only the advertised products are expected in the near future, and new items that have not been announced in specialized journals.

Among the most popular game booths 2020:

  • Cyberpunk 2077;
  • Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2;
  • Doom Eternal;
  • Nintendo;
  • Blizzard.

IgroMir in 2021: date in

How to become a member?

If your company is ready to offer interesting projects and become a part of IgroMir 2021, which will be held from 1 to 4 October, you need to keep track of when it will be available the link to apply on the official website of the event.

Important! The date is known and is taken into account, it is possible to rent the stand, the submission of applications for advertising or the participation of specialists of the company in the first day of the exhibition IgroMir 2021 can be closed to a specified number.

Also the opportunity for everyone to act as a sponsor of the event.

More information on how to become an Exhibitor, and what are the requirements for the stands and their content, you can contact the organizers (all the contacts are on the website IgroMir 2021).

How to get to IgroMir as a guest?

My dream is to be among the first to test the most interesting developments in the world of computer games – just buy tickets for IgroMir 2021.

Final price not yet announced, so you can focus on the cost of tickets in 2020.

VIP (all days + bonuses)

As soon as official information is available about how much the tickets (regular and VIP) for IgroMir 2021, we will first inform you the news.

Please note that at the Crocus Expo will feature two exhibitions IgroMir 2021 and Comic Con Russia, which is enough to buy a single ticket. However, these tickets do not give the right to visit a number of private events, where guests must pre-register or pay for the part.

It is also worth considering a number of existing rules:

  • in addition to ticket entry, you must present identification;
  • hand Luggage and personal belongings are subject to inspection;
  • children and adolescents up to 14 years can enter the pavilion unless accompanied by an adult;
  • if you want to leave the center, but plan to return, don’t forget to put on hand print.

Also on site there are a number of prohibitions aimed at ensuring the safety of guests and participants, as well as the safety of expensive equipment. We recommend you to see the entire list of restrictions, as for violation of the rules of behavior security officers have the right to ask the guest to leave the pavilion without refund of the purchased ticket.

In anticipation of the news, which can be seen at the exhibition IgroMir in 2021, we want to show how it all happened at the event in 2020:

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