IgroMir 2021: date of the event in New-York, when it will be held, and how much the ticket costs

A full-scale exhibition “IgroMir”, which fans of interactive entertainment are waiting for, is expected in 2021 in the period from October 07 to October 10. This is the first major event in America where you can try out new games and chat with the creators of computer games.

Transfer and location of the event

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the entire entertainment industry, and many events, including the virtual worlds exhibition, have been postponed to 2021.

The annual event is scheduled to be held at the following address: New-York, Crocus Expo exhibition complex, Myakinino metro station.

IgroMir 2021: date of the event in New-York, when it will be held, and how much the ticket costs

The exhibition has been gathering fans of interactive entertainment since 2006. Only at the festival can visitors test demo versions of games, evaluate high-profile releases, and take part in eSports competitions. Pavilion No. 1, which is more than 26,000 square meters, will be open to those who have previously purchased tickets, without the need to exchange them due to the forced postponement of the event. The expected number of visitors is 160-170 thousand people.

Buy a ticket

The event is held for several days, on the first day, October 07, access will be open to representatives of the press, specialists, in the following days, from October 08 to October 10, everyone can visit the exhibition. Buy tickets for the next “IgroMir” is recommended in advance at the box office or on the festival website. Children under 14 years of age are allowed to enter the exhibition by ticket, accompanied by an adult. Preschool children are allowed to enter for free, but accompanied by adults who have a pass.

Tickets of the following categories are available to visitors:

  • one day, October 08 (Friday) – 1,100 rubles;
  • one day, October 09 (Saturday) – 1500 rubles;
  • one day, October 10 (Sunday) – 1300 rubles;
  • VIP guest ticket (all days of the festival) – 8000 rubles.

IgroMir 2021: date of the event in New-York, when it will be held, and how much the ticket costs

Tickets of any category open access to the Comic Con America exhibition, located on the same site as IgroMir. Those interested will be able to get acquainted with new products of popular comics, Board games, science fiction series, anime, manga.

The program

Over the long history of the festival, almost 15 years, its own traditions have been created. In addition to dozens of stands with video games presented, the IgroMir exhibition program includes spectacular performances and tournaments in eSports disciplines. Only for competitions there is a 1500-square-meter Playground.

On panels and public talks, visitors ‘ questions are answered by the creators of the most famous video games, celebrities and popular bloggers discuss. For 14 years, when visiting the festival site, gamers will be the first to learn about new entertainment products for consoles, tablets, smartphones, computers, and get acquainted with demo versions before official releases.

The cosplay competition is usually held on a separate site, although at other times of the exhibition, cosplayers meet in any part of the pavilion.

IgroMir 2021: date of the event in New-York, when it will be held, and how much the ticket costs

Visitors take photos with them and communicate with them. A competitive cosplay program usually consists of a fashion show of participants, small performances.

In 2021, the program of the IgroMir festival will be rich:

  • game innovations from leading manufacturers from America and abroad;
  • premieres from the world of TV shows, computer games, and Board games;
  • exciting quests;
  • gaming tournaments and Championships;
  • the legendary retro games;
  • fun Raffles for gifts from the exhibition’s sponsors;
  • master classes from famous guests;
  • colorful shows with bright characters of your favorite games;
  • new entertainment options in Non-Stop mode;
  • presentations of comics, movies, and TV series at Comic Con America;
  • colorful cosplay fashion show;
  • show matches.

Every visitor will find entertainment, enjoy prizes, and original gifts for active participants.


The popularity of the festival attracts many Western companies to participate:

  • Microsoft;
  • Blizzard Entertainment;
  • ACER;
  • Intel;
  • XBOX;
  • ASUS;
  • Ubisoft and others.

In 2019, the star guest was Japanese game designer Hideo kojima, a legendary developer who is widely recognized as a genius of our time. The guest presented the game Death Stranding, one of the most anticipated at that time. Those who wanted to get to a meeting with a celebrity, communicate with a developer, or participate in a show, had to visit the kojima Productions stand with the purchase of goods with the company’s logo, or merch, in the amount of 2000 rubles or more.

The full list of guests, participants, and the IgroMir 2021 business program will be posted on the official website of The exhibition closer to the start of the event. You will also be able to find last year’s exhibitors there.

Due to the large number of participants, the event organizers have a lot of responsibility. The postponement of the IgroMir exhibition to 2021 is a necessary measure, but next year, if events develop favorably, participants will have to follow the rules to ensure a safe and comfortable stay at the festival.

While waiting for the IgroMir 2021 exhibition, we offer you to see how the event went in 2020 and 2019:

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