If the world will end in 2021?

Another horror story about if the world will end in 2021, goes back to Isaac Newton. The great physicist approached this question from a scientific point of view, calculating mathematically the predictions of St. John the Evangelist. According to other sources, the scientist talked about the year 2060, the occurrence of which will not be so soon.

But in addition to Newton’s idea of apocalypticist 2021 support other fatal predictions.

If the world will end in 2021?


The opinion of modern scientists-astrophysicists, in a sense, coincides with the Newtonian, at least in part of an alleged decade. Relatively realistic for the end of the world they assume the year 2068, when the collision of the Earth with the asteroid Apophis (2004 MN4). Marking celestial body is directly connected with the year of discovery 2004, and the name with the ancient Egyptian God of chaos and darkness, Apophis (the Egyptian transcription is “Apophis”). Asteroid 300-400 meters in poperechenko and weighing 200 million tons. Clash with him already postponed several times: the first date is 2029, 2036 second, and according to the latest calculations of astrophysicists humanity can sleep peacefully until the year 2068.

The first date of the collision on 13 April 2029 was supposed to be the most probable, but further calculations proved that celestial body will pass at a distance of 40 thousand kilometers. Earthlings will be able to “enjoy” such a spectacle in the night sky even to the naked eye. But it was such a close passage by our planet scares scientists who study the movement of celestial bodies. the Influence of earth’s gravity is able to alter the original trajectory of the asteroid, then the scenarios are two:

  1. Apophis continues on the original path.
  2. A celestial body to deviate from its course, and scientists will again count to its possible new path.

But while the probability of such collisions decreased significantly, if in 2013 the chances of the inevitability of events was 1 to 45 000, now only 1 out of 250,000.

If the world will end in 2021?


If you rely on global political trends, the probability of a fatal end of the world in the most imminent at the outbreak of nuclear war. Aggressive course of the North American political community sets the global confrontation between the two most powerful nuclear powers. In the nearest plans of military strategists of America installed by 2021, complete re complex mezhkontinentalnyh ballistic missiles. The introduction of new types of previously unused types of bombs. Repeatedly and openly advertised in the American and European media.

The outbreak of war, given the power and efficiency of modern weapons will be a real end. Two mutually proportional strikes would be enough to destroy not only humanity, but of life on the planet itself.

An additional prerequisite for the involvement of America in war, if not on its territory, in any region, certainly, analysts believe another impending financial crisis. It is named after 2021. The IMF and other financial institutions are predicting the fall of the economies of the leading countries on less than 20%, which is detrimental to the United States, and the war for their “distracting” maneuver, used several times already.

If the world will end in 2021?


If you ignore the scientific assumptions and calculations, scientists and financial-political confrontation, then there are several other variants of the end of the world in 2021: religious, prophetic, natural or man-made.

The relevance of this theme directly inform the frequency of the input queries into a string of search engines. Date of the coming Apocalypse in the ranking is almost the most popular. Thanks to this whole world of psychics, fortune tellers, pseudo-scientists and oracles will make a prediction about the coming Apocalypse or that another end of the world moved.

“Superstitious” religious and just inspires people turned to Nostradamus, the Holy Matrona of Moscow, the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga, and even forecast the Australian programmer Jay Forestera. But none of these oracles has not designated the year 2021 for the period of the coming end of the world.


Physician, doctor and astrologer in one person, speaking about the events upcoming in the period of the third ten of the second Millennium described are:

  • in 2021 China will lead the world community;
  • in the period 2021-2030гг scientists discover methods of energy production on the basis of acoustic phenomena, which will solve the energy problems of the planet;
  • in 2024 humanity will learn new ways of extraction of useful mineral resources in the underwater part of the Earth.

If the world will end in 2021?

St. Matrona Of Moscow

Blessed blind predictions do not differ in their precision and clarity. The last foretold is muddled and vague. Holy did not name the exact date of the end of all life on the planet, she only mentioned the end of faith in God. But in her words, the researchers find a double meaning when the Matron of the heralded “war without war”: in the evening the ground will be littered with lifeless bodies, and by morning the world will be cleansed. On the one hand, there is seen a decrease of faith in Christ, and with another outbreak of the virus, which takes the physical life of people.


Specifically for 2021 Bulgarian prophetess predicted no, it was the last prediction concerned 2020. She, like Nostradamus, predicted the China’s world domination. But in what ways and means celestial will to achieve it, Wang is not described.

Method statements of its predictions can not be called accurate and succinct. The phrase was different metaphors and ambiguity. However, if we assume that China will try to lead the world through military expansion, the end of the world with a certain probability to be afraid of you.

If the world will end in 2021?

Jay Forrester and his machine “World One”

The collapse of humanity device predicted for 2040, but 2021, according to analysis of the “World One” will be a turning point on the way to the final collapse. It was then beginning to be felt, global overpopulation, the depletion of resources and environmental finish.

To the probabilistic Apocalypses also include phenomena such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, the melting of glaciers and consequent flooding of coastal regions, fires. If we consider these local manifestations of natural phenomena, the end of the world comes to do certain the inhabitants of the Earth with surprising regularity.

The planet faces a disaster: video about when we can expect the end of the world

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