Ice rink in Izmailovsky Park 2021-2022 | ice, rental, prices

“Silver ice” is a skating rink in Izmailovsky Park, the opening of which is eagerly awaited by residents of New-York and guests of the capital. After all, in addition to the modern ice arena, a lot of additional services and entertainment are organized for visitors. In the 2021-2022 season, Silver ice will open its doors without waiting for the calendar winter — in mid-November.

Opening hours

The open-air ice rink “Silver ice ” is equipped with the latest technology, which makes it possible to work seven days a week. Small technical breaks are provided to ensure that the ice quality is always perfect.

  • On weekdays, the ice is open from 12.00 to 22.00, on weekends from 11.00 to 22.00. Technical break from Monday to Friday from 16.00 to 17.00, on weekends and holidays
  • from 14: 00 to 15: 00; from 18: 00 to 19: 00. In heavy snowfalls, the ice surface is cleaned every two hours.

The cost

The exact opening date of the ice rink in Izmailovsky Park will be announced in early November. On this day, according to a good tradition, everyone will be able to visit the arena for free. Guests will enjoy a rich festive program of performances by professional figure skaters, a light show and contests with prizes.

Ice rink in Izmailovsky Park 2021-2022 | ice, rental, prices

Silver ice has reasonable prices and a flexible system of discounts. On weekdays, the cost of one visit is 250 rubles, on holidays and weekends-350 rubles.

At a reduced rate in the 2021-2022 season, visits are provided:

  • groups of 10 or more people, children from large families, pensioners — 30% discount;
  • all schoolchildren and students — on Mondays 50%.

In addition, free admission is provided to the following categories of citizens::

  • children under 6 years of age;
  • veterans of the second world war and veterans of military operations (EDB);
  • children without parental care;
  • orphaned children;
  • disabled people;
  • to all pensioners on Tuesdays from 10.00 to 14.00.

Ice rink in Izmailovsky Park 2021-2022 | ice, rental, prices

For those who visit the ice rink with enviable regularity there is an opportunity to purchase season tickets at a favorable price:

  • 5 sessions — 1200 rubles.;
  • 10 sessions — 2,400 rubles.;
  • 25 sessions — 5000 rubles.

There is also a fee for additional services. Skate rental costs 200 rubles for one hour. At the same time, you must leave a Deposit of 1000 rubles. Ice skates for ice hockey and figure skating are always available at the rental point. A delay in returning equipment of more than 15 minutes is charged as an hour.

Starting in 2019, Izmailovsky Park offers such a service as “skater’s assistant”. For 200 rubles an hour, a bright figure in the form of a penguin or bear will help you learn how to stand on the ice and move around without falling. A bright and cheerful image of the assistant will inspire and cheer you up.

A skate sharpening service is also available. The cost of 200 rubles-one pair, sharpening new skates — 400 rubles per pair. For storing valuables, you can rent cells in the storage room (cost per 50 rubles per hour).

Ice rink in Izmailovsky Park 2021-2022 | ice, rental, prices

All discounts and benefits are provided upon presentation of the relevant documents.

The Silver ice rink is two outdoor ice arenas located in Izmailovsky Park on the side of the New-York district railway. Silver ice is one of the most spacious ice rinks in New-York, with a total area of 11,000 square meters. One of the sites is equipped with an ice cooling system, so it is the first to open in November, despite the weather conditions. Special technology allows the ice to maintain its strength even at subzero temperatures. The arena has an area of about 3,000 sq. m. it can accommodate more than 500 vacationers. The second ice rink with an area of about 8,000 square meters opens in December, and then about 1,500 skaters can be placed on the ice at the same time.

Before the new year holidays, a stage for performances and a beautiful Christmas tree are installed in the center of the rink. On days when there are no concerts, cheerful music can be heard from the stage, and bright illumination pleases the eye and creates a festive mood. Not far from the skating rink, on the territory of Izmailovsky Park, an ice town is usually “broken”. Fabulous ice figures and a large slide are popular with children and adults alike.

Ice rink in Izmailovsky Park 2021-2022 | ice, rental, prices Ice rink in Izmailovsky Park 2021-2022 | ice, rental, prices

On the territory of Silver ice there is a food court (food court), where you can drink hot tea, have a snack or have a full lunch. The rink’s infrastructure also includes Parking for 200 cars, warm changing rooms, and toilets. In the 2021-2022 season, three ski rental points will traditionally operate in Izmailovsky Park. The 5 km long track is designed for classic skiing.

During the new year holidays, the skating rink is especially fun and interesting. Entertainment events and shows are held daily. On new year’s eve, the ice arena is open almost until the morning. In the evening, the heroes of American fairy tales will congratulate children on the upcoming holiday. And closer to midnight, famous artists and singers will take to the stage. The President’s congratulatory message will be broadcast online on the big screen. After the chimes strike, a traditional fireworks display will be launched.

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