Ice rink in Izmailovo Park in 2020-2021 year

Izmailovsky Park is Europe’s largest Park with an area of 1608 ha. Here year-round hosts various entertainment events and the holidays is usually arranged a special program of festivities and open skating rink “Silver ice”. Ice skating with the whole family or with friends – isn’t it a great pastime in the winter months? Many residents of the capital it has become a tradition every year to visit the rink. In the past 2020, all was top notch, but what awaits us in 2021?

Opening date, timetable, infrastructure

The rink is located near the main entrance of Izmailovo Park, located on the Moscow circular railway. This is an outdoor ice arena, consisting of 2 areas with a total area of 11 thousand m2 . First thing (about 15 to 20 November) reveal a small part of the rink, which is created due to the artificial cooling system. Its capacity – about 500 people. In December, if weather conditions permit, open the rest of the natural ice. There is already fit 1500 “skaters”.

In the middle of the rink sets the scene, where you will be invited to perform. Even when there are no events, it will still play music, that was fun to ride. Evening in the arena is especially beautiful, as this period includes light illumination.

Ice rink in Izmailovo Park in 2020-2021 year

“Silver ice” is open all week. Schedule as follows:

SessionWeekdaysWeekends and holidays
First12.00 – 16.0011.00 – 14.00
Second17.00 – 22.0015.00 – 18.00
Third19.00 – 22.00

The time between the sessions is given to a technical break.

Near the rink, in addition to skate rental, located warm dressing room, room of mother and child, and also a power zone consisting of 9 trade pavilions. You can leave your car in the Parking lot.

The prices of services, discounts

Most likely, the prices for services in 2021 will not change from last year. In 2020 for the admission to the rink we had to pay 250 rubles on weekdays and 350 on weekends and holidays. This price includes only 1 session.

For children under 6 years free entrance. Kids are free accompanied by two adults, provided that they are without skates. Otherwise, every adult will have to pay for itself.

In Izmailovo discounts for privileged categories of citizens:

  • pensioners are free to ride on Tuesdays from 10 to 15.00, and in the rest of the 70% discount;
  • students of secondary and higher educational institutions are entitled to 70% discount;
  • orphans, disabled persons of I, II, III groups and veterans can get a ticket free any day of the week;
  • children from large families can come to the rink on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Ice rink in Izmailovo Park in 2020-2021 year

All additional services are charged separately:

  • skate rental will cost 200 RUB./hour (in the box there is an option for figure skating and hockey);
  • rent storage – 50 RUB;
  • rent trainer for beginners and children – 200 roubles/hour.

Also, the Park offers sharpening blades on skates. It costs 200 rubles.

Please note: for the equipment necessary to leave a Deposit. For skates and trainer — 1000 RUB in addition, you must have a photo ID.


During the opening of the “Silver ice” you can enjoy an interesting program: performances by professional skaters, light shows, competitions, etc. Entrance for all is free.

New year’s eve, the rink will close already at 3 am. In the first half of the day will be performances for children, and in the evening on the stage will perform the famous vocal performers and DJs. Offers contests and symbolic gifts. At midnight, as expected, participants will be able to see the congratulation of the President on the big screen, and then launch fireworks.

A holiday program can be observed also on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd numbers. In 2020, Izmailovsky Park were entertained by Mike Marvin, Kravtsov, group 2 Masha, “Pizza”, Polina Gagarina, Elvira. In 2021 will be not less popular artists.

Ice rink in Izmailovo Park in 2020-2021 year

After visiting the ice rink will go in other places for example, fair or specialized exhibition. In honor of the new year in Izmailovo Park will host the festival. In some areas, usually set new year’s installations and photo zone. Very popular Ice town created in December at the site of “Forest of miracles”. There you can see ice sculptures and structures, including castles, slides, mini Golf, a maze and a small cinema. It’s a winter Wonderland where you can not just observe but also directly participate.

Also, fans of winter fun should go to the husky Park to ride on the tubing, pulling the sled dogs and ski piste (ski hire will cost about 200 rubles per hour).

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