Humorous predictions for the New 2021

Humorous predictions for the new year 2021 will give a lot of fun joy all who will be celebrating the occasion. To remember new year’s eve, people often greet each other ridiculous predictions and advice. Why not feel the child in this moment and not the fun predictions? Cheer up yourself and loved ones, and we will tell you the most interesting ideas.

Holiday script

Most welcomed the New year with family. However humorous predictions for 2021 can also be used during corporate parties or meetings with friends. The main thing — the right atmosphere and the appropriateness of the venture. You need to consider entertainment, considering the following important points:

  • the individual characteristics of the invited;
  • the number of guests;
  • astrological features of 2021.

Knowing the information about future guests, you can find or create your own humorous predictions for the New year of the ox 2021. Having thought the script of the festival and ready to joke, to entertain people, not to give them to get bored and change the usual tradition of a feast.

Humorous predictions for the New 2021

In advance to prepare for the festive event, can be done waiting and preparation for the meeting of the chiming clock more exciting. One of the options for development may become sound predictions after the clock strikes midnight.

Predictions should be written in a humorous way. They will give everyone a good mood, let the dream of a good future and just how to have fun.

Comic script of the New year perfect for a close circle of friends, relatives, youth events, colleagues and even neighbors. Humorous predictions can be combined with the delivery of Christmas gifts.

Form predictions

A separate issue — how to make humorous predictions for the New 2021. Here is carte Blanche, the opportunity to show all their creativity and skill for effective presentation. The forecast may have a different format: given the signs of the zodiac, in the form of prose or verse, with jokes.

To make predictions using different attributes:

Popular in recent years to make a game with Chinese biscuits. To prepare for the event you need the following to bake shortbread cookies that will have the shape of ears, and inside to put your printed prediction.

Humorous predictions for the New 2021

  1. Fun option — prediction on the songs. Before pulling divination, you need to say out loud the phrase “What can I expect in 2021?”. The guest gets the piece of paper with a line or a fragment from a popular song. For example, “Ah, the wedding, wedding…” or “Just a glass of vodka on the table”.
  2. The easiest way to think of a divination book. You can take some funny songs (some even use children’s books). Of course, each guest will read passages aloud.
  3. Often use ordinary paper, which is folded into a tube. Some write them on the snowflakes, fold and put in a cap, a hat or opaque jar. Guests take turns pulling one prediction and read aloud.
  4. If you can sew a special bag, you can put it in the center of the holiday table. Invited people will get a piece of paper and share experiences. The main thing is to consider the number of guests and to make predictions with a margin.

Fun predictions

You can make predictions on any topic, or adhere to some specific topics. The most popular are the following:

Download comic New predictions for 2021:

Humorous predictions for the New 2021

Short humorous predictions for the New year 2021:

  • You work overtime — you will get a good prize.
  • If you’re going to get up early every morning — never late to work.
  • In the year of the ox cannot work like a horse is going to toss you a few years ago.
  • How much peas from the salad you eat, so many desires you have will come true in 2021.
  • Come the first of January of the house and look right — you will see their bright future.
  • Donated by the wife a new fur coat for the New year — to love and tranquility.
  • If you eat a lot of chocolate, cakes and biscuits — update wardrobe.
  • The new year will be filled with many exciting, interesting and challenging…of Affairs at home.
  • In the new year at work will increase — the office will move to a higher floor.
  • In 2021 you will find a great love…a very large — not less than 130 pounds.
  • Do not take more debt. If you take the good.
  • After a well-fed feast in the morning, expect a strong impact from the numbers on the scales.
  • You expect a lot of exciting travel to the country.
  • You’re looking the attack…the success and fabulous luck will attack you so that you can’t get rid of them.
  • Before you open all the doors…stores.
  • No need to learn from mistakes. Better learn the guitar

Humorous predictions for the New 2021

  • Come to the office of the chief with his right foot, and you will have to wait for a promotion.
  • In 2021 you’ll have the pleasure of spending a lot, and not less pleasure to earn a lot.
  • I wish you luck in your family is the addition.
  • In the new year again someone will get lucky. Maybe you, so be ready for that.
  • You’ll be a fantastic surprise in the first week of the new year.
  • You finally get rid of your bad habits, but will be able to purchase a couple more bad.
  • Today is the best day for you. However, like everything in the coming year.
  • You will be able to access a lot of useful information in the year of the ox. And now it’s time to open the champagne.
  • 80 percent of all problems and troubles will solve themselves, and the remaining 20 percent are not solved at all. So you relax and no worries.
  • Wear summer clothes inside out, will attract people’s attention. And maybe even meet the love!
  • Always look at his feet to keep from slipping on the spit of envy.
  • When you feel success, don’t forget about loyal friends.

Humorous predictions for the New 2021

  • You go change, let go of old grudges.
  • 2 Jan can start a quiet life, and yet have fun from the heart.
  • You will definitely gain weight, however it will be in the center of the purse.
  • Take note of each glass of alcohol — don’t miss it by mouth!

The event with a comic predictions do not require much cash outlay, only imagination and a little time. But new year’s eve, meeting with friends or a corporate party will get new paint, divination will give everyone a good mood and positive charge.

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