Humorous horoscope for 2021 for all Zodiac signs

Funny humorous horoscope for 2021 will tell you what to prepare signs of the Zodiac, will make you smile, lift your spirits. Is ruled by the White Metal bull, everyone will have to enjoy the moments special favor stars when any deal will be feasible, and the problems will not remain a trace.

For Aries

Humorous horoscope for 2021 for all Zodiac signs

Stubborn Rams often have quarrels with close people. Even good motives are often misunderstood, leading to grief because of their unwillingness to be flexible, excessive demands of others. According to comic horoscope, year 2021 manner to achieve the goal "on other people’s heads" in spite of everything, oddly enough, will bring very good results in work, business and career growth.

Aries – the child is 6 years old and 60 years. He categorically refuses to grow up, and therefore requires attention, waiting for concessions, counting on the indulgence. Women can find a common language with everyone, especially if it suits them. They are lovely, striking, artistic. Men are a bit uncouth, devoid of refined manners, but a straightforward, reliable. In the new year everybody wishing to build a strong relationship, will have a chance to settle down and start a family.

Choosing a life partner, the gentleman should focus on the beautiful lady who knows how to cook, but absolutely nobody, except the great RAM, not interested. This wonderful lady must have a permanent source of income, should be able to be silent and adapt to the mood of the owner of the house. With all the unimaginable advantages of the sign, which he knows more than anyone else to meet such a lady is not difficult.

For Taurus

Humorous horoscope for 2021 for all Zodiac signs

For Taurus this is a time of success. Fans to earn money, able to accumulate, they like the "mistress" of the year, which will give ZIM the opportunity to gain weight in all senses: in society, in Finance, in the body. Striving every hour of your life to invest for future interest, the risk Bulls to get tired of their own attempts to reach out to nervous exhaustion.

To cope with the breakdown will help the right diet, a good night’s sleep. This is enough to cultivate within himself an irrepressible desire to work even more. If the power is not enough to implement projects, will need additional energy source, for example, morning run, yoga on the balcony of the apartment.

Love arena, men, and women expect passion, not even regular, and constant. From flirting "one day" they categorically dismiss, as they believe such an investment of time and money totally unjustified. Eager to go with the Calf under the crown, should "take the bull by the horns" and act. Year White bull is the ideal time to marry.

For Twins

Humorous horoscope for 2021 for all Zodiac signs

The dual nature allows them to get out of any situation with your head held high. Long pangs of conscience – a quality of character that Twins is known bad, so joyful mood, they do not occupy. For all his selfishness, representatives of Constellation, sensitive to those who love, respect. They know how to build relationships with friends: if you do not help business or money, you will listen to, will allow "a shoulder to cry on".

Under the influence of the Metal ox will have to abandon the ingenious adventures. Any work or undertaking, the desire to get rich, you will have the opportunity to come true. Symbol of the year showed the Twins back ahead of time, you will have to refrain from rash spending, throwing "money at the wind." Those who have found a good stash, it is better to invest it in real estate, not to pull while on a trip or for pleasure.

Gemini women need to rethink their priorities. Ladies who wish to be happy, one should throw out of your life and relationships all superfluous, having no hope for the future. As soon as a place becomes available, it will appear that the Prince of may on horseback, but most likely driving a credit car. Men, to better preserve family relationships, and everything that happens outside the walls of the house, to leave abroad.

For Cancers

Humorous horoscope for 2021 for all Zodiac signs

Cancers draw back only in jokes, but life is life purposeful, emotionally stable. Always keep what you have. Hard to change priorities, fear of change. To conquer the peaks do not seek, after all, so all is well, why the extra confusion.

Year White bull, according to comic horoscope for 2021, will bring single and free men urgent need in the second half. Want of love, borscht with pies, cosy evenings watching TV. However, in late fall a decision about marriage seems premature, especially in the days of advance payment and salaries. Inclined to spare to spend on others, they in what does not deny, therefore, often left alone with a "broken" heart. Doting Cancers it is helpful to know that to keep their admiration for you asking nothing, nothing on hoping.

The year 2021 will be successful in terms of material acquisitions. If financial surpluses to skillfully invest in real estate, then the benefits will be forthcoming, particularly in times of economic instability. Women Gemini fortune smiles genuinely, so we can safely enter the University of their dreams, to get a prestigious job, start your own blog on the Internet.

For The Lions

Humorous horoscope for 2021 for all Zodiac signs

Lions are insecure, selfish, convinced that the world revolves only for the sake of their pleasure. Women are able to conquer all men, and the family life manage outright simpletons to transform into a "strong shoulder" the envy of all the unmarried friends. Men easy career. They know how to Woo the bosses without harm to relations with colleagues.

Spring comic horoscope predicts serious emotional disturbance. Possible difficulties with health. Because of some nervous tension will worsen the perception of life, a desire to surround yourself with native people. As for additional sources of income, the money "will manage" to come as necessary that every mentally stable lion is taken for granted.

Desires of the representatives of the Constellation is always a lot. They are indifferent to the opinion of others, but they are able to convince others, often become leaders. If you sincerely want something, definitely do it. To get along with such people should remember that their threatening posture hides a soft kitten purr for gentle enough to scratch behind the ear.

For Dev

Humorous horoscope for 2021 for all Zodiac signs

Virgin is always looking at the rest of the zodiac a little bit down. In her opinion, she’s intelligent, elegant, beautiful, wise, therefore, better physicians know what and how to treat teachers better understand the curriculum, and generally do everything better than others. Cynicism, inflated self-esteem, proud of strength, become a kind of "broom": people who are not trustworthy, swept it from the life without the slightest regret.

The whole period is going to be successful for those who are after a regular cleaning in the ranks of his admirers and fans, I decide to choose. Home sign solely takes a leadership position. Women run a household, cook and set the table, and many even know how to use a needle and thread, knitting needles, knitting hooks. Men step by step achieve position in society, are able to improve their social status, form good relationships, make friends with those who are beneficial.

By the end of spring increases the risk of "catching" a virus, so avoid sneezing co-workers, travel on public transport. Low immunity in office workers will require the active summer vacation. A good idea will be the abandonment of the journey to the sea "savage" in favor of a sanitation holiday. The Virgins, which slightly reduce the bar to others, do not have to meet the New year in alone, the rest is left to draw conclusions for the future.

For Scales

Humorous horoscope for 2021 for all Zodiac signs

At the Weights, according to the horoscope for 2021, starts a "white" life stripe. For those who are in luck don’t believe the circumstances will still be OK. Discreet, loving yourself, interested, demanding and daring, these people are favorably allocated among the others, never seem to be "gray mice". Under the rule of the White Metal bull men and women sign will be able to find the mental balance you will develop strategy for the future will improve relations with relatives.

This is a great time to look for the lovers, reconciliation, restoration of trust. Libra hate being alone, but all are trying to prove the opposite. Peer into the soul of hard, so have to improvise. If we are talking about wedding, then this situation is "white lady" will like.

While the Scales happy, happy surrounding. If the balance is upset, they tortured everyone with his nagging, manipulation. Thus, to observe the harmony is enough to create the right atmosphere. You are allowed to use any means: gifts, compliments, concessions, free money.

For Scorpions

Humorous horoscope for 2021 for all Zodiac signs

To Scorpio was happy, everything must be as he wishes. Sign different force, able to charm than shamelessly enjoys. He rarely feels sorry for those who "chewed and spat out", don’t hesitate to step over the friendship and love for their own development. A born adventurer, able to confuse any dubious businessman.

But now he will have to adapt to the priorities of the Housewives period. Welcome the desire to collect money in the "stocking", with only modest spending, refusal of credit. Looking to buy an apartment or a house, good luck will smile throughout the entire width of their teeth. To miss the best deal is highly undesirable, it’s not always something good is so affordable.

Women will experience a small love shock, it will increase the risk of rupture. Accustomed to partings ladies rarely adapt to men’s requests, but if you do this, you will not regret. Men it is important to stop the risk. The tendency to make spontaneous decisions it is also irrelevant: the bull loves stability, runs away from anyone who makes her nervous, to worry about little things.

For Sagittarius

Humorous horoscope for 2021 for all Zodiac signs

While reigns White bull, Sagittarius will want again and again to think about the meaning of life. Bright, shocking, with the ever-changing habits and desires, he sometimes cruel, implacable. Leaving behind a string of broken hearts, rarely, but he remains single. With loneliness, as the comic predicts the horoscope and will start the new year for most representatives of the sign.

Dreaming about change in marital status will be lucky to meet an interesting person. The rest we can safely design the future, to develop strategies to conquer the world, long to stay at work. Any desire to develop, expand horizons for the sake of improving the material conditions welcome.

Easily carried away, the creative Sagittarius is sometimes overly emotional, causing the annoying Rat, striving to stand firmly on his feet, having nothing to do with philosophers, poets, thinkers. For her world is very simple. She knows that "good", good is able to produce, accumulate. Representatives of the sign, eager for stability, you should look at the circumstances under the new angle, taking the example of the hostess of the year.

For Capricorns

Humorous horoscope for 2021 for all Zodiac signs

Capricorns are stubborn, rigid, persistent. They love home, enjoy family values, the middle way of life to have financial stability. Ability to set and achieve goals, intolerance of others ‘ weaknesses, ability to lead, provide them with a successful rise, but bad for the relationship with parents, mate, children.

Humorous horoscope for 2021 will give a serious chance to enrich the passport a stamp about marriage. Anyone wishing to obtain a wedding ring as a gift, the spring will make this a welcome surprise. Symbol of the year for Capricorns is good, noticing common values. Using favor of stars, the Capricorn will be able to solve many of their problems.

Arranging family nest, they manage to note every little thing is calculated. Create comfort, focusing on myself, as I am passionate selfish. But those who is close to you, also gets a considerable bit of comfort. If the Capricorn learns periodically "not butt", if you will allow other family members to make decisions, no one would prophesy trouble, then everything will be good: at home and abroad.

For Aquarius

Humorous horoscope for 2021 for all Zodiac signs

Aquarians are too good, intelligent, creative and unique in order to be contemporaries of those around them. Undoubtedly, this planet entered a random gust of wind from a parallel world. That is why they are a bit "not of this world". Originality helps them to achieve social success, creative confessions.

They might be impoverished to the disgrace and soon to ugliness be rich. If none of them is able to clearly explain why such jumps occur with stunning regularity. In the year 2021, representatives of the air element will have to come down to earth. White bull doesn’t like esters and euphoria, preferring "a bird", which you can feel, "crane", which is impossible to reach.

To become friends with her, Aquarius will need to plan for financial stability and a permanent partner, at least at this time. Subject to the rules of conduct established by the owner of the period, any idea will be sign on the shoulder, and the impossible will take materialized, contrary to common sense.

For Fish

Humorous horoscope for 2021 for all Zodiac signs

Fish are smart, interesting, able to listen, to conquer without much effort. In the year of the ox, in a fun horoscope, those who are tired of adventures and wants to settle down, happen to be under the care of a man ready to take on this controversial sign. The overall relationship with a White Rat in the beginning the rest is not the best way. She does not share the impermanence nature of Fish, doesn’t understand why they rush from one extreme to another.

In the second half of the year may improve the material situation, a successful marriage or the marriage. The hostess of the year will give the Fish a chance to get a promising job, to help deal with credit and debt. Instead of waiting for the representatives of this Constellation of change in relation to the money concern about the safety of the family hearth.

Fish like science, they like to dream, to invent. They have families, but sometimes catch myself thinking that I could live alone, without families, and probably would be happy. If such ideas come to mind, follows them immediately to get rid of because once the Fish gets their wish, she immediately needed to be happy the opposite living conditions.

General tips

The predicted the year 2021 will be challenging, but well fed and relaxed. Not to miss out on luck during this period, you need only follow a few simple rules:

  • Just think about the good.
  • To dream big.
  • To protect the health of soul and body.
  • Don’t be afraid of change.
  • Love the family.

Humorous astrological forecast will come true, especially for those who will be able to protect itself from someone else’s negativity. Great philosophers say that ideas can take shape, so you need to build around a life full of joy and positivity.

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