How to set the table for the New 2021

Patron 2021 according to the Eastern calendar is the White Metal bull. This strong and willful creature who prefers the comfort of home (he pulls all the good to himself into the hole) without too much pathos and frills. In the preparation of the festive table for the New 2021 is not only important, that it will be cooked, but as it will be covered. To appease the "little lady", you need to follow a few simple tips that will help make the celebration beautiful, interesting and memorable.

General guidelines

2021 year of the ox opens a new 12-year cycle of totem animals. For this animal is characterized by such traits as purposefulness, pedantic and rigid character. At the same time, the bull loves his home and prefers a cozy atmosphere, pleasant company. So to celebrate the New year better than with family or close friends. Should set the table for a large company, as, despite its formidable appearance, the bull is very friendly.

To successfully set the table for the New 2021 and to honor the patron should not be afraid to use unconventional solutions. It’s a good excuse to exercise your imagination and realize the most extraordinary ideas. the bull gives a preference for bold and strong personalities, and always will be favorable to them.

The patron of the element of the year – metal and primary color of the current totem – white. Therefore, when choosing colors should give preference to white, gray, silver and metallic colors. The tone is better to do the basic, and set off their contrasting palette. You can use them together or combine with other colors to your liking (especially since they combine well with almost any paint).

Note. It is important not to overdo it, so the overall design is not too colorful. It must be remembered that the bull prefers austerity.

The most successful include the following combinations:

  • white, Golden, silver;
  • white and gray;
  • white, blue and purple;
  • white and red;
  • white, gray and pink.

  • How to set the table for the New 2021
  • How to set the table for the New 2021
  • How to set the table for the New 2021
  • How to set the table for the New 2021
  • How to set the table for the New 2021
  • How to set the table for the New 2021

You can give preference to white color and add some bright elements. They can also be napkins, or decor items. Menu new year’s table should be different. You can use any meats and fish, and also cheeses. You should not pay much attention to the delights, as patron of the year prefer the simplicity.


Traditionally, celebrations for use with white cloth. It can be decorated with bright embroidery or lace. A snow-white tablecloth universal – for it is the easiest way to find the decor because it fit almost any shades. In addition, she is well fit into the interior of the room and make it more refined.

How to set the table for the New 2021 How to set the table for the New 2021

When choosing tablecloths you should prefer natural fabrics: linen or cotton. Despite the fact that they can cause problems in nursing (rumpled, may shrink after washing), these fabrics look great on the holiday table and pleasant to the touch.

Classic the tablecloth should hang down from the table, about 25-30 cm Long veil can be decorated with a second layer, adding the cloth to a smaller size, which will cover the surface of the table or slightly down.

You can also choose the linen in ethnic style, or use a runner. They will give the design the coziness and warmth of the hearth.

How to set the table for the New 2021

Dark colors look more unusual. For them, good accents, for example, in the form of light dishes.

How to set the table for the New 2021


Another important element of the covers are cloth. This is where you can unleash the imagination. Wipes can be used for textile or paper, or both. They can be exclusively part of the decor or to perform its primary function. They can be placed under appliances or putting them on a plate, or to put next, or put in special glasses. They can also play the role of holder for the name if each guest assumes a certain place.

How to set the table for the New 2021How to set the table for the New 2021

Look favorably wipes, which are stacked in an interesting way, appropriate to the theme of your event or neatly assembled with metal rings.

How to set the table for the New 2021 How to set the table for the New 2021

Note that in order to beautifully folded napkins will take time. Therefore, it is necessary to do so in advance or entrust this responsible task to someone from the family members.


Festive utensils should be of good quality. It is desirable that it was one set or the components of the servings were picked up in the same style. If the table is a "mixed" dishes, the overall picture will look messy and humdrum.

It is necessary to specify in advance the guest list and put a set for each guest. It may consist of a main dish, which plays the role of decoration, and which will be set meals. The distance between them should be about 50 cm, so the guests were comfortable.

The devices are placed on the sides of the main plates. Knives and spoons on the right (blade to the edge of the dish), forks left. Devices must be in the order in which to change the dishes. That is, the furthest will be a fork for meals, which is scheduled for the end of the evening.

Note. It is recommended to have an extra set in case if there is an intruder.

  • How to set the table for the New 2021
  • How to set the table for the New 2021
  • How to set the table for the New 2021

Glasses must conform to the preferences of the guests to drink. Below General view of the serving looked properly, each guest is offered the same set of glasses, and variety of drinks it makes at its discretion:

  • champagne glasses;
  • wine glass for wine and brandy;
  • glasses;
  • glasses for water and juice.


Decorative elements for the Christmas table you can make your own or buy them in the store (in the new year period they can be found in large supermarkets and small souvenir shops). These can be cones, garlands, tinsel, candles, small Christmas trees, stars, confetti, etc.

  • How to set the table for the New 2021
  • How to set the table for the New 2021
  • How to set the table for the New 2021

You can complement the interior with symbols of the patron a mouse or a rat. It is important to avoid images of cats, which are often used to decorate Windows or drawers. Otherwise, mistress would be offended.

In the choice of decoration must comply with the General idea of the festive table. You should not use too many items or to install some large objects: they will attract undue attention and interfere with communication. Preference should be given to restraint and brevity.

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