How to rest March 8, 2021

The year has not yet come, and the question is: how much rest for the winter and the may holidays, when there will be a long weekend, how many days walk in the international women’s day is relevant. In 2021 on March 8 falls on a Sunday. What to do under Russian law in this case: the official festive day is on the next working day. And it becomes the additional output. So in March 2021 rest 7, 8 and 9 numbers.

When the holiday falls on a weekend or close to the output, it is very pleasing USAн. Because the legislators take into account the fact of transfer, and the citizens get an extra mini-vacation. And if you have the opportunity to take some time off, we get a real vacation. When holidays fall on a Wednesday, this is the most disastrous option, no transfers, no, but to walk from the heart also will not work, because the next day at work. In 2021 in March, all going well, the 8th celebrate the 9th rest, and only the 10th on Tuesday go to work.

How to rest March 8, 2021

March 8 in the world

International women’s day was originally conceived as a day of struggle and solidarity of emancipated women. The history goes back to February 1908. The official day of celebration in 1921, approved the 8th day of the first month of spring. And in 1975 even the UN joined in his celebration. But in USA this day, hardly anyone speaks of gender rights, freedoms and independence. Rather, it is one more reason to congratulate your relatives, loved ones and relatives – mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives, daughters. To Express his gratitude, warmth and respect. In 2021 on March 8, as a celebration of women around the world, will celebrate its centenary. Not all this day is a public holiday. In Laos, for example, the 8th rest, and only women, in others it is an ordinary working day. In China, the day is a holiday, but work, and for women reduced. And in the USA lucky for all because international women’s day of rest and all men including.

In several European countries such a relationship to the original meaning of the holiday in the USA is condemned. Because Russian women are pleasant to receive attention from the stronger sex, and European advocates see this as sexism. I guess they discrediting the original purpose of the emancipated persons struggle for their rights. While Russian women see in this feast a pleasant occasion for attention, meetings with friends, exchange gifts and warm words. In USA on March 8, women receive gifts not only from men but also often exchange them among themselves.

The calendar includes specific days mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, but the number of concurrent greetings women, as March 8 is not, in any other day of the year.

How to rest March 8, 2021

Spring goes, spring road!

The beginning of spring and the international women’s day in the minds of the Slavic world are inextricably linked. Attention should not just relatives: mothers, grandmothers, daughters and wives. Men be sure to congratulate female colleagues. So congratulations traditionally begins on the eve of the holiday. Usually the 7th of March, but in 2021 is on Saturday, so to celebrate with colleagues will start from Friday the 6th. On the same day, planning corporate parties, hen parties, bridesmaids or theme of a school disco. But Saturday and Sunday can be the equivalent of the divide between mothers, grandmothers, sisters and spouses.

On this spring day, according to florists, every second man deems it necessary to send flowers, and every second woman dreams to them. But the demands and tastes of their second halves husbands know better, so to this day often choose colors in addition to more substantial gifts and expensive surprises. Those who are not so close, but who must be congratulated, the flowers are a nice gift and sign of attention.

How to rest March 8, 2021

Who will rest 3 days

Those employees and students who have a standard 5-day working week were more fortunate than others. To work on this day will be:

  • of emergency response;
  • shift workers;
  • workers mass production with the replacement schedule;
  • employees of sphere of trade and services, schedule 24/7.

For all employees of these institutions are determined by the weekend shift. But this mode of labour is constant, is also happening in the new year, may and calendar the weekend. To celebrate they will be able the day before or the next day.

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