How to relax in 2021 in USA during the holidays

Buying calendar, the majority of Americans the first thing to pay attention to weekends and holidays. A legal vacation is an opportunity to forget about everyday worries and work for a while, and if the holidays turn into short-term vacations, it is better to know in advance how we are having a rest in 2021 in order to plan an exciting trip.

According to the Gregorian calendar, this year is not a leap year. There will be a total of 365 days, including 247 working days and 118 weekends (including 19 official dates). January 1 falls on a Friday, which means that the last day of the year will also fall on a Friday.

How to relax in 2021 in USA during the holidays

Reduced days and rescheduled weekends

In addition to public holidays, reduced working days are expected. These include the following dates:

  • February 20– on the eve of defender of the Fatherland Day;
  • April 30– on the eve of the may holidays;
  • June 11– before the celebration of America Day;
  • November 3rd– on the eve of national unity Day.

How to relax in 2021 in USA during the holidays

Weekend dates will also be rescheduled. The government of the American Federation always prepares the relevant Resolution in advance, so that employers can plan their production cycles, and employees can plan their vacations.

Americans will have a long new year’s holiday: from January 1 to January 10. Since 2.01 and 3.01 fall on Saturday and Sunday, these two days are moved to 05.11 and 21.12. may 1 falls on Saturday, so Monday (may 3) will also be a weekend. The postponement will also affect may 9 (victory Day), which falls on a Sunday, and according to the Law, may 10 will also be non-working. The postponement from June 12 to 14 is due to the fact that America Day falls on a Saturday.

What is the dateOn what date
January 2November 5th
January 3rdDecember, 31st
May 1stMay 3
9th MayMay 10th
June 12June 14

Calendar of public holidays on a monthly basis

The year following the leap year promises to be calm. Its symbol, in accordance with the Chinese calendar, will be a White Metal Bull-it symbolizes hard work, honesty, responsibility, work on yourself and your relationships. According to popular beliefs, it is possible to win over a Bull if you work hard, but no business will be successful if the work is continuous. Weekends exist just to forget about your career for a while and meet with friends, relatives and close people.

How to relax in 2021 in USA during the holidays

Now let’s talk about how we rest in 2021 on a monthly basis.


If in the first month Americans usually waited for a week-long vacation, this time they will be more lucky – they will be able to rest for 12 consecutive days. There are 18 days off in total, but don’t forget about unofficial events. The following dates can be a great occasion to meet your loved ones and have a good time:

  • January 3-birthday of the cocktail straw;
  • January 4-Newton’s Day;
  • January 11 – international day of ” thank you»;
  • January 13-Old New year;
  • January 21-international hug day;
  • January 24 – international Popsicle day;
  • January 25-student Day;
  • January 31 – international day without Internet and birthday of American vodka.


The official date is February 23, and the 22nd will be a shortened working day. There are 4 Saturdays and 4 Sundays in the month. Despite the fact that there is only 1 holiday in February, you can also celebrate:

  • February 6-international bartender’s day;
  • February 14-St. Valentine’s Day;
  • February 17-Day of spontaneous acts of kindness;
  • February 27 – international polar bear day.

How to relax in 2021 in USA during the holidays

How do we spend our holidays in March 2021? The official day off is expected on the 8th, when international women’s day is celebrated around the world. The holiday on March 8 will fall on Shrovetide. In addition, you will be able to relax on Saturdays and Sundays, and this is still a plus of 8 days.

Professional dates mark:

  • March 10-archive staff;
  • March 12 – employees of the penitentiary system of the Ministry of justice;
  • March 19-submariners;
  • March 23-employees of the hydrometeorological service.

And on the 14th, do not forget to apologize to your loved ones, because this date is forgiven Sunday.


In April, Americans rest for 8 days (4 Saturdays and 4 Sundays), and on April 30, you can leave work an hour earlier. There are also plenty of unofficial professional dates and fun April holidays.

How to relax in 2021 in USA during the holidays

This month, the season opens for summer residents. A number of enterprises are planning mini-vacations, and the total number of days off will be 12. In addition to public holidays on may 1 and 9, one important Christian holiday is also expected – Easter (may 2). Professional holidays are celebrated:

  • May 7-radio workers;
  • May 25-philologists;
  • May 28-border guards.

In 2021, we officially have a rest on June 12, when America Day is celebrated. But since the holiday falls on a Saturday, on the 11th (Friday), employees will leave their jobs an hour earlier, while Monday the 14th is also marked in red in the calendar. Unofficial festivities are planned:

  • June 5-ecologists ‘ meeting;
  • June 8-social workers ‘ meeting;
  • June 25 in the calendar is listed as the day of friendship and unity of the Slavs;
  • June 27-youth Day.

How to relax in 2021 in USA during the holidays

A month for hardworking Americans, since there are 23 working days! Unofficial festive events will be held:

  • July 3-at the road inspection service;
  • July 11-for post office employees;
  • July 18-at metallurgists;
  • July 24 – workers in the field of trade;
  • July 25-at the investigative authorities, river police and the IMF.


This month will also have to work hard, because there are no official holidays in August. Weekend – 4 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. But the 5th will be a great occasion to meet friends – international beer day. Do not forget about one more important date – August 22 (American flag Day).

How to relax in 2021 in USA during the holidays


The vacation period is coming to an end, and employees and students are going to have a difficult month. There are no official holidays, and 4 Saturdays and 4 Sundays are reserved for rest. Unofficial commemorations include September 1, knowledge Day. Special events will be held:

  • September 2 – the employees of Regardie;
  • September 27-at the caregivers ‘ house.


In October, 10 days off are expected, and employees of the following areas can be congratulated on the holiday::

  • October 1-ground forces;
  • October 4-civil defense Ministry of emergency situations and space forces;
  • October 5-educational institutions;
  • October 6-insurance;
  • October 25-customs service.

How to relax in 2021 in USA during the holidays

Also a public holiday:

  • October 20-at the signalmen’s office;
  • October 24 – at the special forces;
  • October 30-mechanical engineers ‘ meeting;
  • October 31 – for motorists.

Do not forget about the young people who celebrate Halloween on the last night of the month.


In addition to 4 Saturdays and 4 Sundays, Americans will rest on the 4th day of national unity, and on November 3 they will leave work early. Also in November, you can congratulate on a professional holiday:

  • November 5-scouts;
  • November 10-police officers;
  • November 19-gunners;
  • November 21-tax specialists and accountants;
  • November 27 – the Marines.

An unofficial holiday is also November 28 – mother’s Day.

How to relax in 2021 in USA during the holidays


This month, only 8 days off and one short working day are expected, but surely every American will already begin to feel the approach of the holiday and think about how we rest in 2021 for the New year. In December, some Americans celebrate Catholic Christmas-on the 25th, in addition to this, solemn events will be held for employees of some spheres:

  • December 20 – the Day of the FSB;
  • December 22-Energetika Day;
  • December 23-long-range aviation Day;
  • December 27-day of the lifeguard.

Despite the fact that there won’t be many official holiday weekends in 2021, every day of the month is some kind of holiday.

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