How to name a child in 2021 | beautiful names for boys and girls, calendar

If you expect a baby to be born in 2021, but you can’t decide what to call the child-we will tell you what beautiful names are most popular in America today for boys and girls, as well as how to choose a name based on its meaning, consonance or Orthodox calendar.

General rules for choosing names

It has long been believed that the name given by parents at birth has a direct impact on the character and fate of a person. Astrologers recommend that all those who plan to become parents in 2021 choose not just beautiful or popular names for boys and girls, but make a choice taking into account a number of factors.

Among the main recommendations for choosing a name, it is worth highlighting the following::

  1. An official (adult) name should be respected. Overly childish, soft, frivolous-sounding options can become a serious hindrance in life.
  2. The name must be consonant with the patronymic, because this is how a person will be called most of his life.
  3. If this is a boy, then think about what middle name his children will have, whether it sounds beautiful.
  4. Remember that an unusual, very rare name can both emphasize a person’s personality and doom them to ridicule (especially in childhood).
  5. The opposite can be the situation with fashionable names, because the child will constantly meet people with the same name, which is not always pleasant.

There are many methods of choosing a name for a baby.

In honor of relatives

Often babies are named after one of the family members. In this case, you should choose the name of a worthy person, whose life was happy, filled with important meaning and worthy actions.

How to name a child in 2021 | beautiful names for boys and girls, calendar

Many families argue about whether it is possible to name a baby after living relatives (for example, to give the boy the name of his father). From the point of view of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, there is nothing wrong with this, because passing a name to a child is the highest degree of respect for a person. It is believed that along with the name, the baby also receives spiritual qualities, character, and sometimes the fate of the person after whom it was named.

You can also choose a newborn name based on the first letter of the name of the parents or grandparents, or names that are close in meaning (similar in sound).

By value

When thinking about how to name a child born in 2021, many couples will turn to a dictionary that interprets the meaning of names.

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