How to meet 2021 Gray Metal bull

Despite the fact that Eastern culture is very far from Slavic, its individual elements are all denser part of everyday life. This is especially true of Christmas traditions, because in China they are very unique and interesting. A few dozen years in preparing for the New Year people wonder what animal will be the symbol of the Chinese calendar and what steps you need to follow to invoke the favor of the totem the next 12 months. No exception and 2021, which will be held under the symbol of the Grey Metal of the bull.

Anyone who is preparing to celebrate the New year, knows that the main holiday on the planet there are no secondary moments: important dishes, the decor of the room, the clothes, the makeup, but the most important, of course, is a great festive mood and the ability to give friends and family gifts.

The meeting place

An important question for many is, where is the best place to spend new year’s celebration. To find out, it is sufficient to recall the totem 2021 – Gray Metal Rat.

As the bull live in quite large flocks, it is best to spend this night surrounded by family and loved ones. Be limited only to the closest relatives is not: it would be great if to gather together all the numerous family.

You can stay in his “hole,” but not excluded the option to go to visit or even a trip to another city. You just try to make the atmosphere of the holiday was quite cozy. Very supportive of the bull to walk in the fresh air, so after midnight you can go all together to the street, attend a fancy Christmas tree in the town square or just enjoy the fireworks and fireworks in the night sky overhead.

How to meet 2021 Gray Metal bull

Training attire

Perhaps this is the point which many people start planning the celebrations, especially when it comes to women. As for the color palette, and without any reminders it is clear that are best suited gray. And equally good be it any shade ranging from noble light grey and ending in almost black.

Sympathetic Gray Metallic bull and other peaceful tones of pastel colors: milky white, chocolate and so on. Well, if the fabric would with a metallic sheen or lurex.

As for the outfit, it is important to choose one that is simple, but very elegant. Too short and Frank dresses, skirts, shorts — not the best variant, and the adjacent formal long dress or Trouser suit of quality fabric is perfect for this occasion. Such an elegant accessory, like a fur Cape or gray scarf, will be very appropriate.

But you can show a real flight of fancy in terms of the selection of jewelry and accessories. Silver products with a gloss sheen will be a perfect addition to Christmas attire, does not fit worse and headset set in white gold. Since the Gray Metal bull – animal household, it is sympathetic to any handbags and clutches, if they skillfully complement the image.

How to meet 2021 Gray Metal bull

The main rule that cannot be broken: should be avoided in any dress cat prints, leopard coloring and other hints of the cat family.

Makeup and hairstyle

Gray Metal bull provides a great variety in the selection of makeup. Fortunately, the gray tones are universal to makeup, so apply them can any young girl or woman of age. It is important not to overdo it, because one of the main features of the totem of the New 2021 is considered to be moderation and modesty. Young girls will be able to afford pearl glitter eye shadow.

In makeup it is better to avoid long cat’s hands, but to focus on the thick lashes. Not liking the Gray Metal Rat dark lipstick, but bright red, pink, peach, carrot, scarlet will be at the time.

Special attention should be paid to the hair. To celebrate new year’s eve owners have long hair it is recommended to avoid excessive splendor: and wore a tall “pyramid” can be left for the next celebrations. Perfect to the image will be a smooth contour, which will provide the hairstyles on the basis of the horse’s tail or bun. Girls and women with medium length hair, you can lay them with a flat iron, which in combination with the bright lipstick will look very harmonious. A great addition would be the selection of individual strands of varnish with glitter, which will give the metal motifs of the image.

How to meet 2021 Gray Metal bull

Decoration and decor

When decorating a Christmas tree, the room in which to celebrate the holiday, Christmas table, you need to use primary colors, pleasing Grey Metal Rat white and gray. Silver or gold tinsel can be everywhere: not the tree, the chairs, the chandeliers, glasses, etc. Shiny snowflakes and stars make the atmosphere festive and winter even in regions where snow on New Year’s will not.

Of particular importance to a symbolic animal has a fireplace as the main source of home heat. Over it look great garlands. The mantel should be decorated with candles in silver candlesticks.

For table decorations, you can buy a special tablecloth with pictures of the symbol of the New 2021. If desired, it is not difficult to find, and themed napkins, to finally appease symbolic animal. If possible it is best to use silver or Nickel silver utensils.

What dishes to cook

bull — an omnivorous animal, so problems with choices for the New 2021 should not occur. Importantly, the choice was varied, so there should be meat dishes, fish, salads, and hot snacks – all signs of affluence.

A special place can be allocated to cereals and pastries. Some advise even to put on the table a small bowl, into which you can pour a small handful of raw wheat. The Central dish can be reserved for the cheese plate, which will also appeal to rodents.

How to meet 2021 Gray Metal bull

According to the Eastern tradition the emphasis is on cereals, so as a side dish suitable rice, lentils, buckwheat, etc. Children and adults will delight the bull, made from halves of boiled eggs. A great idea would be a cake with a portrait of a cheerful rodent that will delight all guests at the end of the holiday. Gray Metal bull loves diversity, so the best aperitif will be interesting multicomponent cocktails.


The theme of the course will be a gift in the form of cheese. This tendency has long been sweeping the planet, but in 2021 she’ll probably reach the climax. To be particularly original, you can choose an interesting variety, especially now with a choice of no problems. For those who are such a gift seems too cheap, be aware that prices for some elite varieties of cheese in the hundreds of dollars per kilogram. But in most cases, cheese is only a Supplement to the main surprise.

How to meet 2021 Gray Metal bull

The best gift is something practical that will appeal to the economic character of 2021. All that will improve life or health, is perfect. Most importantly — avoid Souvenirs, images, calendars, and figurines of cats.

Armed with knowledge, you can start a full-scale preparing for the New 2021. To meet him that follows all the rules, not forgetting the most basic rule of a successful holiday: to remain in good spirits both before and during the new year’s eve.

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