How to grow a pension in 2021

In the next five years, the pension of Russian citizens will increase significantly. How much to increase the allowance in the future 2021 is concerned, not only current pensioners, but also people close to retirement age. However, graph indexing has already been approved up until 2024 and the government is no reason to deviate from the planned course. Every pensioner can calculate the future payments on your own.

Important changes

In the fall of 2018 President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed the law on raising the age of retirement. The document included several important changes in Russian pension legislation. The main ones in force since the beginning of 2020. The age limit for retirement has increased significantly both for men and for women.

Now the citizens of all professions, with the exception of the preferential list will be forced to work 5 years longer. Men will be able to finish labor activity at 65 and women at 60.

The increase will be gradual, with a transition period until 2024.

How to grow a pension in 2021

In addition, the document stipulated the required conditions for eligibility for accrual of benefits. From January 2020 onwards, the retirement is possible subject to three points:

  1. the achievement of retirement age;
  2. minimum experience (years of service);
  3. the availability of a sufficient number of pension points.

For the citizens associated with work in heavy and hazardous working conditions have remained the same age range. And for pretensioner the government kept all the benefits and social support measures that rely on achievement of a pension age (fares, medicines, tax exemptions, etc.).

In addition to increasing the age of access the rest of the law No. 350-FZ of 08.10.2018 provide increase of pension payments according to a special schedule. Until 2024, they will be indexed annually by an amount greater than the rate of inflation according to preliminary estimates. The percentage of additives is reflected in the text of the Federal law for the period from 2020 to 2024. That is, the size of the pension already known for the next five years. The average increase in payments in the period from 2020 to 2024 will be 1 thousand rubles per year. Thus, the government plans to increase the average pension age by 2024, up to 24 thousand.

2020 resumed pension payments for the villagers. A premium of 25% to the fixed payout is provided to citizens with agricultural experience of at least 30 years. In addition to mandatory conditions for obtaining the “rural payments” are: accommodation in a rural location and dismissal from work.

How to grow a pension in 2021

To whom and how much to increase the pension

Important! The announced increase in pension benefits in 2021 will affect only pensioners who terminated his career.

For pensioners the allocation of payments in a big way will occur automatically on 1 January. The percentage raises, according to the established schedule, will be 6.6%. That is, the size of the pension rate will increase to 93 RUB, RUB with 87,24 the same. The size of the fixed payment will amount to RUB 5686.28 the Average pension in the USA in 2021 after the increase will reach RUB 16284 Increase for each individual pensioner will be different. Its value depends on the size of current payments in 2020.

Pension fixed income, and social pensions will be indexed on 1 April 2021. The increase will be 7% (recall that in 2020 the pension payments were increased by only 2%).

For working pensioners increase is not provided. Recall that the indexing of benefits for this category of citizens frozen in 2016. While in the near future the government has no intention to cancel taboo. For pensioners who continue working, in 2021 the increase in payments will be made at the expense of allocation for work experience. Each year, the increase is credited automatically on August 1.

When dismissal insurance pension will condicionan next month after the dismissal. The value of doindeksatsii is equal to the sum of all the missed increases.

How to increase payments in 2021 is particularly concerned with the recipients of minimum pensions. Indexation will concern all types of payments (government, insurance, social). That is, a raise will get old age pensioners, and the disabled, and recipients of the survivor. Pensions will be increased to the level of the subsistence minimum of a pensioner in a specific region for the period 2021. According to preliminary data of the social pension will be increased by 3.9%. Such value was taken into account in the budget for the 2020-2021 years.

How to grow a pension in 2021

Military retirees will also increase pension payments. Their size will increase similarly to increase the pay of the security forces by increasing the reduction factor, introduced in 2012. In 2021, its value will amount to 75,15%. The size of payments for the ex-military in an average increase of 3.8%.

According to research scientists, a large part of Russian pensioners still living below the poverty line. In order to afford a more or less decent life of older people are forced to find different jobs. Pension reform is aimed at improving the living standards of older USAн.

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