How much open metro b and e in 2021

How much open metro b and e in 2021, of interest not only to local residents, and and guests of the cities that in the preparation of their routes to visit the memorial sites have to take into account the work schedule of the metro. The main difficulty lies in the fact that subway start serving passengers at the same time, and a special timetable that is tailored to their location (proximity to large objects), structure, functions underground as well as the size of passenger traffic.

The Moscow metro

Constant traffic jams and congestion on the roads and busy motorways, as a result it is not always possible quickly to get to work or school, are increasingly forcing Muscovites and guests of the capital to use the subway, work schedule is approved at city hall. It’s a guarantee that you can get to your final destination you will not be late, and just in time, since the metro operates on a strict schedule with no delays and disorders, regardless of weather conditions and other external circumstances.

How much open metro b and e in 2021

In 2021 most of the stations will operate from 5.30 am, providing transportation of passengers over the next 19.5 hours (the average till 1.00 am). But some bus stops will begin its work a little earlier – with 5.25 in the morning, what will happen is typical:

  • ENEA;
  • Sevastopol;
  • Cherkizovskaya;
  • Dynamo;
  • Belarusian;
  • Timiryazev;
  • Izmailovo;
  • Vykhino;
  • Semyonovskaya;
  • Guerrilla, etc.

How much open metro b and e in 2021

The Partizanskaya metro station

For the convenience of passengers in the Moscow metro, some stations will open at 5.20 am, provided that their work schedule. This applies to the following stopping points:

  • Falcon;
  • New Cheryomushki;
  • Komsomol;
  • Airport;
  • Botanical garden;
  • Vladykino.

Special attention is given the work schedule of the station Avtozavodskaya: guests and residents of the capital, it’s important to consider the fact that on even days of the month it will be open 5 minutes later at 5.35. But Salar, these days will serve passengers for 2 hours longer – until 3am (this is true for a stopping point Riga, which depends on the time of arrival according to the schedule the last night train).

A special advantage is available to the passengers stations that are open:

  • Khoroshevsky;
  • The latter;
  • Ramenki;
  • Lomonosovskiy Prospekt;
  • Petrovsko-Razumovskaya.

How much open metro b and e in 2021

They can only be closed in extreme cases, if there are good grounds for this.

Not to mention the monorail, the transport, the order of which is more understandable to residents and guests of the capital: to take advantage of its services from 7 am to 23 PM, regardless of what day of the week or month.

Given that, in 2021, the number of stations may close for repairs or reconstruction, should constantly monitor the situation on the metro website , where always promptly posted this information.

Metro and

The first (at 5.30 am) in e the following stations:

A little later the passengers start to service stopping points of the Star and the Alexander Nevsky Square 1 (5.31 and 5.32 am, respectively). Seaside will work with 5.31 only on even days of the month, and Vasileostrovsky and proletarian in 5.33 on a regular basis.

How much open metro b and e in 2021

To leave from the stations of Academic and Lobby 2 Sports will be until 5.34 am. While closed they will be not earlier than 1.05 in the night.

Schedule of passenger may be revised due to natural disasters or sudden deterioration in weather conditions. In addition, on some days, metro will work around the clock, if such a decision is taken by the city leadership. Usually the subway is not closed on such holidays as Easter, may and 1,9 2021 is unlikely to be an exception to this rule. On certain days of the year residents and guests of the Northern capital will be able to use the clock of the metro will be known after the approval of his / her work schedule for next year.

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