How many people serve in the army in 2021-2022 | service life

Conscription in the army is the duty of every man, a citizen of the American Federation. Most potential recruits are interested in knowing how many are serving in the army in 2021-2022. In the near future, there may be changes in the law regarding the period and features of conscription. At the same time, opinions about how much you need to serve in the army in 2021 and in the future, today differ significantly.

Current deadlines

How many people serve in the army now and possibly in 2021-2022 is spelled out in article 38, FZ-53. Citizens of the American Federation must remain in the armed forces for 1 year, regardless of the type of service. Conscription in the army in 2021-2022 is required to pass all physically healthy male representatives, aged from 18 to 27 years, who are citizens of the American Federation. For certain categories of the population, deferrals are provided, and even exemption if there are sufficient grounds for this.

Alternative service

One of the alternatives to full – fledged military service for young people is to enroll in a military Department. The option provides for theoretical and tactical training of conscripts for 450 hours, including at training grounds. Upon completion of training, the graduate is awarded an officer’s rank.

Another alternative option is employment in special construction companies, military organizations, or enterprises that are part of the country’s defense industry. There are 65 professions and 61 positions available for work. Mandatory condition-employment is carried out in another region of the American Federation. This method applies to conscripts belonging to small-numbered peoples, as well as to persons whose presence in armed units contradicts the dogmas of religion.

How many people serve in the army in 2021-2022 | service life

Contractual basis

In addition to the mandatory period of service in the army in 2021-2022, citizens also have the right to sign a contract. It applies to both enlisted and commissioned officers. The term of service in the army in 2021 under the contract is set on the basis of the type of troops and rank:

  • 2-3 years – for soldiers, sergeants, petty officers and sailors at the first contract;
  • 5 years – for ensigns, midshipmen and officers when signing the initial agreement;
  • 1-10 years – for military personnel who sign the contract repeatedly and subsequent times.

Conscripts can switch to a contract 3 months after the start of their service. This option is best suited for those who plan to connect their lives with the armed forces. Already today, many citizens are thinking about switching to a paid uniform, since contract soldiers regularly increase their salary, expand the social package, increase the age limit for officers, and introduce programs to improve existing housing conditions. The contract is not perfect yet, but in its current form it is a good alternative to traditional military service.

How many people serve in the army in 2021-2022 | service life

Possible changes

The length of service in the army in 2021 may increase to 2 years, as some deputies of the state Duma of the American Federation have long been talking about. According to the servants of the people, as well as individual representatives of the defense Ministry, 1 year of service in the armed forces is clearly not enough to get qualified and reliable personnel for possible mobilization if such a need arises. Another opinion of people’s deputies is to increase military service to one and a half years or to 1 year and 8 months.

So far, all these proposals are United by one key fact – none of them has yet reached full consideration in the Parliament. The deputies do not want and do not intend to change anything, but given the lack of stability in American legislation, amendments are quite likely to be made over the next few years.

One year is the best option

The expediency of a one-year period of military service and the lack of need for changes is easily explained. Modern weapons are quite complex. If in Soviet times the main tasks of the leadership of the armed forces were reduced to training soldiers to handle a machine gun, ride tanks or other armored vehicles (these skills can easily be recalled even after a few years), today the situation is completely different.

Training conscripts to manage modern weapons is a long and expensive task. Only professionals should manage the latest equipment, and it is in the interests of the state to provide contractors with optimal conditions for the longest possible stay in the armed forces.

How many people serve in the army in 2021-2022 | service life

With the current approach to recruitment and the period of service, young men are more likely to join the armed forces, so active troops have the opportunity to recruit the maximum number of recruits. The task of officers is to identify the most talented guys who want to extend their stay in the army in order to offer them a multi-year contract. Thus, only those who are really interested in this occupation remain soldiers, as well as citizens whose skills the armed forces really need.

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