How does the roundabout and the Magnet 1 January 2021

Large chain stores “Magnet” or “roundabout” is especially popular during the new year holidays due to the abundance of promotions and discounts. Considering the needs of customers for many years formed the overall work schedule in the New year’s eve and January 1. The company promises that in the new year of 2021, the shops will work to the delight of the visitors.


A large part of the retail network “Pyaterochka” works on standard USA schedule. December 31, customers will be able to buy the necessary goods to 21.00. The opening of the network in the new year is scheduled for 13.00. However, in some points of the graph can be extended: up to 23.00 before the New year and 10.00 am on the morning of 1 January, which will be pre-posted a sign at the entrance.

The firm-owner of Pyaterochka – X5 Retail Group also manages the networks of “Carousel” and “Crossroads.” So how will be work shops in the night and in the morning, 1 January 2021 is unlikely to differ.

A number of large hypermarkets will sell goods until midnight or go on round the clock new year’s eve.


Given that the network “Magnet” is more evolved than “roundabout”, work shops January 1, 2021 will be slightly different. Here it is necessary to consider specifics of development of large companies and innovations developed in 2020, which affected a number of regions across the Russian Federation.

How does the roundabout and the Magnet 1 January 2021

“Magnet at home”

The largest supermarket chain RF complies with, in most cases, the standard new year’s schedule. The stores will be open until 21.00 on the evening of 31 December. After celebrating the New year to replenish home stocks of products will be from 13.00. A number of shops will open on 1 January from 10.00 am.

The same hours apply to opened in may 2020 in Krasnodar and a number of Russian cities, the new stores “Magnet city”. This is one of the few cafeterias that are guaranteed will serve visitors on the first morning of 2021.

Hypermarkets Magnit

The traditional work schedule is the largest of the stores has not yet been changed. On the eve of the New year hypermarkets will serve visitors till 23.00. 1 January from 9.00 they are already open again, earlier than most other outlets, which can be purchased non-food goods and equipment.

In major cities of the Russian Federation at least 1 hypermarket will be open around the clock. Their addresses will be determined at the end of December.


Despite the fact that household chemicals and cosmetics are not classified as food products, network rules apply to these outlets. Therefore, until 21.00 before the holiday and 13.00 after the Christmas Banquet “Magnet-cosmetics” will be open to visitors.

A similar situation exists in the schedule of work opened in 2017 network “Magnit pharmacy”. The points do not follow a traditional pharmacy Christmas schedule and will open early, along with other retail stores “Magnet”.

How does the roundabout and the Magnet 1 January 2021

“Magnet night”

In the USA until there is a ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages in new year’s eve. Therefore, no changes are planned in how to work the new representative of the “Magnet” January 1, 2021. A few alcohol shops open in August 2020 will follow the General rules of the network and the legislation of the Russian Federation. So in the evening before the celebration of the New year will be to buy alcohol until 22.00, and on the first day of 2021 coffee from 13.00. However, on the eve of a possible schedule change, which will be hanging the alert at the entrance to the liquor store.

How the competitors work

Given that the main criterion of success in sales revenue, the other major food retail networks in Russia will also try to keep up. Overall, if you focus on what works “roundabout” or “Magnet” January 1, 2021, it is possible to predict the approximate schedule of “Auchan”, “Okey”, “Dixie” and other competing firms. Be different it will be high for 1-2 hours. So before the party and after a celebratory Banquet dedicated to the White Metal bull will be no problem to buy all necessary in the usual supermarkets.

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