How do you do-cartoon 2021 | release date, anime

In 2021, the animation project “How are you?”, created by 78-year-old animation classic Hayao Miyazaki, is expected to be released. The film’s storyline and production specifics are known. The trailer has not yet been announced, the cast of actors voicing the characters remains unknown.

Return to the cinema

The famous animator Miyazaki announced his retirement in 2013. Age, deterioration of health became the reason for retirement. But in 2015, the master decides to make the final film “Boro Caterpillar”, a short film to be shown at the Ghibli Museum.

Two years later, producer Toshio Suzuki announced the return of Hayao Miyazaki to the cinema for the sake of his grandson, to whom the animator wants to devote the last work. It’s like he wants to tell him that grandpa is gone, but he left this movie behind.

How do you do-cartoon 2021 | release date, anime

It was expected that the new cartoon would be a full-length version of “Boro Caterpillar”, as Miyazaki believed that the story deserved more. But the idea turned out to be completely different, in October 2017, the name of the new animated cartoon ” How are you?»

It is based on a story based on the eponymous work by Yoshino Genzaburo, created back in 1937. The author was the editor-in-chief of the magazine, but then began to create children’s books that were not subject to censorship in those years. The newly opened Studio “Ghibli” is responsible for animation. There are no schedules in operation, but according to preliminary calculations, completion of the work is possible in 2021.

What the new film will tell you

The book of the same name, based on the anime project “How are you?”, is considered a classic of Japanese children’s literature. The author reveals the themes of inequality, complex philosophical issues of attitude to people and the world. Hayao Miyazaki shared that the story focuses on the psychological maturation of a teenager in communication with people close to him.

The hero Junichi Honda goes to school, but has little contact with his peers. The reason lies in the fact that the classmates have rich parents who do not deny their children anything, and Junichi lives with his mother, who barely makes ends meet. The teenager’s father was also a wealthy man, held a high position, but died early.

The hero shows a deep interest in the works of scientists and philosophers, for which his classmates called Junichi Koper-kun (similar to Copernicus), scoff at him, consider him an oddball. A teenager finds understanding only in communication with his uncle, who shares his passion and supports him in difficult moments.

The hero studies the fate of great people, he is fascinated by the influence of society on a person’s personality. In a discussion with a native uncle of the books read, the beliefs of a fifteen-year-old teenager are formed. The book becomes a guiding star, in which he finds answers to many questions. One day, he decides to change his relationships with his peers, to gain popularity in his environment. The plot also includes a romantic story, because the time of youth does not pass without the first love.

How do you do-cartoon 2021 | release date, anime

The philosophical story that forms the basis of the film helps a growing person to understand the meaning of life, to learn to appreciate what is here and now. The anime was created for the younger generation, but it will certainly interest older viewers who remember their younger years of life while watching it.

Features of work

Miyazaki wanted to release the film, which is currently in development, before the start of the 2020 Olympic games in Japan. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, sports competitions were postponed, and the animator is in no hurry to finish the work, because this is his last film. According to his calculations, it will take about 3-4 years to create a new full-length anime.

The producer of the Studio in an interview with the TV channel said that the preparation of 15% of the total timekeeping took 3.5 years of work. Toshio Suzuki notes that the animator works at a pace of less than a minute a month, although in the old days the mode was different: the animator could do 10 minutes. The process is very time-consuming, drawing is done manually, without using computer graphics. The old master does not want to rush, and his health does not allow him to work as before.

In the spring of 2020, the producer announced that work on 36 minutes of the film was completed. The pandemic, which stopped many projects, did not affect the Studio’s activities. It is noted that the new job is not similar to everything that was done in the past. Studios have to cover the costs of producing a new film by providing screenings of previously prepared animes on services like Netflix.

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Waiting time

Appearance of the cartoon ” How are you?» The audience is waiting for Hayao Miyazaki with a special mood, because many of the classic’s works have become masterpieces of cinema. In 2021, the animator will be 80 years old. A tireless worker, a talented artist strives to convey in his works the ideas of good, peace, and spiritual enrichment of a person. Cartoons are unlikely to change humanity, but they may well affect one growing up person, make him kinder.

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