Horoscope for 2021 Libra: women and men

2021 will be quite a challenging year for Libra. Representatives of this sign belong to the element of air – they are naturally peaceful, patient, and always strive for harmony. They try to look at any problem from several points of view, so they are subject to emotional fluctuations and indecision.

Libra is valued for its ability to communicate diplomatically and avoid conflicts. These people are charming and funny, but they are always somewhat reserved, subject to deep thoughts. They are highly intelligent and talented. Despite all the apparent softness, representatives of the sign fiercely and unshakably defend their opinion, show firmness in the fight for justice.

Representatives of the sign are rarely selfish. They are sensitive souls who are always ready to help those in need. However, they themselves sometimes lack support and moral support.

What awaits Libra in 2021

Horoscope for 2021 Libra: women and men

In 2021, Libra will face problems in her personal life, there is a danger of getting neurosis from strong emotions. The year of the Metal Bull also promises changes at work, possibly a change in the field of activity.

The first half of the year will be full of challenges, which peak in the summer. It is important to be able to maintain internal balance and not give in to emotional outbursts. It is also necessary to show sensitivity and respect for friends, to keep peace in the family.

At work, Libra may face a test of strength – criticism of superiors, tension in communication with colleagues. Do not expose yourself to excessive loads. Although representatives of the sign have great endurance, it is better not to bring yourself to moral exhaustion. It is better not to hesitate to trust your intuition in making decisions and not be afraid of changes. Libra in 2021 will have to show courage and determination. Thanks to these qualities, temporary troubles will be resolved and by the end of the year there will be a period of creative prosperity and peace of mind.

Horoscope for Libra men

Horoscope for 2021 Libra: women and men

It is good for Libra men to maintain their inner balance, as 2021 promises surprises. The first months will be relatively calm, and there is a chance of making easy profits. Colleagues and friends will consider the mark representative’s opinion authoritative and often ask for advice.

However, along with this, detractors are becoming more active. Minor quarrels in the family are also likely. You should be more attentive and responsive with your loved ones to avoid unnecessary disagreements. If a Libra man is too trusting and frivolous-in the summer there is a big threat of a strong shock. Possible breakups of relationships, betrayal of colleagues.

In moments of energy decline, Libra men will find support from their loved ones. It is important to reciprocate, but in no case do not shift your problems to your relatives. If you show yourself worthily during the troubles, the period of troubles will end, the end of the year will be calm, things will go up again, and peace will reign in everyday life and at work.

Horoscope for Libra women

Horoscope for 2021 Libra: women and men

In 2021, drastic changes are possible on the personal front. If there are disagreements in the family, then this year there may be an aggravation of quarrels, up to divorce. To avoid such an outcome, it is important to surround your loved one with affection and care. However, if the gap still happens – do not despair. Soon there will be a new man who will become a true life partner.

Frequent experiences can plunge the representative of the sign into a somewhat depressive state. However, by the middle of summer, Libra women will have an energy boost. A good solution is to start experimenting with your appearance – you can change your hairstyle, update your wardrobe.

It is also useful to pay attention to your physical fitness. Sports activities will quickly give the desired result, the updated Libra woman will feel confident, look at life from a new angle and will be able to find answers to many questions that have arisen.

Love horoscope for 2021

Horoscope for 2021 Libra: women and men

This year will be busy and challenging for Libra. Couples in love will fully experience the range of feelings – tides of violent passion will be replaced by a sharp cooling and misunderstanding of the partner. Because of the instability of relations, short, promising intrigues on the side are possible. There is also a high probability of meeting former lovers. Communication with them should be avoided.

In order not to lead to disagreements, infidelities, Libra will need to show maximum care for your partner, treat them with respect and do not hesitate to admire your loved one. This will help to preserve the Union and give the couple the opportunity to feel trust and warmth again.

Spring is a good time for creating new relationships, so single Libra Will have to overcome shyness and not be afraid to take the first step. It is not necessary to start potentially short-term Affairs – this can lead to unforeseen problems. However, if the representative of the sign feels sincere feelings, you can safely move in the direction of your happiness.

Money horoscope for 2021

Horoscope for 2021 Libra: women and men

Financially, 2021 is a generally favorable year for Libra. However, representatives of the sign will awaken an uncharacteristic desire to waste money and purchase unnecessary purchases. You should not give in to temptations, it is better to save some of the available money, as in the summer there may be unforeseen situations that require additional expenses.

In 2021, Libra should not apply for loans, as well as try new earning schemes. Moreover, you do not need to participate in lotteries or gamble. Otherwise, financial losses are likely. It will be more useful to focus on your work. By about the end of spring, you may receive favorable offers from trusted people, which you can safely respond to and get a pleasant profit.

Libra should refrain from unnecessary purchases, but you should not save on vacation. A good solution is to relax at a seaside resort, visit the mountains. The money earned will be enough to make a small pleasant trip and restore your strength.

Career horoscope for 2021

Horoscope for 2021 Libra: women and men

The year of the Metal Bull is very successful in terms of career growth for Libra. This will be especially well felt by representatives of creative professions and those related to science. The rich imagination given to Libra by nature will be useful in the performance of duties. Managers will appreciate the desire to develop, hard work, so a promotion is likely.

In the summer and autumn, you should beware of detractors who are envious of such success. Representatives of the sign should be on the lookout, not to confide in colleagues and acquaintances. You need to be prepared for attempts to slander them.

Owners of their own businesses should control their emotions and think carefully about communicating with their partners. Straightforwardness and lack of restraint can lead to the loss of a good working relationship and affect the promotion of your own business. If you are able to show flexibility and correctly avoid acute situations, on the contrary, the business partnership will strengthen and the business will continue to expand and flourish.

Health horoscope for 2021

Horoscope for 2021 Libra: women and men

A very eventful year threatens Libra with nervous overstrain, stress, which later leads to insomnia, neuroses. Constant overcoming of obstacles and frequent emotional swings can lead these people to various kinds of bad habits. In 2021, Libra needs to be more careful about alcohol and Smoking.

Representatives of the sign, with chronic diseases it is not necessary to overwork in order to avoid exacerbations. It is especially important to protect the nervous and cardiovascular systems, monitor well-being and pass examinations on time. However, you should not become too suspicious – potential ailments will not be serious.

The correct solution is to enroll in a sports section or purchase a gym membership, where you can perfectly distract yourself from the troubles and at the same time work on your physical fitness. Metal Bull favors active people, so it will be easy for representatives of the sign to keep themselves in good shape and look irresistible.

Famous people born under the sign of Libra

Libra celebrities by horoscope include:

  • Friedrich Nietzsche;
  • Oscar Wilde;
  • Giuseppe Verdi;
  • Monica Bellucci;
  • Brigitte Bardot;
  • Mikhail Lermontov;
  • Ivan Bunin;
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme;
  • Will Smith;
  • Kate Winslet.

Libra is a very creative person, versatile and able to reach the top in many areas of activity. Thanks to their innate sense of style, their ability to communicate with others with dignity, and their high level of intelligence, they are valued and respected.

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