Horoscope for 2021 for the roosters

2021 will be under the influence of the White Metal bull. It’s ambitious and determined sign, which appreciates the desire to realize themselves, hard work and honesty with others. This year bold and benevolent Roosters need to show entrepreneurial spirit and temper moodiness to achieve your goals.

Feature Roosters

The man who was born in the year of the Rooster, the destiny has prepared a lot of surprises. Despite falling and unpleasant circumstances, he is confident to overcome the difficulties and believe in yourself. It is considered to be talkative and sociable, able to present yourself well in society. Sometimes in dealing Cocks like to exaggerate their own achievements or to brag, but it is difficult to name a negative quality.

They have a logical mind in difficult situations they rely only on themselves. I like to dream about your goals and imagine themselves as heroes, but prefer to deal with real projects. They are difficult to tolerate changes in life and are committed to permanence.

The nature of the sign of the Oriental horoscope is quite complicated, he doesn’t like to make commitments. Helps others only when his action becomes known and his praise. Hard to tolerate failures and blames on others. According to the Eastern horoscope roosters consider violent and even a little aggressive. They always say what I think, rarely think about the consequences.
In romantic relationships they are not all smooth. Because of the volatility often change partners. They usually consist of several marriages. Known that like to show themselves to the public, whereas in family life is usually calm and indifferent. Rarely do gifts, mostly cool-headed and practical.

What to expect roosters in 2021

Horoscope for 2021 for the roosters

The year of the White Metal bull will learn to be humble and less to demonstrate its benefits to others. Patron of the year doesn’t like trick and showing off, because representatives of the sign will have to restrain themselves.
Horoscope for 2021 for the roosters promises idyllic family relations. Be prepared for complaints from the second half, and unexpected events. You have to work hard and exert effort to earn their trust, and humility. Be honest and from time to time compromise, then you are able to find harmony.

Most attention will be given career. You will start the time when the effort can develop into a significant career growth. Like most characters of the Oriental horoscope, you will have to work hard in the first half of 2021, and then to reap. In September-October, luck will accompany you in all your endeavors. Overall, the year of the ox should be for this zodiac sign the best way possible.

Horoscope for men

Horoscope for 2021 for the roosters

Men born in the year of the Rooster, typically the strong, courageous and independent. They love attention and the company of women often have high self-esteem. In connection with this horoscope for 2021 for men-Rooster recommends to temper their self-confidence, not to destroy relationships with others. In particular, it concerns love and family life.

Humility and ability to listen to others will help to achieve success at work or in business. In the beginning of the year you will be very hard morally, as to be responsible decisions, which will depend on your career. However, do not worry about his job — the chances are that you will get promoted. There will be many situations when you can demonstrate your leadership skills and to obtain material benefits.

Great attention to work can hurt family life or love relationships. If you find a middle ground and be able to surprise family nice gifts and surprises, then you can enjoy the peace of mind.

Horoscope for women

Horoscope for 2021 for the roosters

Horoscope for 2021 female Rooster will have to solve a lot of trouble. They are both small and quite large. First and foremost, avoid waste. The extra costs can be detrimental to your financial situation, and in the summer you will be sorely missed by money.

At some point, probably in March-April, there will be problems in family life. Perhaps your partner will leave you in search of more peaceful relations. However, you don’t have to be alone, as will soon become stable man. Family Cocks are advised not to quarrel with their husbands for nothing, as it will lead to a series of conflicts and emotional instability.

Love horoscope for 2021

Horoscope for 2021 for the roosters

Astrologers foretell difficulties in romantic relationships. In particular, it relates to the first half of the year, when you have to find a balance between work and family. Roosters will have to face the misunderstanding and conflicts, because you will need to behave more humbly, and to make concessions.

Not married/married Cocks close to rupture existing relations. Most likely, all of your efforts to preserve them will be meaningless, and the partner wants stability. Gap period will pass quickly as you are completely absorbed in the professional industry. Soon there will be a chance to make new serious relationship.

In may there will come the critical period in the relationship. Because arrogance and jealousy you can destroy the relationship with the second half. Suggest to compromise, the family remains solid. Autumn will be remembered with pleasant and colourful events, which will further unite your family.

Money horoscope for 2021

Horoscope for 2021 for the roosters

In 2021 it is not necessary to relax and waste money. Continue the tradition of informed and sensible attitude to spending. This applies not only to you but to your family. Train endurance and do not buy unnecessary products, if possible postpone every penny.

Success at work can result in a nice material reward, but it will happen only in the second half of the year. Try not to brag about your achievements, as this will only hurt you. If you take advantage of all the opportunities that will provide you with the bull, you will be able to join in 2021 in a great financial position.

Career horoscope for 2021

Horoscope for 2021 for the roosters

Involved in the field of Finance the representatives of this sign can hope for success and promotion. All your efforts will be noticed and appreciated. As with other professions, the first six months will have most of the time to devote to the work and sacrifice family for hours.

Businessmen need to be especially careful, as you will be surrounded by a lot of envy. Keeping the success and then trouble will be spared. Any tips and tricks will bring problems, as the bull does not tolerate double games.

Health horoscope for 2021

Horoscope for 2021 for the roosters

According to astrological predictions, it is necessary to focus efforts on maintaining health. They used to care more about their appearance, whereas little attention is paid to the condition of the body.
No need to go on feats, but find at least 10 minutes daily exercises or Jogging. It is recommended to go to the gym or to the gym, as hard work you will disturb the spin. Invite a friend or colleague, and the spirit of competition will not force you to give up.

You also need to adjust the power. It is not only about wholesome foods and regular meal. Sedentary lifestyle and fast food will undermine your health, because lean on vegetables, fish, red meat and fruit.

Famous personalities born in the year of the Rooster

Horoscope for 2021 for the roosters

The most famous men who were born under this sign were:

  • Henry Ford — the founder of the automobile company "Ford";
  • Roman Polanski is a popular French Director;
  • Mohammed al-Fayed — owner originally from Egypt;
  • Elton John is a popular music performer;
  • Enrico Caruso — Opera singer.

Most famous women who were born under this sign were:

  • Catherine II – the Empress;
  • Melanie Griffith is a popular actress;
  • Michelle Pfeiffer is a popular actress;
  • Diane Keaton is a popular actress;
  • Ksenia Sobchak — a leading politician.

All the Roosters in 2021 can expect to succeed. Have moderate self-esteem and how to work, but the effort will delight you at the end of the year.

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