Horoscope for 2021 for the Lion

Representatives of the constellation of Leo horoscope for 2021 promises plans and a favorable outcome. Innate ingenuity and determination – those traits on which to focus during the year. Ambitious, sensual and strong Lions, Metallic White bull will help in achieving the goals, but with perseverance and patience.

Lions, by their very nature, want it all at once, the sounds of praises. This attitude does not always give a positive result, because for the implementation of major projects takes time.

Horoscope for 2021 for the Lion

What awaits the lions in 2021

Horoscope for 2021 for women and men are equally promising. This is a great chance to change everything in life that required radical intervention. For those who want to reach their full potential, will have good luck. This time, work on their weaknesses, a time of growth and expansion, a time of change and triumphs.

The first half of the year is ideal for career growth, dealing with financial issues. It is here that stars show special favor to the “Royal” sign, which means that the Lions can show courage in the aspirations. People with a creative streak will lay the inspiration of the “head”. The best solution is to use this fruitful period, focusing on the work.

The year 2021 will not give time for a respite – some events and opportunities will be replaced by others, and not to miss the best of circumstances, you need health and emotional positive.

The second half of the year patron family happiness. Married will bathe in compliments and love. Those who have difficulties in marriage, will be able to resolve even the most intricate tangles of relationships, and if you want, you will save families peace and order. Wishing to marry will have the same opportunity, and dreaming of romance quite enjoy it.

Summer and autumn portend tranquility. You should not overspend, and to engage in political debate. Lions can go to travel, to devote themselves to creative activities, to pay attention to education, training.

About men

Horoscope for 2021 for the Lion

Lion man sometimes ugliness lazy. The temptation to lapse into the languor increases when everything works as if by itself, that’s why in 2021 should not be complacent. Build plans and achieve victory is what guarantees the taking of any heights. Sometimes the best way out of difficult circumstances, will be spontaneous acts, but the attitude to solving problems are the exception.

Caution should be exercised in physical activity – excessive bravado and bluster can be the result of trauma. It is important to abandon any kind of “Napoleonic” plans, but rely on the diligence and constancy in work. With loved ones need to remain open, but do not have to devote relatives in all their fears and doubts.

Selflessness and the ability to quickly find friends will allow you to get new acquaintances. In the year of the Metal ox will have the opportunity to marry or to strengthen existing family ties increase intimacy.

About women

Horoscope for 2021 for the Lion

The fairer sex has to stay true to his principles and views on life. According to the horoscope for 2021, Fortuna will be on the side of the lions virtually all twelve months, but that doesn’t mean you can just rest on their laurels. The period of favor stars perfect for personal growth, search of the beloved, of protection of personal interests.

Great attention should be paid to women’s health, especially in the middle of the year. It is important to be able to relax, even in spite of the mess in the house. Disorders in relations with relatives doesn’t have to be fatal, because the Lioness can handle any problem.

Those who needs the attention of the opposite sex, will benefit from a change of image: it makes sense to throw out the old wardrobe things and play sports. When the Lioness confident, she commands respect even from rivals. The only obstacle in her way – the ability to be content with what we have and the abandonment of the search for new solutions.

Expanding horizons and travel will help to want more from life, so no need to refuse invitations to visit, especially if we are talking about something hitherto untried. New meetings and Hobbies guarantees this sign is the sea of emotions, most of which are pleasant. To cope with a rare melancholy will help the inner spirit, self-discipline.

Love horoscope

Horoscope for 2021 for the Lion

Leo at the same time amorous and continuous, sensual and cool, sexy and shy. This combination of opposite characteristics gives the sign a lot of experience. As for a love relationship then everything is simple: the more he fears, the more fearless I think. Knowledge of this feature of his nature will help somebody to forgive a lion wild antics.

Love in the year of the White bull is waiting for everyone as stellar energy just boiling fluids. It’s time to decide with a partner to create a friendly Union, to plan the birth of children. Those who live in relationship is not the first year, it’s time to twist the nest and move in.

The generosity of the Lion to its mate compensates for some of the selfishness inherent in the sign, therefore, of major quarrels of the question. In relations of peace, and the affair on the side will remain something superficial, meaningless. The perfect recipe to keep strong ties with representatives of the fire element to give them some freedom.

Money horoscope

Horoscope for 2021 for the Lion

Easily give a loan, always generous to relatives and friends Lions sometimes find themselves in financial difficulties. Even in 2021, when luck is on the side of this Zodiac sign, there is a risk occasionally experience a lack of money. To avoid such troubles can be, if you heed the following advice:

  • not to shirk work;
  • do not give anybody in debt is money on which you count for yourself;
  • do not engage in doubtful transactions;
  • avoid unnecessary purchases.

In the middle of the year, possible problems with the job search. However, cause for serious concern. Instead of spending weeks in the experiences, just do what you can. The selected type of income will bring you a steady income. Problems with money and does not occur if the Lions listen to their own intuition, not the opinions of others.

All members of the Constellation will have to learn to save money. By the end of the year, all fears will be empty, and financial stability restored.

About career development

Horoscope for 2021 for the Lion

The representatives of this Constellation in good standing with the authorities. They are highlighted in a positive, stress. Can count on them when it comes to profitable transactions, opportunities to make extra money. The desire to be first plays benefit in matters of career growth.

To get a new status and to improve their position, the Lions should ignore the advice of old friends. Warm affection in the workplace always inhibit the development of, and sentimental representatives of this Constellation are able to sacrifice profit for the sake of colleagues. Such sacrifices do not lead to good, so you need to make a firm decision about qualification to start a new life.

Those who want to change the scope of activities should carefully weigh and, with no doubt, not to look back. Relationship with the team will not always be smooth, but clear understanding of the “hierarchy” will in any case remain in the zone of emotional comfort.

Career will go better for those who want it and will begin to act “here and now”, not limited to dreams and plans for the distant future.

Health horoscope

Horoscope for 2021 for the Lion

Neglecting the signals sent by the body, leads to the fact that the Lions are in the doctor’s office, when the condition becomes deplorable. Stay strong, despite the years will help:

  • Sympathetic responses to repetitive pain in the body: you need to go to the therapist, and not seizing the problem pills.
  • A complete rejection of bad habits to the Lions needed, as they do not spare the body and subjected him to unnecessary tests.
  • Those who have launched physical form, it’s time to think about gymnastics and the gym. The benefit of adherence to the advice of a coach in the selection of exercises, loads.
  • It’s important to eat in accordance with the age and needs of the body, not the habit.

Daily care of the body self-confident will allow the Lions to avoid the “experience” with chronic diseases. The year of the ox favors this sign of the Zodiac. Grab every chance to bask in his own success, will help no problems with health and inner peace.

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