Horoscope for 2021 for Rabbits (Cats)

Astrological horoscope for the year 2021 for Rabbits (Cats) no sign of serious trouble, but promises a lot of positive emotions. Cheerful and positive-minded representatives of the sign are guaranteed favorable circumstances, romantic love, friendly support.

Peace-loving, considerate with all the Cats find a common language, the soul of each company. Are drawn to them, forgive them and love to imitate them, admire them. Prefer peace, prosperity, confidence, they are carefully considering things rarely give vent to anger, don’t hesitate to admit mistakes, first seek reconciliation. Can "head" to go into the world of imagination and art, they, however, did not turn into beggars artists or obscure poets, but always find the way to glory.

What will bring 2021

Rabbits, loving wealth and comfort, White bull will provide an opportunity to improve housing conditions, to buy a car best class, to make some profitable investments. Soft but strong-willed and persistent, they can overcome difficulties, can conquer any mountain. Ability to achieve results in business you should intensively use in the year a special favor stars.

Rabbits attracts a variety of people. Their outward good nature with a fair reserve natural stealth help find ways to hearts. Among close friends of these men and women meet as the advocates of religious dogma, and people who do not observe the laws of conscience. The ability to make useful contacts can be very to the point. In mid-summer will have the opportunity to strengthen their position in society through the best connection.

Love to flirt will cause family disorders. Accustomed to the attention of the opposite sex, Cats often make mistakes, do not stop fleeting relationships. Oncoming "on the side" and full of remorse, they are usually trying to return to his family. In the reign of the Metal ox should temper the enthusiasm, because the hostess of the year family ties sacred, and to those who don’t take care, she is not pleased.

About men

Horoscope for 2021 for Rabbits (Cats)

Emotionally balanced, these members of the Zodiac get along well with colleagues, neighbors, superiors, distant relatives. If there are conflicts, Rabbit willingly acts as a mediator of different parties, seeking respect and support. He has someone to lean on, someone you can call at three in the morning, where to go to visit for the summer. It wait, love, be welcomed with open arms.

In the year of the White bull will travel. Most of the trips will be more than favorable in the financial plan. If many people in the way have to part with savings, the costs of this sign fall on others. For men it comes to adventure, the implementation of ambitious projects. Those who in the course of the year decide to settle down and start a family, will not have to regret the decision.

Careful and far-sighted, they will be able to gather around like-minded people, to find funds for ambitious project along the way will help someone to get out of difficult situations. Excellent strategists, philosophers, poets soul, these people are always in search of new experiences and impressions, so necessary for creativity. Sometimes, overestimating their bar, Cats do get the frustration, but in the eyes of others are still the best.

About women

Horoscope for 2021 for Rabbits (Cats)

Women are more difficult to build relationships within the family due to the excessive love of independence. Strong, attractive, charismatic, knows how to "look into the soul", the representative of the Constellation easily get their way, get whatever you set your mind to. Personality outstanding, receptive, and in youth often go to extremes: that given the power of madness, I live stricter puritans.

With age, these ladies turn into real "sharks" in any field, be it work, relationships, business. The money given to them simply as position in society, that is why they can easily lose both, if not committed to dynamic development. The propensity to spend is a bad habit that needs to be forgotten for the whole period of the reign of a Metal bull, or at the end of the year the budget will be a huge gap.

In the year 2021 need to be restrained, but not inward. It is time for priorities in life, restore inner harmony, a new relationship and Dating.

About romance and love

Horoscope for 2021 for Rabbits (Cats)

The signs of the Zodiac, wanting to find a life partner, the stars will definitely help. White bull, like the Rabbit appreciates the warmth, friendly conversations, an atmosphere of satiety, cleanliness, comfort. Adventurers on the love front, you should steer clear of open disregard of people’s feelings will backfire. In General, the ability to choose at all, is to listen to his heart.

The ability to easily make friends, the ability to listen and fine artistic sensibility helps the sign to surround yourself and your loved ones unbelievable great attention to detail. Rabbits turn into a wonderful experience every, even unremarkable situation. If the friendship is only one day, this "animal" of the Zodiac already knows your favorite color, author, life motto, dessert new friend.

Year 2021 for selecting a good wedding date. The alliances concluded with the end of the spring to the Dec promise to be a good, strong. Everyone to settle down, it’s time to think about serious changes in his personal life.

Rabbits are not long ones. They easily become attached, but also easily switch to the other. In order to maintain relationships with men or women born in this Constellation, the partners will have to learn patience and flexibility. Any manifestation of affection, albeit a bit replayed, will give a positive result.

About Finance

Horoscope for 2021 for Rabbits (Cats)

Money Rabbits love. Scorpios rarely are worse off than we would like. Usually around them, exactly the kind of environment that they like. These people do not resign themselves to failures, do not believe in fatality, and I believe that fate is always on their side. Even if you survive a financial collapse, rarely loses ground and soon again begins to climb up the social ladder.

This is a great time for growth. The tendency of a bull to enrichment will resonate in the Outlook of Cats. Under the supervision of symbol of the year will create a revenue-generating schemes of work. Surplus cash will have to be postponed, otherwise the spender will have to look "back luck".

A good idea will be the investment of surplus funds in property, land. Any accuracy in spending is welcome, but those who feel the need to correct health should ensure they full the conditions for recuperation. In this issue savings is misplaced.

About career development and business

Horoscope for 2021 for Rabbits (Cats)

The job sign is not immediately. In his early youth because of the diversity of nature, Rabbits are difficult to determine the ultimate purpose in life. Only test themselves in different fields, growing up and gaining life experience, men and women know exactly what they want. Here begins their path to victory.

Career of Rabbits in the year of the ox will grow rapidly. Bright, bold, tenacious, ambitious personality able to hold his attention on the ethical questions, if it’s worth it. This is one reason for their success. They are able to beat others, but they do it with such good humor, that the loss of good relations is not happening. This skill requires a delicate game, the ability to subtly manipulate situations.

Representatives of the Constellation have many talents, achieve success in different activities. Rabbits can safely try their strength in the following professions:

  • the actor of theatre and cinema;
  • writer, essayist, critic;
  • lawyer;
  • jeweler;
  • musician, composer, singer;
  • Director;
  • businessman;
  • journalist, TV presenter;
  • the health care provider;
  • vet.

Profession, who like Cats, must be promising and benefit the people, should awaken the aspiration for a better, the faith in goodness.

How to stay healthy

Horoscope for 2021 for Rabbits (Cats)

Healthy lifestyle begins with peace of mind. Than sign more comfortable, the better the circumstances around him. Due to high sensitivity, these men and women must not wait for a miraculous deliverance, and the need to take matters into their own hands. Any need to tolerate, to accept causes negativity, loss of self-belief.

  • To move more, to dream more, to aspire more, because their power source is in motion.
  • To eat separately, but not to bring themselves to exhaustion.
  • To undergo preventive medical check-up, even if it doesn’t hurt anymore.
  • Carefully monitor the vision and condition of the teeth.

Spring and autumn increases the risk of infectious diseases. Strengthening the immune system will cope with flu or virus quickly and without antibiotics. In the summer, going on vacation, need to comply with all conditions of safety, not risk in vain.

Celebrities born in the year of the Rabbit (Cat): johnny Depp, brad pitt, Quentin Tarantino, Sergey Zhigunov, Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, drew Barrymore, Milla Jovovich, Edith Piaf, Walter Scott, Eldar Ryazanov, Mstislav Rostropovich.

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