Horoscope for 2021 for Horses

Energetic, adventurous Horses, horoscope for 2021 prepared surprises: an unexpected journey, the change of direction in life. Will be able to go far from their homes to relocate. Those who had long dreamed about moving, you should use the favor of the stars, to begin to act.

This sign of the Eastern horoscope sociable, emotional, loves to be the center of attention. Sometimes shows paranoia which is quickly replaced by confidence, often unwarranted. High performance guarantees the respect of colleagues. The ability to accumulate, to save, ensure a comfortable old age. Young representatives of the sign are rarely satisfied with what I have. They are waiting for tomorrow’s miracles, not noticing the surrounding prosperity.

What will come the year 2021

Horoscope for 2021 for Horses

To find a common language with the "hostess" of the year will not be easy for those who are willing to put in the effort, agreed to correct the weaknesses of his nature. Metallic White bull from his youth Thrifty, economical, frugal. The horse is not immediately aware that the future is now, but with age it becomes wiser. In the end, it turns into a Thrifty person, ready for the vagaries of fate.

The year 2021 will begin with meetings, trips. This will create a tangible dent in the budget. At this time, loved ones need help, but the Horse is not ready. She has a difficult choice: to stay in the comfort zone or to sacrifice something for the sake of others. Whatever decision the token was not accepted, he will accept each of them and will live on as if nothing had happened.

In summer and autumn, life will go on as usual. The stars promise stability, from which the representatives of the Constellation wants to get rid of, so will invent new Hobbies. The desire to change, mobility of thought, with a simultaneous commitment to the traditions, creating a springboard for emotional imbalance. In the second half of possible family disorders. Winter will have a lot of work that will deliver Horse pleasure, will help to establish harmony.

About men

Horoscope for 2021 for Horses

With such a man do not have to worry about leaking plumbing, nezakryvayushhihsya the lockers. He loves to work, happy to accept guests, but tired from a long party sometimes turns into a whiner. He is never bored alone, he is not sitting "idly by". For all its domesticity, able to be on the people, well-dressed, erudite, attractive. For women who dream of creating families, so representative of a strong half of mankind – an ideal option.

In the year of White bull’s problems at work is not expected, possible career growth. Some health problems reduce vitality, why will appear a tendency to despondency. Horses can’t help it, are often frustrated by the family, so relationships suffer. You may need the assistance of a psychologist.

Astrological forecast for the second half more favorable than in the first 6 months. Representatives of the sign, which will face difficulties in early spring, you can be sure that difficulties will be resolved suddenly, without negative consequences.

About women

Horoscope for 2021 for Horses

Capricious, sometimes selfish, always a striking lady tries to win the trust of others. When circumstances unfavorable, looking for culprits among those who are weaker, not prone to introspection. These traits repel her people with a noble heart, so close are those who are unfamiliar pangs of conscience. If you do not learn to notice their own shortcomings, will be unhappy.

Knows how to farm, cooks amazingly, is able to set the table "nothing" is always a stash of money. In love tries to be faithful to the elect, changing, regrets and repents. The maternal instinct developed to the extent of their interests and life for children sacrifice will not. Friends do not hold, but takes care of those who she gets along with.

Trying to make a career. Lack of motivation dulls the desire to climb up the social ladder. Caring for the appearance of youth, loves expensive perfume and stylish clothes. In the year of the ox may be in the midst of dreams, after all, easy going Horse ahead of the trip, she will be delighted. Will have the opportunity to meet a man to create a family.

About love and relationships

Horoscope for 2021 for Horses

Metal bull favors in love. During the year representatives of the sign will experience a romantic adventure. Free from a relationship the Horse will meet someone you will want to stay. Family risk being at the mercy of the passion outside the home, likely protracted flirt with a colleague. However, the interest in the new will soon dry up, and the old attachment will take up.

Emotionally complex, tend to remember offenses, violent men and women have success with the opposite sex in fast paced novels. To live permanently with the Horse will not all. Sign self-centered. Spineless and weak-willed personalities, the Union will bring grief, loss of a sense of self-worth.

Ideal would be a partner for whom the "I" in the first place. Horses with this companion comfortable, they are equal to each other. Intellectual and physical harmony, shared values, love of art is something that Scorpios crave in your beloved. The stars will help the right circumstances, it remains to show courage.

About the money

Horoscope for 2021 for Horses

Horses are often richer than most of the others: a bigger house, the furniture sturdy, a more expensive car, jewelry heavier. But, as good as they are not lived, they are still dissatisfied with something. Them just a little. Try to jump "above the head", why are not able to fully enjoy life.

In the year 2021 will need to adjust their attitude toward money, to relax a little. Allowing yourself a rest, the Horse will improve health, improve performance, so spending will recover quickly. Money serious difficulties will not be. It is advisable to refrain from large acquisitions to avoid financial investments.

Some generosity towards loved ones welcome. To lend a very small allowable amount. To borrow or buy on credit without what you can live another year, is not desirable. It is better to suffer not to succumb to provocations. White bull respects the desire to stand on his feet in the field of Finance, therefore, will provide all support to those who are planning, working, calculates, aspires to earn.


Horoscope for 2021 for Horses

All depends on desire: wants to make a career very quickly. During the year several times will be marked by superiors for hard work. A little bit of cunning elementary servility, and become the right hand of the chief, no one hurt. However, an innate sense of dignity and pride, as a rule, do not allow Horses to be humiliated. Unfortunately, employers don’t appreciate it.

Profession this man completely with everything you are. Often leading specialist. Works hard, achieves excellent results. Usually has a mathematical mind, but endowed with an innate hunger for art.

Recommended activities:

  • policies;
  • Explorer, scientist;
  • doctor;
  • artist;
  • musician;
  • actor;
  • the investigator;
  • the athlete;
  • the representative of the workers.

This all-round personality, able to achieve victory where others failed. A great discoverer. Gets in the team. Under the guidance of a strong leader gives the best results.

Health of body and soul

Horoscope for 2021 for Horses

Weak spots – the eyes, the thyroid, the kidneys. Athletes need to take care of the condition of the spine. Any physical activity needs to be carefully designed. Sign trust doctors, often passes routine inspection, always suspects that it is not all right. Increased suspiciousness leads to nervous disorders.

Horses are usually healthy in his youth, so do not cherish the body, why have to thirty years you risk to make a "bouquet" of chronic diseases, many of which will make itself felt in the spring of 2021.

To maintain health will help:

  • Regular strengthen the immune system, including people’s means-tested, such as honey, food combining diet, herbal medicine.
  • In food it is necessary to refrain from the harmful modern foods: convenience foods, fried, smoked.
  • With mood swings will have to learn to cope without assistance. Those whose bad mood rarely gives way to optimism, suffer often and long.

While traveling you need to have a travel kit. On vacation in a new climate zone, it is useful to adhere to standard rules of the tourist, to avoid convergence with casual acquaintances, not to overeat local culinary delights.

Celebrities born in the year of the Horse are: Rembrandt, Dmitri Shostakovich, Isaac Newton, Nikita Khrushchev, Frederick Shona, Neil Armstrong, Boris Yeltsin, Cindy Crawford, Jackie Chan, Ani Lorak, Salma Hayek, Emma Watson.

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