Horoscope for 2021 for all the zodiac signs

Chinese astrological horoscope for 2021 the signs of the Zodiac promises a favorable period for any kind of activity. During the reign of the White Metal bull unforeseeable disasters. Year Earth element under the influence of Jupiter and Saturn portends success in your endeavors, stability, financial well-being. To use the arrangement of stars with the maximum benefit, you should make it a rule to avoid spontaneous decisions, attempts to get rich quick. The path to success, prosperity should be phased devoid of risks.

Horoscope for 2021 for all the zodiac signs

For the Rams, things are not bad. The only obstacle to the dream will become innate stubbornness inherent in the sign. A little less aggression, intolerance, pride with a little more softness will allow you to achieve amazing results. The position hardly dreamed of a few months ago, suddenly will be available.

Permanent bad mood will trigger intestinal pain, heartburn, nervous exhaustion. As soon as I changed the attitude to life, the unpleasant symptoms will subside. Summer is in danger to begin with health problems. Not to provoke a complication of chronic diseases, one should be careful to boost immunity, to follow the diet, to increase hemoglobin.

Women rarely marry at an early age. They long to choose life partner, often guided by Mercantile considerations. In the year 2021 will increase the chances of marrying a man of higher social status. Those ladies, who will be able to quickly take advantage of the situation, will win. Men expect love success with a vision to create a family. Married and married Aries will have to learn how to give up, otherwise the inevitable scandal.


Horoscope for 2021 for all the zodiac signs

The long-awaited period of moderate growth, stability, unhurried victory March through career steps. Over the years, the people of this sign learn to be more cunning, resourcefulness. Peculiar to their natures straightforwardness, openness to change, flexibility, ability to restrain emotional impulses. For wiser everyday experience of Taurus this will be a particularly good year in terms of social growth.

The representatives of the sign who have problems with joints, gastrointestinal tract, throat, eye, can worsen chronic diseases. Combining complementary therapies with the recommendations of the doctors will give a positive result. Regular relaxation will benefit as the adherence of the day.

Home – a place to which the sign has special feelings. Nepotism, tradition, hoarding, are the hallmarks of men and women of this Constellation. When the next Taurus, you can not worry about daily bread, about what dress and shoes . In addition to caring for daily needs, they tend to reach for comfort, aesthetics.

Delicate perception of the beautiful with a sober look at everyday needs, doing Calf attractive companion for many less practical or less romantic representatives of the Zodiac. In the year of the White bull love be mutual, passionate, sincere.


Horoscope for 2021 for all the zodiac signs

Fans of quick wins, a sudden earnings, spontaneous trips, it would be better to reconsider priorities in life. Metal bull loves regularity, predictability, planning. She can’t stand short-term decisions improvisation. If the Twins want to be rich, they will have to follow the rules of conduct astrological symbol. Welcome the desire to work in one place.

In the fall increased the risk of infectious intestinal diseases. You should avoid consumption of raw tap water, unwashed vegetables, fruits. From a quick snack in a roadside café, it is best to refuse. Special attention should be paid to the genitourinary system. Frequent weakness, malaise, nagging pain in the abdomen and lower back should be alerted. Avoiding doctors Scorpios often drive themselves into a corner, turning the common cold into a chronic disease.

The love front will appreciate a reliable relationship. Year will give the opportunity to sign lucrative long-term Union. Twins do not miss the chance become happy owners of the family nest, with which they will get a higher social status.

Horoscope for 2021 for all the zodiac signs

At work it is possible worsening of relations with colleagues. You will need to show patience, foresight, not to be embroiled in intrigue. Cancers have to find a common language with the authorities, otherwise their efforts against the General nervous situation can remain unnoticed. In the summer it will seem that career growth should be forgotten, but the circumstances will improve dramatically.

To health, you cannot run small sores. Most of the men and women of the Constellation rarely engaged in the prevention of complications do not seem to care about what they eat and drink. They will be useful to review culinary preferences in favor of useful shortcuts make it a rule to drink vitamin complexes, often to visit the dentist.

Cancers love is a battlefield, where everything peacefully and smoothly, then the empty place grows a misunderstanding, there is the threat of rupture. Under the influence of white symbol of the married men will cease to remember ex-girlfriends, and single men are tired of liberty. Married ladies want to flirt with her husband, and colleagues at work all of a sudden cease to arouse interest. The year 2021 is ideal for forming strong relationships, trust, child birth.

Horoscope for 2021 for all the zodiac signs

Lions know how to build relationships with people. For colleagues they are excellent colleagues, always quick to help, and the boss sees them as those on whom we can rely. This popularity provides not excessive hard work, but the ability to find with all common language, the ability to be in the right place on time. Businessmen and self-employed White bull will bring success, will help to see new perspectives.

A weak place of many lions – light. It is important to checkups, avoiding harmful habits. Men who love to flaunt their physical abilities, you should not overdo it, otherwise you can overstrain. Women it is useful to do gymnastics. Separate meals will help keep your body in shape.

Lions unfaithful or flirting, but, like the official second half with great respect, care. For them, having an affair doesn’t mean anything. They love to enjoy themselves, they like to catch yourself admiring glances, to win the hearts. However, after another victory, each of them returned to the bosom of the family with the most innocent. Under the influence of a bull diminished the desire to look around in search of another hobby. Lions will pull back to family warmth and comfort.

Horoscope for 2021 for all the zodiac signs

Diligence Virgins not to take. They rarely sit idle if the work they do. If the profession is not interested, then they either change it, or work "behind the bell", not worrying about a career. Representatives of the sign can achieve at higher levels. If you set out with a goal, you leap over the obstacles to win. Year 2021 for Dev will be successful in all senses.

Low immunity causes frequent diseases, physical weakness. For the benefit of regular exercises, weight control, quitting bad habits, daily exposure to fresh air. It is useful to remember the old illness, and periodically tested to ensure that the situation is under control.

Virgin haughty, proud and often alone. It attracts the opposite sex, but rarely ready to go out. Her excessive demands, blatant cynicism cause the extinction of the interest. New year, from its very beginning, will give the opportunity to find true love. This is a great chance for happiness, but will need to learn to control the desire to dominate.

Horoscope for 2021 for all the zodiac signs

Weights are going active, which will give good results, high income. The year promises a thoughtful, hardworking, neat, meticulous, frugal, representatives of Constellation full support in all your endeavors. Excess finances to invest in property, purchase of a profitable asset, but some part still have to hold in the "stockings."

Libra need to constantly strengthen the immune system, as they tend to attract seasonal viruses. Fresh air, morning walks or jogs, excessive drinking, yoga, good nutrition helps to correct chronic disease, improve vitality. The teeth should be given special attention in the second half of the reign of the White bull.

Love will be a pleasant surprise for those who are free. Married will become suddenly clear that the second half was they are not chosen randomly. This understanding will allow us to forget the insults, will help to return the same romantic feelings. Weights requires a certain condescension to those who are near: a little less demand, a little more unconditional love.


Horoscope for 2021 for all the zodiac signs

Those who work subordinate to the employer, will have to reduce the heat, otherwise the growth of wages and higher status will be forgotten. Scorpions are easily given the money by participating in different adventures, so many do not try to stay in one place, often change the scope of activities. This approach to way of earning Metal bull does not accept. Not wishing to spoil relations with the mistress of years, will benefit from consistency in the choice of work.

Health Scorpions are strong. Viral diseases are carried by them easily. The threat of physical activity can be inflammatory processes of internal organs, which in the initial stages are easy to treat the well-matched therapy. Conclusion: in order to correct the malaise, must at the first sign of illness to be examined by a doctor. A particularly dangerous time of the year will be Nov.

Scorpios are attractive, are constantly in range of stakeholders, so do not immediately determine the choice. Half of them before getting married, but then divorced. The other half pull to the last before you start a family. Under the tutelage of White bull, they will have a real romantic adventure that threatens to end in love, even marriage. This is a great time to settle down, to start thinking about living together, kids.


Horoscope for 2021 for all the zodiac signs

Emotional, creative, impulsive Sagittarians are inclined to wait in silence attention of the authorities. They have decades of investing in power projects of the company, secretly hoping that their work noticed. However, one diligence of the employer will not surprise. You should still be able to become an indispensable demand there is for what sometimes you have to sacrifice notions of their own dignity. Those who will manage to overcome a desire to remain silent and noble destiny to help get the desired position.

Summer skin trouble persistent rash. Not to turn a small rash non-healing ulcers, it is necessary to abandon the dubious self-medication. You will also need to check the functioning of the endocrine system. The secret to health is simple: balance in all things, light sports, more plain water, timely medical examination.

While Sagittarius loves, he’s loyal, caring, happy. Once the feelings have subsided, there is a desire to escape from the relationship. The result of such behavior – frequent breaks, bad reputation. In the current period will not be difficult to seriously get involved. Mutual love will appreciate the lack of obstacles to the formation of strong bonds. If Sagittarius is not afraid of serious relations, will be happy.


Horoscope for 2021 for all the zodiac signs

This is the third sign of the Earth element along with Taurus, Virgo. As a Rat, Capricorn attracts stability, wealth. Work for him is a way to make money, and the moral side of work is rarely the main criterion for selection. The late spring will seem dull, but by early summer, the financial situation will improve greatly will comply with long-standing dreams. At work all is well: subordinates do not like, but listen to me and the boss was pleased to see a strong performance.

Health Capricorns always better than they think of themselves. Women who are prone to suspiciousness, often drive themselves into a corner invented problems. Men are prone to disappointment, apathy. In addition to the mental disorders in the fall increased the risk of Contracting the regular flu. If there are regular actions directed on strengthening of protective functions of the organism, the sign is often sick.

With Capricorn want to create a Union. They inspire confidence, appear positive. Their desire for a good standard of living, delicious homemade food, cleanliness, hoarding adds even greater reliability in the eyes of the opposite sex. In the year 2021 will not be difficult to organize your own happiness. Single men and women of this Constellation will not.


Horoscope for 2021 for all the zodiac signs

They are unlikely to understand the values that are important Metal Rat, and that, in turn, will be shocked by your ability to change. Who can change your dreams and habits, intolerant of the limitations of stereotypes, it is easy receiving the money, but quietly remaining with empty pockets, the Aquarius symbol, first do not like it. So the first months will be unsuccessful. The stagnation in the autumn will be replaced by a competitive proposal, there will be new versions of earnings.

These people, if you decide to live right, you reach fanaticism. They can do winter swimming, to completely give up booze and fried foods, to walk several kilometers on foot in any weather for the sake of health promotion. As everything here depends on the will of the Aquarius, the bull does not have much impact: who cares about the body, he will be healthy, and those who ignore this concern or tied to bad habits that will hurt.

Aquarius is alien to the concept of loyalty, but they are still passionately in love. They come back again and again, they always remember. White bull wish to help with family creation. If the Aquarius wants, he will be surrounded by love, care, affection. It remains to determine the choice.

Horoscope for 2021 for all the zodiac signs

The professional field, these members of the family of the Zodiac, always brings a career move. The increase in office should be a good salary, new connections. Influenced by the year 2021 Fish will be "their" among the elite. This time, career growth, new projects, strengthening of positions of business on the market. This time of victory over competitors.

The health of the Fish is mostly excellent. Of course, due to the increase of work rate will grow a sense of dynamics, which will loom large, will be deprived of a sound sleep. To stay in the right rhythm without losing the lightness, will help the adjustment mode, additional stimulants such as massage, gym, swimming.

Pisces is often fickle, but not under the supervision of a bull. Now they will meet people who will want to rely on. Waiting for their romance, passion. In late summer to those who are still single, you meet people that will be able to link the fate. Autumn is the best time for a wedding celebration.

General tips

Under the influence of the Metal bull many people have a desire to settle down, to decide on further plans. This is a good, productive time, specifics of which should be used without hesitation. To earn more, stronger than love, should be the beginning of the year to think about your steps, there’s no minute of pleasure, and a strong reliable relations.

Like White Metal Rat, you can:

  • keeping her priorities in life;
  • devote more time to their own health;
  • strengthening relationships within the family.
  • stable working, less spending.

This is a great time for love, improving social status, finding a job with decent wages.

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