Horoscope for 2021 for a Rabbit (Cat): women and men

Horoscope for a Rabbit (cat) for 2021 promises representatives of this sign stability and harmony in almost all areas. Family troubles will be resolved, forgetting about the long-running conflicts. Drastic changes in professional Affairs should not be expected, but you can start a long-term project – it will bring great success.

Characterization of the sign

People born under the symbol of a Rabbit or Cat are distinguished by sincerity and friendliness. They always have a lot of friends, they strive to please their close circle in everything: they often give gifts, arrange surprises, say compliments. They don’t admit it, but they always wait for a response, and they get upset if they don’t get the same attention in return.

Outwardly, the Rabbit behaves calmly and with restraint, but it is considered one of the most powerful signs. His luck and luck can be envied – most of the adversity bypasses him. This helps representatives of the symbol to achieve significant success both in their careers and in their personal lives.

Rabbits are great family members. They like to arrange household life and do household chores. Relatives and friends always come first-surrounded by care and love. However, sometimes this guardianship becomes too Intrusive, which causes family conflicts.

What awaits representatives of the sign in 2021

Horoscope for 2021 for a Rabbit (Cat): women and men

The year of the White Metal Bull will be a successful one for Rabbits (Cats). It will not bring sharp UPS and downs, but it will be marked by stability and constancy, which is much more important for people of this sign.

Astrologers recommend making long-term plans this year. Businessmen will be especially successful – they will come up with profitable ideas, the Foundation for the implementation of which will need to be laid in 2021.

The work will bring real pleasure, the main thing is to correctly decipher the signs and take the initiative in time. You should not overdo it either, it can be perceived as a desire to” sit out ” the authorities.

White Bull values people who are willing to clearly set a goal, think through a plan to achieve it, and patiently fulfill all the points. It doesn’t matter if this goal is related to your career, personal life, or self-development. Rabbits are waiting for great prospects with the right strategy.

Horoscope for men

Horoscope for 2021 for a Rabbit (Cat): women and men

Men born under the sign of the Cat will feel harmony with the world around them and their loved ones next year. Many life values and priorities will be reviewed. It is important to remain yourself and not listen to unfamiliar advisors – their recommendations can significantly shake the stability that Rabbits have been trying to achieve for so long.

In business matters, it is better not to take active steps. The year of the White Metal Bull for male Cats will be a planning period. Well-thought-out tactics will help you significantly improve your financial situation and advance your career in the future.

Horoscope for 2021 promises male Rabbits success in all areas, if they:

  • they will read more and develop their intellectual abilities;
  • they will stop “suffocating” their loved ones with their care – relatives also need personal space and time spent alone with themselves;
  • they will take care of their health and start attending sports clubs and gyms;
  • have a good rest in the autumn period, going on a trip abroad.

Astrologers are advised not to visit distant countries, and will become available in the nearby resorts. Long flights this year will not be good.

Horoscope for women

Horoscope for 2021 for a Rabbit (Cat): women and men

In the year of the White Metal Bull, the female half of the sign will be relieved – finally all the troubles will be over and a friendly atmosphere will reign around. People around you will become more positive, and it will be easier to find a common language with them. On the horizon will be old friends, from whom nothing has been heard for many years.

Women-Rabbits in 2021 horoscope advises winter to take up health. If you have problems with excess weight, it is the period from January to March that we will become the most productive. Regardless of age, pounds will go away when you review your diet and include sufficient physical activity. The main thing is not to get carried away with diets and medications with unproven effectiveness.

In the spring and summer period, put your thoughts in order. Do not get hung up on any obsession: get married, have a child, change jobs. In the year of the Bull, you need to let go of the situation and go with the flow. Everything will come true without much effort.

In autumn, pay attention to your career and take a wait – and-see attitude-prepare for the moment when the initiative will be perceived favorably. It is important to prepare a strategy in advance, otherwise the female Rabbit will be caught off guard and the promotion will pass by.

Many representatives of the sign will discover creative inclinations that they did not know about before.

Love horoscope

Horoscope for 2021 for a Rabbit (Cat): women and men

In 2021, there will be a romantic stagnation. An active position in personal Affairs will be replaced by a peaceful creation of stability. Do not expect sudden changes in the current situation, as some passivity and coldness will accompany Rabbits throughout the year.

To make the year less boring in terms of love, astrologers recommend that you arrange surprises for your significant other yourself. The love forecast looks like this:

  1. Married couples. Spouses of Cats can be calm – their second half will not want to change anything and look for someone on the side. They are quite satisfied with the established measured way of life without UPS and downs.
  2. People in relationships. To maintain emotional intimacy with a partner, it is advisable to find a pastime option that both of them would like. Sports, travel, video games, foreign languages, dancing-all this will help to revive the relationship.
  3. Free ones. Men will not want to part with the status of a bachelor. Only by the end of the year will they have a chance to fall in love. Women will also look for new acquaintances, but without initiative on their part, this will not develop into anything serious.

Money horoscope

Horoscope for 2021 for a Rabbit (Cat): women and men

The year of the White Metal Bull for Rabbits is a year of stability. Expect a huge profit is not necessary, but the representatives of the sign will definitely not remain in the red. During the year there may be a possibility of additional earnings. Do not give it up, even if it does not bring fabulous fees. This money may be needed closer to winter. Any other income in addition to wages is also better to postpone.

Astrologers warn that lucky Rabbits in life will turn away their luck in any gambling games. No need to participate in sports betting, play on slot machines or go to the casino-all this promises serious financial losses. The same things, and with a strange cash fraud. It is better not to get involved in them.

Career horoscope

Horoscope for 2021 for a Rabbit (Cat): women and men

In the professional Affairs of Cats, everything will go without changes. No promotions are expected, as well as unplanned layoffs. It is not recommended to change jobs in 2021: temporary financial difficulties will not benefit the family.

Rabbits need to prepare the ground for future endeavors: draw up a business plan, offer an exclusive idea to their superiors, and develop a project for implementation next year. All this will bring great success, especially with female Rabbits.

Conflicts with the team are not expected. On the contrary, the company will get as close as possible. Thanks to this, the time spent at work will bring representatives of the symbol great pleasure.

Health horoscope

Horoscope for 2021 for a Rabbit (Cat): women and men

Rabbits in the year of the Bull will feel great if you follow several rules::

  • lead an active lifestyle and exercise whenever possible;
  • take care of immunity before the onset of seasonal outbreaks of acute respiratory viral infections – drink a course of vitamins (after consulting a doctor), dress warmly, do not forget about personal hygiene;
  • often be in the fresh air and do not stay too long in stuffy rooms;
  • avoid dangerous activities such as skydiving, deep diving, mountaineering, etc.

If you do not neglect safety measures, the year for Rabbits will pass calmly and evenly, no chronic diseases will worsen.

Famous people born in the year of the Rabbit (Cat):

  • Albert Einstein;
  • Marie Curie;
  • Lev Trotsky;
  • David Rockefeller;
  • Mikhail Bulgakov;
  • Eldar Ryazanov;
  • Whitney Houston;
  • Robin Williams;
  • Michael Jordan;
  • Lionel Messi;
  • Angelina jolie;
  • David Beckham.

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