Horoscope for 2021 by Tamara Globa | predictions

After the events of the outgoing year, expect the coming 2021 with caution – we will tell you what the horoscope from Tamara Globa promises to different zodiac signs and how to avoid trouble for those for whom the predictions contain various warnings.

Who is Tamara Globa

The name of Tatiana Globa is inextricably linked with another famous astrologer from America – Pavel Pavlovich Globa.

Horoscope for 2021 by Tamara Globa | predictions

Although Tatiana’s first acquaintance with palmistry took place as a child, and her passion for mysterious Sciences did not leave her throughout her life, she decided to seriously engage in astrology only after meeting her second husband, Pavel Golba, in 1989.

Having achieved fame during the perestroika period, Tamara Globa remains a popular astrologer even today. Her schedule includes not only private consultations of the successful and famous, but also lectures in the largest conference centers in Europe, as well as participation in a variety of projects.

The predictions of the astrologer

The horoscope from Tamara Globa predicts success for 2021 (White Metal Bull) for those zodiac signs who like to plan their lives clearly and persevere in achieving their goals.

Horoscope for 2021 by Tamara Globa | predictions

The year will be ambiguous.

In love, everything will be relatively calm. Drastic changes and serious disagreements are not expected, but it is possible that Aries will face a serious choice between romantic feelings and a sense of duty.

In business, the period will not be the most successful. The inability to concede and the habit of insisting on your opinion can lead to undesirable consequences that will affect your financial well-being.

A tip! Make a bet in 2021 on purposefulness and hard work. Plan new projects, expand your business horizons, and look for new partners.


Horoscope for 2021 by Tamara Globa | predictionsThe year will be incredibly successful in every way.

In romantic relationships, the horoscope from Tamara Globa promises Taurus in 2021 a lot of great opportunities. Singles will be able to meet their soulmate, and families will only strengthen their Union, giving their loved ones tenderness, warmth and care.

In business, it is possible to reach a radically new level of income thanks to new successful projects.

A tip! Do not neglect health care and try to avoid spontaneous thoughtless spending in the coming year.


Horoscope for 2021 by Tamara Globa | predictionsWe really have a lot of work to do in 2021.

In love, you should be especially careful not to trust the first impression and bright emotions. Uncontrolled outbreaks of aggression, typical for representatives Of the air element, can also cause quarrels and even breakups in relationships.

It may not be the best year for your career. Promotion will be hindered by gossip, and to achieve the desired financial well-being, you will have to work harder than usual.

A tip! Try to avoid unnecessary stress and listen to your state of mind.

Horoscope for 2021 by Tamara Globa | predictionsThe year will be successful in terms of career growth, but quite stressful in personal matters.

In love, a difficult period awaits-jealousy, self-doubt and, as a result, frequent conflicts. If Cancers can’t curb their passions, even strong families can be on the verge of breaking up.

At the same time, an incredible increase is expected in the work. Predictions prepared by Tamara Globa for the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 for Cancers indicate that the period ahead is ideal for moving up the career ladder and launching large-scale projects.

A tip! In the race for success and trying to cope with the torments of jealousy, do not forget about health. Stress and stress can negatively affect the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Horoscope for 2021 by Tamara Globa | predictionsThe new period will not be easy.

In romantic Affairs, the year 2021 will not bring the desired peace of mind. Most likely, fragile ties that brought more problems than joy will be broken. But even for new acquaintances, the year 2021 is not very suitable, it’s better for the Lions to wait for this.

In my work, this is a really successful period. By shifting the focus from personal dandy to business projects, you can achieve incredible success and significantly improve your financial condition.

A tip! Forget about parties and unrestrained fun for a while. Give all your strength to work and the stars will give you the much-desired well-being.

Horoscope for 2021 by Tamara Globa | predictionsThe year 2021 promises this sign calmness and a measured quiet life.

A career year will not bring rapid take-offs, but it will be a great time to prepare a reliable launch pad. Engage in self-improvement, expand the range of professional skills and abilities, or even learn a new profession.

Everything will be harmonious and calm in the family, and single Virgos in 2021 can expect a bright and fateful meeting, which can be the beginning of a strong Union.

A tip! Try to set aside time for socializing with your loved ones and your favorite hobby. Take care of your physical and psychological health.

Horoscope for 2021 by Tamara Globa | predictionsIn 2021, Libra will be swinging on an emotional swing.

There are a lot of things to do at work, which will require a lot of physical and emotional strength. To succeed, you will need to put aside the doubts and insecurities that are so characteristic of Libra.

In personal matters, too, everything will not go smoothly. There may be disagreements and quarrels, which can only be resolved by finding compromises in the format of an open dialogue.

A tip! The main thing is not to bring yourself to nervous exhaustion, balancing between work and solving family problems.


Horoscope for 2021 by Tamara Globa | predictionsThe year will be very successful financially.

At work, it is possible to increase and increase income. To achieve maximum heights, Scorpios should learn to control their emotions and restrain their impulsivity.

In the family, the weather can be spoiled by bouts of jealousy (especially if the other half will even unconsciously provoke them). Minor quarrels are also possible due to some selfishness of Scorpios.

A tip! Try to avoid serious financial expenses and spontaneous expensive purchases. Beware of infectious diseases (especially in the spring and fall of 2021).


Horoscope for 2021 by Tamara Globa | predictionsThe year promises to be calm, without any troubles and sharp turns of fate.

In love, Sagittarians will be able to succeed, giving the second half a little romance, warmth and care. When making her predictions for 2021, Tamara Globa recommends that Sagittarians take a romantic trip during their summer vacation.

The work will also be smooth. For those who are busy with their favorite business, the year will be productive and give financial well-being. For those who have long thought about changing their occupation, it will provide an opportunity to realize themselves in a new direction.

A tip! Try to see and make the most of the chances that fate will give you in 2021.


Horoscope for 2021 by Tamara Globa | predictionsPeace, tranquility and reaping laurels-this is what the year 2021 has in store for Capricorns.

In business, a year will bring successful completion of projects that you have been working on for a long period of time. Financial revenues will increase, while there will be less work.

The year 2021 in love is full of surprises-new acquaintances, unexpected meetings, the appearance of a long-awaited baby…

A tip! Don’t make a fuss or rush to make decisions.


Horoscope for 2021 by Tamara Globa | predictionsThe year may be extremely successful, but to achieve this goal, Aquarians will have to show perseverance.

At work, it is possible to move up the career ladder, which in turn will have a positive impact on the financial situation.

Harmony and mutual understanding will prevail in the family. Lonely people should look around, because their happiness is definitely walking somewhere nearby, waiting for a chance for a fateful meeting.

A tip! Don’t forget about your health. Listen to your body, provide yourself with the proper level of activity and give preference to a healthy lifestyle.

Horoscope for 2021 by Tamara Globa | predictionsPisces in 2021 expects a lot of bright emotions and pleasant acquaintances.

In the field of personal relationships, the year will be incredibly successful. Pisces families will have peace or love, and for those who are single, fate is preparing the beginning of a new relationship with a long-term perspective.

Pisces will have more jobs, as increased needs and far-reaching plans will force you to look for additional earnings. For most representatives of this zodiac sign, 2021 will bring an improvement in well-being, although for those who do not want to spend extra effort at work, minor financial difficulties are not excluded.

A tip! Try to balance your work and leisure schedule. Do not give in to temptations and do not participate in dubious adventures.

Prophecies for 2021 from other astrologers

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