Holy week in 2021

Holy week of lent in 2021 as usually occurs in the last six days of abstinence and is the most difficult time for believers. This period serves as a preparation for Pascha and has some rules and traditions. This article discusses the basic customs of Holy week, and describes the main rules of preparation for the Holy Resurrection.

Holy week in 2021

Start date

Every year, the beginning of Holy week falls on a different date. So many believers are interested in the question what is the number of passion week in 2021.

Monday, April 13 is the first day of the last week of lent.

Holy week in 2021

It is from this date and begin Church services to return to the period when there was a tragic event and the suffering of Christ. In a six days, until April 18 all Orthodox will remember the sufferings of Jesus and prepare for Easter.

Traditions and customs

Monday is the first day of Holy week. It is important to remember that at this time, still continues a Great post, which obliges Christians to abstain from eating animal food. All the days of Holy week post 2021 we have traditions and the importance of:

  1. Great Monday starts the active preparation of the believers to the Resurrection of Christ. This period begins with a strict fasting are allowed to eat only bread, fruits and vegetables. Even if you are fasted the previous five weeks, Passion week should abandon meat and dairy products. On this day women, according to the customs, clean the house, and men do heavy work around the house. It is believed that you need to complete all the important things not to worry about them after the Holy week 2021 and the onset of Easter.
  2. Great Tuesday is Church day, in which sounds of worship and parables.
  3. Holy Wednesday is the final period of repentance in the Church, people ask forgiveness for all the injuries caused.
  4. Maundy Thursday is the day when believers recall the betrayal of Judas. Also, this day is called Clean, as it was in this period all of the hostess thoroughly cleans the house and start cooking to the Holy Resurrection. On this day, Christians are encouraged to receive communion and confess.
  5. Good Friday is a time of grief. Recall all the suffering of Jesus on earth. It is also customary during this period to give food and alms to the poor and needy.
  6. Holy Saturday – the day on which the consecration of festive Easter cakes and eggs. On Saturday all believers finish their chores and gather for the evening service. It Saturday night is the symbol of a miracle.
  7. Holy week ends with Easter greatest holidays of all believers.

Holy week in 2021

What not to do

Find out what day begins Holy week in 2021, will proceed to the consideration of actions and Affairs that cannot be made within this time period:

  1. You can’t ignore the post throughout the week. During this period, it is important to abandon gluttony.
  2. It is forbidden to spend his free time in the entertainment field. Week symbolizes the suffering and passion of Christ, so believers must spend it in sorrow.
  3. It is important to avoid sinful thoughts.
  4. You cannot deny people care. It is considered that asking a person calls himself Jesus.
  5. You can’t argue with loved ones and the people around you. It is also forbidden to swear, to lie, to be jealous and to Express other negative feelings.
  6. It is forbidden to perform baptisms and weddings in churches. Also at this time do not mention the dead and did not celebrate Saints ‘ days.

Holy week in 2021

Thus, the question of what day begins Holy week in 2021, can be answered unequivocally – April 13. This time has certain traditions: the faithful continue to adhere to strict fasting, with complete all the household chores and household chores, and then start preparations for Easter. Holy week lets us remember the suffering of Jesus on earth and think about their actions.

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