Holidays in Montenegro in 2021

Holidays in Montenegro in 2021 will appreciate the reasonable prices, warm sun and a variety of entertainment. Ecological reserve of Europe, as he was called by the country travelers, is popular with citizens of the USA. The fact that the climate of this country is reminiscent of the Crimea, however, the high level of service, the azure sea and gourmet predetermined the choice of many for the benefit of Montenegro.

The climate

The climate of this country, which gained independence after the breakup of Yugoslavia, each year attract millions of tourists. The best weather occurs on the coast, where from may to October reigns this summer. The average temperature in the summer months in the South of the country in the range of 25-32 ° C during the day and at night the thermometer drops to 18-22 ºC. Somewhat colder in the Central regions – in the summer there are an average of 22-28 ºC. The water temperature in the Adriatic sea in April is 22 ° C, so the swimming season in Montenegro will start early. On the beaches you can sunbathe until the end of October.

In the winter months, the flow of travellers is markedly reduced because the temperature drops. Average November-March temperature in the country is at 5-15 ° C, rarely dropping to 0 ºC. Frost here is as rare as Turkey or Greece, but if you are going to Montenegro on a New 2021, do not forget warm clothes. Useful also and sunglasses, especially if you plan to visit the local ski resorts (Durmitor, Kolasin, Zabljak), located in the foothills of the Alps. In the summer a lot of mosquitoes, so in addition to sunscreen, take a protective agent against insects.

How to get there?

To make your holiday in Montenegro in 2021 would not be marred by unexpected events, initially you should think about how to get to the desired resort. In Montenegro, the only two international airports:

From daily to Montenegro crashes several Charter (for example, “Montenegro Airlines” and “Transaero”). The airfare in summer is 150-200€, in winter, the price drops to 80-120€. Check in airfare, local airport tax, which is€15.

Holidays in Montenegro in 2021

Near the airports are bus stop and train station. You can reach them by taxi (cost 20€) then about 1-2 hours drive are all popular beach resorts (Bar, Kotor, Sutomore, Budva etc.). Price bus or train ticket – from 3 to 15€.

Important information: for 2021 in Montenegro there are no restrictions on the import of currency, but large amounts in excess of 10 000€, it is recommended to declare it. You cannot carry over 1 litre of spirits and 2 liters of wine, more than 200 cigarettes, and also the subjects concerning artistic and historical values. For travelers planning to vacation in Montenegro for more than 30 days, you need to take care of the visa. If the stay exceeds this period, then USAн visa is not required.

Beach vacation

The Adriatic sea in Montenegro can be divided into three areas:

  • Budva;
  • The Kotor Bay;
  • Lordly shore.

It offers tourists several hundred different beaches – from sandy to pebble, the length of which exceeds 73 km away an Artificial Bank, located at resorts such as Herceg Novi, Igalo, Herceg Novi. Small pebbles are scattered almost all over the Budva Riviera, the stones in the Bar. Near the resort town of Ulcinj has a unique beach with fine black sand, which fascinates with its beauty.

Holidays in Montenegro in 2021

Most marine bathing areas in Montenegro is free, but recently private hotels began to buy a certain area of the coast, which charge 2-4 per person. To pay it is not necessary, since every resort is plenty of free beaches with developed infrastructure. As for prices on holiday by the sea in Montenegro, they are quite affordable: renting sunbeds with umbrella – 3-5€ per day, a light meal in the nearby bars or restaurants is 10-20€, water sports from 10 to 25€, climbing – from 50€.

Since most of the beaches in Montenegro are situated in bays, surrounded by rocks, that the wind here is rare. After the wave on the coast hardly reach half a meter in height, and the clear water allows you to see the seabed at a depth of several tens of meters. Holidays in Montenegro in 2021 designed to distract from the mundane and enjoy the stunning nature of the country.

Apartment rental

Rental price of real estate in Montenegro vary depending on the degree of comfort of the rooms (apartments) and the location of housing. Next, we present relevant tourist price list for 2021:

  • camping – 3-5€ per person per day of stay;
  • Studio apartment in the city – 40-60 €/night;
  • country cottage on the coast – from 200 to 2500€/day;
  • a room in a house or apartment (as well as in the Crimea) – 15-40€/day.

Holidays in Montenegro in 2021

As for hotels, in Montenegro a huge number of both private and government hotels. Prices are ranging throughout the year: cheaper to rent an apartment in February (30-40€), more expensive – holiday season (40-100€). The cost of staying in hotels depends on many factors, such as infrastructure, comfort of rooms and included services and distance from the sea. In any case, to book any room in advance, or in the midst of the holiday season they may not be available.

Price List Of Montenegro

Prices in Montenegro for 2021 will be as follows:

  • rent a car – 40€/day, scooter – 20€, bike 10€ (you will need to leave a Deposit);
  • the dinner in the restaurant (bar) – 50-100€ from the table;
  • trip to taxi – in average 0,5€ per 1 km;
  • tours – from 20 to 80€;
  • 1 liter of gasoline is 1.3 €.

Holidays in Montenegro in 2021

We separately mention the price of food in local stores: a bottle of good wine – 8€, the local grape brandy – 10€ olive oil – 2€, fruits (vegetables) – € 1-3 per kg. the Seafood markets are from 2 to 25€ depending on the species of fish. To prepare fresh fish can at one of the restaurants just 5€.

Tour operators offer

Prices all inclusive tours to Montenegro for 2021 are at an acceptable level. On average, a 7-day trip for two with departure from and accommodation in a 4* hotel will cost 70 000 rubles for two. In winter, the menu is greatly reduced, and a week-long tour for two can be purchased from 50 000 rubles. It should be remembered that during low season Montenegro offers is that fine dining and sightseeing, while beach activities, travelers are not available.

Thus, Montenegro is a hospitable country with its unique culture, history and traditions. Here are some of the best European beaches, ancient monuments, unique nature. Infrastructure allows you to relax in comfort, and affordable prices will make the rest available.

About the features of rest in Montenegro, see the following video:

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