Holidays for first graders in 2021-2022 | first and additional holidays for first graders

Parents of children who will go to school in September next year are already interested in when the first-graders ‘ holidays are planned in 2021-2022. The main task of moms and dads is to help the child rebuild and get used to the rules of school life, as well as plan the year so that the child not only learns fruitfully, but also can fully relax. The exact schedule of holidays for first-graders in 2021-2022 is not yet available, but it is quite possible to determine approximate dates.

Features of the educational process

For the first grades, special conditions are provided, which are specially introduced in order not to overload children at the initial stage of training.

  • lack of ratings;
  • minimum amount of homework required;
  • five-day school week;
  • duration of one lesson is 35 minutes;
  • for the first two months, no more than 3-4 lessons are taught per day;
  • mandatory meals;
  • availability of extended day groups in schools;
  • additional holidays in 2021-2022, which apply to all first-graders, without exception.

Equally important is the role of experienced teachers, who should help children adapt to their new life as soon as possible. Only with their help, kids will be able to feel like part of a friendly school team. In addition, special standards have been developed for primary classes that regulate the period of study and free time from classes.

Holidays for first graders

Holidays in 2021-2022, including for first-graders, are regulated by the law “on education” and recommendations of the Ministry of education of the American Federation. The regulations are not mandatory, but they reflect certain parameters that all educational institutions in the American Federation must adhere to:

  • rest starts on Monday;
  • the beginning and end of classes can be postponed for no more than two weeks;
  • break between quarters for at least 7 days;
  • duration of summer holidays from 2 months;
  • the school year cannot start and end on a Sunday.

Final adjustments will be made several months before the start of the new academic year. Based on the recommendations of the Department, the school management will create schedules, including for primary school students.


The first holidays for first-graders in the 2021-2022 academic year should take place from October 26 to November 1, after the end of the autumn quarter. For two months, children will have 3 lessons a day, plus additional physical education classes-2 times a week. At the end of lessons, children who cannot be picked up by their parents immediately after the end of classes have the right to stay in extended day groups. They are open daily until 17-18 hours.

After the end of the second quarter, a longer break is provided. The estimated date is from December 28 to January 10. The segment fully captures the new Year and Christmas holidays. As for the Junior classes, the issue of an earlier start of winter holidays is already being discussed. The offer is relevant, as many children get sick during this period. It is not necessary to risk their health, especially since the training regime at the initial stage allows children to be given additional days off.

Extra rest

Designed for first graders only. It splits the long third quarter into two halves so that the children don’t get the maximum load. The duration of free time is one week. The estimated date is from February 22 to 28, 2021. In some schools, the first week of March will be free of classes.


Spring rest is provided after the completion of the longest and most difficult, in terms of training, in the third quarter. High school students at this time gradually begin to prepare for exams. While first-graders will have a great opportunity for leisure and various trips with their parents. The planned dates are from March 22 to 28 or from March 29 to April 4.

Summer is the most long-awaited time for schoolchildren, as they are released from classes for at least 2 months. For first-grade students, the rest period will last for three months. The approximate start date for the 2021-2022 summer holidays is may 31, but first-graders will finish classes on the 25th, after the ” last bell. The end date of classes may be postponed by two weeks, but subject to force majeure. For example, if an educational institution was quarantined in winter. Many children will be able to attend school camps during June, where they will find a lot of interesting activities. We are talking about trips to swimming pools, cinemas, recreation parks, etc.

Trimester system

The trimester system is a new teaching method that is already used in some schools in the country. The principles of its work are based on the system of education in higher and secondary educational institutions. At the end of five weeks of classes, there is a one-week break.

Despite the peculiarities, the trimesters also provide a two-week vacation in winter and at least two months in summer. The total duration of autumn, winter, and spring vacations is at least 30 days. Accurate graphics for the trimester will appear later, but to predict the approximate dates of holidays for primary classes today:

  • from 5 to 11 October;
  • from 16 to 22 November;
  • from December 28 to January 10;
  • from 15 to 21 February;
  • from March 29 to April 4;
  • from may 31 to August 31.

The trimester system attracts many parents. When using it, children are not overloaded. Optimal conditions are created so that students can take a break from their busy schedule. You can plan the use of free time in advance – the exact dates will appear no later than August 2020 in all institutions where the trimester system has been introduced. The method has its drawbacks, but in terms of rest-this is the best option for today.

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