Holidays 2021-2022 for schoolchildren in Tatarstan | autumn, winter, spring

The activities of educational institutions in the American Federation are regulated by the law “on education”. paragraph 11 of part 1 of article 34 of law No. 273-FZ prescribes the right of schoolchildren to scheduled breaks in the educational process. The vacation schedule is developed annually by the government and is a recommendation for all subjects of the Federation, while each region and even each institution can make adjustments to it depending on the statutory and legal documents regulating the organization of the educational process. The holidays of the 2021-2022 academic year for schoolchildren of Tatarstan will be held according to the generally accepted schedule, adjusted for the forms and programs of study.

General recommendations

The General schedule of rest for schoolchildren is very convenient for municipal education bodies, since they use the vacation time to organize leisure activities for children with the aim of their comprehensive development.

When drawing up the curriculum, schools are guided by General recommendations:

  1. The day of knowledge – September 1. This year it remains without postponements, so the children will celebrate the first bell on Tuesday.
  2. The end date of the year is may 25. In 2021, this day will also remain untranslated.
  3. Rest periods throughout the year will start on Monday.
  4. The total duration of free time of schoolchildren, excluding summer holidays, will be no more than 30 days.
  5. Summer holidays – at least two calendar months.
  6. The generally accepted schedule can be shifted within two weeks.

Schools in America operate according to two educational systems:

  • by quarters;
  • by trimester.

Important! In many regions of America, students will go on autumn holidays earlier than usual, but the authorities of Tatarstan decided that the epidemiological situation allows not to disrupt the educational process at the very beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year, but to spend the holidays on previously set dates.

Training by quarters

This system works the majority of schools of America. It involves dividing the year into four periods, each of which ends with a vacation. The disadvantage of the system is the uneven distribution of school time. The shortest is the second quarter, and the longest is the third. It is often possible to compensate for the load due to the postponement of holidays and seasonal quarantines.

Autumn events26.10 – 01.11
Winter games28.12 – 10.01
Spring events22.03 – 28.04
Summer services26.05 – 31.08

The last day of the first quarter of 2021-2022 is October 23, then Tatarstan schoolchildren will go on autumn holidays, which will last from October 26 to November 1. According to preliminary information, there are no additional comments on the postponement of the General schedule, but it is possible that schools will be given recommendations in connection with the subsequent series of public holidays. On November 4, America celebrates national unity Day, and this is an official day off throughout the country. Day 6 – Constitution Day of the Republic of Tatarstan. It is likely that the holidays here may be shifted.

The second quarter is planned to be completed on December 25 during the five-day period and on December 26 during the six-day period. Winter holidays will start on the 28th. They will last until January 10, and children will go to school on the 11th.

An additional week’s rest is reserved for first-graders, so in the period from February 13 to 21, the youngest students will be able to take a break from their studies, while older children will continue to learn the basics of science.

The longest, third quarter will end on March 19. Then the children will have a week of rest: they will return to school on the 29th. In total, secondary school students will be at home for 9 days.

The fourth quarter will be only one week longer than the first, but due to public holidays (Spring and Labor, Victory Day), they will be equal in the number of school days. The fourth quarter, and accordingly the year, will end on may 25. Starting from the 26th of this month, the longest summer holidays will begin for students who do not pass exams, which will traditionally last until August 31.

Trimester training

The trimester system differs from the quarter system in that it provides for five study periods. In this case, there are only three control points, and this avoids disputes over annual estimates. Each trimester lasts 3 months and coincides with the seasons of the year. At the same time, the duration of each school period is five weeks, after which the holidays come. An exception to this system is winter vacation, which coincides with a quarter-term school break and the national new year’s holiday for adults. The disadvantage of the system is the lack of an additional week of rest for first-graders.

TrimestersStudy periodsHolidays
I trimester01.09 – 13.1105.10 – 11.10
16.11 – 22.11
Second trimester23.11 – 12.0228.12 – 10.01
15.02 – 21.02
Third trimester22.02 – 28.0505.04 – 11.04

The preliminary schedule of the academic year 2021-2022 for Tatarstan schoolchildren who study under the trimester system is compiled as follows::

The advantage of training in trimesters is considered to be a greater number of rest days, which contributes to an even distribution of the load and better assimilation of the material. Children and parents also note that at the end of each trimester, unlike in quarters, final control work is not provided, and this reduces the risk of stressful situations. But this does not mean that such a system completely lacks control points. Their children write when they go to school, so during the legal rest period, students who are lagging behind in some subject cannot relax and are forced to study at home.

Study and recreation schedules are designed to take into account the effectiveness of training in terms of possible force majeure situations. The regulations are approved by the regional Department of education. At the same time, it can be revised, for example, if due to a long suspension of the educational process during an epidemic of viral diseases, children do not have time to master the program. In this case, the holidays can be shortened or completely omitted, but only after obtaining the appropriate permission from the regulatory authorities.

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