Holiday schedule for 2021 in USA

Love to plan everything in advance – offer today to know what will be in the USA official schedule of holidays on 2021, and also as a long weekend will give us the government and on what dates it is better to plan long trips.

Holidays national significance

In 2021 schedule of holidays that will be celebrated in all regions of the USA, will not change. Red dates on the calendar will only eight:

Holiday schedule for 2021 in USA

Since three of the eight holidays fall on weekends, extra days off in 2021 will be more that will give USAнам several long-time coming “long weekend.”

All of the 366 calendar days in the coming year the output will be 118 days, and workers – in 248, which is 1 more than in year’s past, due to the fact that 2021 will be a leap year. It should be noted that among the 248 working days 4 days will be shorter by 1 hour:

Holiday schedule for 2021 in USA

And now let us look at each of the festive periods 2021 in more detail.

January holidays

The longest period of rest for residents of the USA will be a “Christmas vacation” which will last from 1st to 8th January (inclusive). The ability to relax will not only employees of public organizations, and employees of private firms, as the law applies to enterprises of all ownership forms.

To work in the first week of January will be only the emergency services and the company, which is technologically impossible to stop the production process. For work in the period from 01.01.20 for 08.01.20 by law increased wages for work during the holidays.

Holiday schedule for 2021 in USA

Thus, the first working day 2021 will be on Thursday 9 January and the first week will consist of only 2 days, which will allow USAнам as easy to get out of the holidays and tune in a working mood.

The weekend, which are released through the imposition of market holidays on 4 and 5 January will be postponed to the may holidays (respectively 4 and 5 may 2021).

February 23

The defender of the Fatherland day (primary day) in 2021 falls on Sunday, according to the law gives us another day off (Monday 24.02.10) and the long three-day period to celebrate, a great holiday with family and friends, and travel.

Holiday schedule for 2021 in USA

March 8

In 2021 and international women’s day also falls on a Sunday, which adds to the holiday schedule another day of rest. Most likely, hours will be announced Monday 09.03.20 that will delight all a nice gift – a series of 3 consecutive weekends.

Holiday schedule for 2021 in USA

May holidays

May – one of the most favorite months for many USAн, indeed, the tradition of the appearance of the first resistant heat come and the so-called “may holidays”. The official schedule of holidays and breaks weekends 2021 in the USA has not been approved because, as a rule, the document argued in October of this year. however, all hope that, by analogy with the horizon of 2020, the government will approve the transfer of 2 January weekend on may 4 and 5, that will give all residents of the country, two major non-working periods:

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