Health day in 2021

Health day in 2021 will be traditionally devoted to the treatment and prevention of dangerous diseases and other topics related to medicine and healthy lifestyle. This social festival, held at the international level, is of great importance for people regardless of social status, country of residence, Finance income and other factors.

This ambitious project, whose main goal is promotion of healthy lifestyle (HLS). As every year the number of people who adhere to healthy lifestyles, increases, we can assume that the elapsed labors bear fruit. For the organization of events on world health day often takes months.

To mark

Most social holidays have a fixed date. Due to this trend are quite simple – they are dedicated to certain events. Date health Day will also remain unchanged for the past 69 years.

Important! World health day in 2021 will be 7 April.

Date is chosen not casually. It is dedicated to the creation of the world health organization (who). This event, which occurred in 1948, was important to mankind. In the postwar period, the lack of medicines and medical personnel, unsanitary conditions, hunger and other factors led to the spread of epidemics. Create a who allowed us to approach important issues at the international level. Joined the organization 197 States, including the Soviet Union.

Health day in 2021

The history of

The idea of holding a health Day appeared who, immediately after education. In 1948-1949 year it was celebrated on July 22. The date was connected with the adoption of the Charter, the main document regulating the activities of the organization. Since 1950, events began April 7 – the day of the founding of who.

1995 was a turning point in the development of the holiday. Until that time, all activities were only a world organization, but after the support was UN Secretary-General. Besides, it was decided to annually dedicate the Day of health a specific topic. Over the years, questions have been raised regarding the treatment and prevention of poliomyelitis, diabetes, high blood pressure, infectious diseases, diseases of mental health. The social celebration was also dedicated to the environmental situation, drugs, road safety, food etc.

Important! Not yet announced topic of health Day in 2021.

As noted

Over the years the festival has formed a certain tradition. Knowing a number of health Day will be in 2021, medical organizations and institutions, as well as activists and the authorities are preparing a series of events. Annually open special medical centers, the purpose of which is early detection of disease. In big cities they usually work in clinics.

There are also other activities:

  1. In hospitals and clinics organize lectures, seminars and conferences for the public and medical personnel.
  2. Runs, Cycling and other sporting events.
  3. To attract the attention of the public in parks, public gardens and sports grounds master classes in which anyone can take part.
  4. The charitable action.
  5. Informing about healthy lifestyles and disease prevention.

Mandatory events can be held in kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions. Future generations grow up healthy, children learn about the dangers of alcohol and Smoking, danger of drugs, the importance of proper nutrition and exercise. For students are usually arranged sports competitions, and conduct theatrical performances, focusing on a healthy lifestyle or medicine.

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