HC Amur squad for the 2021-2022 season | ice hockey

At the end of the transfer campaign, the core of the team was preserved. Free agents, despite the presence of offers from other clubs, preferred to remain in the Amur team for the 2020/2021 season.


Amur’s defensive line is stable, which is confirmed by the 5th place in the League in terms of the number of goals conceded. This is achieved by the minimum number of permutations. In the 2020/2021 season.Plotnikov was exchanged, and the team was replenished with a new player – Olshansky.

Last name and first nameHow many full yearsContract until April 30Height in cmWeight in kgCitizenship
33Nikita Alexandrov212022200101RF
6Vasiliev Valery262022187100RF
43Vitasek Ondrej29202119296Czech
82Alexander Gopienko20No information available17971RF
43Maxim Ignatovich29202119394RF
47Jordan Michal29202118588Czech
88Nikita Kamalov24No information available18383RF
63Kondratiev Maxim K37No information available18694RF
55Koryagin Gleb25202118290RF
74Pavel Medvedev24No information available18794RF
84Olshansky Savely21202118495RF
34Turbin Pavel30202118283RF


The team’s goalkeepers are professionals, and the management has high hopes for the upcoming season. So, Alikin entered THE top 5 best goalkeepers of the KHL in all indicators. There are partnerships in the goalkeeping team, although there is also competition.

Last name and first nameHow many full yearsContract until April 30Height in cmWeight in kgCitizenship
18Alikin Evgeny25202118088RF
21Evgrafov, Alexander O.19No information available18581RF
30Kiselyov Evgeny22202118071RF
94Langhamer Marek25202118883Czech


Central striker V. Pyanov, despite receiving offers from the same 3-4 clubs in the KHL, gave preference to the Amur. He justified his choice by saying that he had a good impression of playing in this team in the 18-19 season. He emphasized the presence of a good hockey atmosphere, professionalism of the club, friendly team, trust and clear requirements of Gulyavtsev.

Forwards Vladislav and Vyacheslav Ushenin have earned great popularity among far Eastern fans. They have come a long way from beginners to the leaders of the KHL the KHL. Now they will be part of HC Amur in the 2020/2021 season.

HC Amur squad for the 2021-2022 season | ice hockey

Vladislav and Vyacheslav Ushenin

Another important event – the signing of an annual contract with the Thorny brothers from the Czech Republic. Hynek was named the team’s 2nd top scorer in his first season in the KHL, while Tomas is one of the TOP 5 strikers.

Extreme forward N. Yakupov previously moved from Vityaz to Amur and decided to stay for the 2020/2021 season. According to the club’s management, this is a promising player, whose best seasons are still ahead. His decision to stay is a big plus for Amur . Yakupov is a first-team forward. According to the coach, he will be able to prove himself in the best way in the three with the Zogorna brothers or the Ushenin brothers.

HC Amur squad for the 2021-2022 season | ice hockey

Other important facts of changing the composition of “Amur” for the 2020/2021 season:

  • Striker Sergei Plotnikov moves from “Cupid” in “Magnitogorsk”. Instead of him, a new player comes to the team, who is the bronze medalist of the MFM-2019, Savely Olshansky.
  • D. Fayzullin remains in the team, having signed a contract for 2 years.
  • Contracts with such forwards as M. Karpov and I. Kablukov were terminated by mutual consent.
Last name and first nameHow many full yearsContract until April 30Height in cmWeight in kgCitizenship
96Boltunov Arthur23202118883RF
71Butuzov Vladimir26202218789RF
37Velichkin Igor32202118590RF
28Golubev Denis28202118193RF
61Alexander Gorshkov29No information available17275RF
13Zhelezkov Artem24202218386RF
80Thorny Tomas32202118583Czech
20Thorny Hynek29202118894Czech
91Katsuba Stanislav29202118482RF
84Alexander Kuznetsov28202118390RF
45Valentin Pyanov28No information available18678RF
12Stories Of Cyril28202118690RF
71Vladislav Ushenin28No information available18074RF
79Vyacheslav Ushenin28No information available18281RF
93Danil Fayzullin26No information available18585RF
11Yazkov Nikita24No information available18795RF
65Yakupov Nail26202218189RF

HC Amur coaching staff for the 2020/2021 season

The President of” Amur ” accepted the offer to stay for another 5 years, signing a contract. HC pays a lot of attention to young players. Soon the team will be replenished with new carpenters, which means that the best Of the best should bring up new talents. Its management team will also continue to work. Also extended agreement with the head coach of HC – A. Gusareva.

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