Happy new year 2021 greetings: official | new year’s message

New year’s holidays are rapidly approaching and it’s time to prepare creative and at the same time official congratulations on the New year 2021 for colleagues, partners and superiors.

Employees from management

A beautiful official greeting card for colleagues on the New year 2021 can be placed in a prominent place in the office or near the reception Desk, used as an addition to branded cards or gifts, invitations to a new year’s corporate event, and even as a toast.

Happy new year 2021 greetings: official | new year's message

Dear colleagues, Congratulating the coming New year 2021, I want to Express my gratitude for their harmonious and effective work in the past year, for all of you willing to undertake for any project, not afraid of difficulties and know how to approach to the most demanding customers. I wish that the coming year will bring us many new achievements, and each of you – the embodiment of your most cherished desires.

Dear colleagues (employees of the company), While congratulating you on the New year 2021, I would like to wish everyone health and joy, interesting and efficient work, as well as achieving your goals, because it is these small but very important puzzles that form a single picture of a successful company. The achievements that we are so proud of have a significant part brought by each of you (list departments). Happy New Year! Happy new beginnings! With new features!

Happy New Year, dear colleagues! The outgoing year was not an easy one for our company, but thanks to well-coordinated work, we managed not only to stay afloat, but also to stay ahead of our competitors in the fight for market leadership (specify the field of activity). I wish that the coming year 2021 will be no less rich and productive, but it will become easier and allow everyone to get one step closer to the goal.

Dear colleagues, Please accept our sincere congratulations from the management (company name) on the upcoming year 2021. I wish you a good mood, more smiling clients and interesting projects, less stress and anxiety, the ability to philosophize about failures and enjoy victories (not only your own, but also everyone who works nearby). We are one family and I wish that this family always has a friendly and cozy atmosphere.

Dear colleagues, welcome to the year 2021 of the White Metal Bull! Let your mind be as sharp as the tips of his horns and your decisions as firm as his hooves. I wish you the whole year to feel like a bullfighter and skillfully catch your luck, realizing every chance that fate provides. Boldly and confidently follow the chosen path, proudly carrying the logo of our company!


New year’s and Christmas holidays are a great opportunity to gently remind investors and partners about themselves. We offer to send them a beautiful official new Year’s greeting in 2021.

Happy new year 2021 greetings: official | new year's message

Dear (full name), On the eve of the New year 2021, we would like to thank you for the invaluable contribution that You have made to our common cause, for helping us develop our company, which has successfully established itself in the market over the past year. On behalf of all our employees, we would like to wish You health and family well-being, achieving your goals and opening up new horizons that are still unknown.

Dear (full name), In the person of the team (company name), we congratulate You on the upcoming New year 2021 and merry Christmas! Let in the New Year there will be a lot of work and a lot of achievements, and there will be a lot of reliable partners who will definitely help you achieve the highest possible results.

Dear investors, The company (name) thanks you for your fruitful cooperation in the outgoing year and wishes you a happy New year 2021! Let the white metal Bull bring you good luck and increase your financial assets. Happy holidays!

Happy new year 2021 greetings: official | new year's message

Happy New year 2021! In the new year, let the risks on investments tend to 0, and the profit-to infinity, let the business portfolio be full of interesting ideas, and all startups are launched quickly and easily.

Dear partners, Another fruitful year of our cooperation has passed. It was not easy, but it was successful, for which we are equally grateful to each of you. Let the New year 2021 bring with it many interesting ideas, new projects and startups, success and financial well-being.

To clients

On the eve of the holidays, you should also prepare a new year’s personalized greeting card or a universal greeting card with the New year 2021 for the company’s clients. When choosing your wishes and design style, you should consider the following rules::

  • brevity and conciseness of the text;
  • recognition rate;
  • personalization.

Even if it is a unified email or e-mail newsletter, the client should have the impression that the lines are written specifically for them.

Happy new year 2021 greetings: official | new year's message

Happy New Year 2021! We would like to congratulate you on this wonderful holiday and thank You for giving preference to our company throughout the year (please indicate the name). We hope to see you again in 2021, because we have prepared many interesting surprises and pleasant gifts for You, which will be available from January 1, 2021.

Happy New year 2021 and merry Christmas! Please accept the most sincere congratulations from the staff of the salon (name). May the coming year be bright and joyful, bring financial prosperity, and fulfill your most cherished dreams. We look forward to seeing you again! We open on January 2 at 10: 00.

Dear (name), We are glad that last year you made the right choice and became one of our clients! On the eve of the holidays, we would like to wish You a happy New year 2021 and merry Christmas! We wish you success, career growth, financial stability, and everything you need for a great mood and an unforgettable holiday you will find here (you can link). We are always happy to help, as well as offer the best conditions and prices.

To your boss

When preparing for a new year’s corporate event or just waiting for the winter holidays, you should also choose official congratulations to your boss (or management) on the New year 2021.

Happy new year 2021 greetings: official | new year's message

Dear (first And middle Name)! Congratulations on the New year 2021, we wish you not to deviate from the chosen path and always achieve your goals, remain just and caring, smile more and do not pay attention to minor troubles. We believe in You and are always ready to support you in any endeavor.

Our dear (first Name and Patronymic), Please accept the most sincere congratulations from the team (Department name). We wish that the New year 2021 will bring you a lot of fresh ideas, success in any endeavors, financial stability and family well-being. We value your intelligence, reliability, fairness, and kind heart, and we are ready to work as a team to achieve your goal.

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