GTO 2021: table of standards

In 2021, continues its sports complex TRP, the aim of which is to promote among the citizens of the Russian Federation of sports and healthy lifestyle. Table of standards differ depending on age groups, which are divided into 11 steps and have three levels of difficulty. For the implementation of standards, which is assessed in accordance with the type of test, the participant receives a badge, which will gain additional privileges at receipt in high school.

Organizational issues

Sports complex “Ready for labor and defense” was developed at the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation. This idea is the know-how and has already been used in the Soviet Union, however, after its collapse, ceased to exist. In 2014, Vladimir Putin made a proposal on the resumption of the old tradition, which plays an important role in supporting the health of citizens.

The main tasks of the complex are:

  • the attraction of the sport to people of all ages;
  • promotion of a healthy lifestyle, starting at school;
  • a General improvement in the health status of each citizen;
  • Patriotic education.

Upon successful completion of all approved test participant may receive one of three types of distinctions, which have different advantage:

The reward is a badge with the mandatory supporting documents, is made of iron with a coating simulating the corresponding precious metal.

GTO 2021: table of standards

The TRP is open to citizens of the Russian Federation at the age from 6 to 70 years of age and older if they are healthy and can exercise in the main group. You need to have supporting medical opinion.

To participate in VFSC “Ready for labor and defense” follow the next simple steps:

  1. Register on the official portal
  2. To fill in the application form.
  3. Undergo a medical examination and to document that meets the requirements of health regulations for the assignment of groups of health and permission to participate in sports competitions.
  4. The immediate passage of the tests themselves.

The passage of the TRP is provided in specialized testing Centers, which are organized in the regions of the Russian Federation. The organizing Committee sets up a schedule of tests with their associated sports fields. To know where the nearest Centre, on the official website of the TRP in the Personal Cabinet, which will be available after registration.

GTO 2021: table of standards

You can not pass all the required tests in one day. This is contrary to the regulations of the TRP and cannot be counted among the Wellness event. You must correctly calculate the forces to achieve the best performance.

Participation in the TRP may be implemented in the annual reporting period, which will differ depending on stage of testing. 2021 calendar year to pass the test according to the established norms will be men and women who are 18 years or more, and they are not students (VI-XI step). For the adult population reporting period coincides with the calendar year and has a quarterly grading (I-IV quarter). In 2021 graph tests for adults will look like the following:

  • First quarter: from 01.01.2021 on 31.03.2021;
  • Second quarter: with 01.04.2021 for 30.06.2021;
  • Third quarter: with 01.07.2021 for 30.09.2021;
  • Fourth quarter: with 01.10.2021 on 31.12.2021.

For students provided time frame. School-age children can participate in sports activities throughout the school year. Thus, for them the reporting period in the new academic year is from 01.07.2020 for 30.06.2021.

Participation in the TRP cannot be imposed on children (or citizens of other age groups) and is not a mandatory part of school physical education lessons. The trials in VFSC is carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis. Also, their unwillingness to comply or lack of progress in the TRP may not affect the final grade of the student.

GTO 2021: table of standards

GTO for pupils

In 2020-2021 school year, school-age children will have to take a certain amount of exercise depending on the belonging to the age group. GTO described in the tables of standards and approved by the authorized bodies of the government of the Russian Federation.

The results of the successfully completed exercises are logged, and then entered into the database VFSC “TRP” and displayed in Personal account at official portal. Getting the badge would be based on the following standards for school-age children:

If the participant could not reach the established minimum, he’ll have another chance to retake the test. In total three times to exceed one exercise for one academic year. For mulligans, a separate individual schedule with a mandatory condition – a break of two weeks between tests.

GTO 2021: table of standards

A plaque will match the lower level of the obtained results. For example, if the participant has received at least one “bronze” for exercise, in the end he will be rated a bronze award.

Bonuses and benefits for students

The presence of rewards for completing the TRP, which meet the standards will be considered for admission the student to the UNIVERSITY. The applicant may be assessed additional points based on the rules and requirements of this institution of higher education. Information on the number of additional points when providing lapel badge and identity it is necessary to specify directly at the University.

The table below shows some examples of the promotion of individual achievements in TRP in major Universities:

UNIVERSITYPoints for the gold badge
MSU M. V. LomonosovTwo
RAM them. CollegeOne
MGTU im. N. Uh. BaumanFour
Rsupesy & tFive

In the presence of the gold insignia of the student can be increased state scholarship that are regulated by normative documents of the Ministry of education and science.

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