Groundhog day in 2021

Groundhog day on a large scale in 2021 will be celebrated in Canada and the United States. The tradition of predicting the weather by the behavior of the animal nearly a half century ago. Now it has turned into a popular festival which brings together thousands of people. Celebrate it and in some European countries, but in the USA the holiday has not got accustomed. This is due to the fact that in the USA spring comes a little later, and so groundhogs in early February, still asleep.

Groundhog day in 2021

The date for the celebration

All Americans know well, when is Groundhog Day in 2021, since the predictions of the beloved animal-the forecaster will monitor both adults and children. Date not changed since 1886, when the festival was first held officially.

Important! In 2021, the Groundhog Day will be celebrated on 2 February.

Despite the fact that the festival has a national scope, February 2 is not a public holiday. While in 2021 it falls on Sunday, so personally see the fortune teller will be able to attend. By the way, the celebration date falls on the 40th day after Christmas.

Is spring early or late

The essence of the festival is to forecast what will be the spring – early or late. The role of the forecaster performs marmot. The animal was awake and watching his behavior. If he leaned out and immediately hid back into the hole, then winter will last at least another 6 weeks. If the animal went about his business, expect an early spring. The mystical and supernatural in the predictions nothing. The fact that the animal usually hides back into the hole in Sunny weather, because it is frightened of its own shadow. If outside, then he has no fear and returned home.

Groundhog day in 2021

For all history of existence of festival the forecasts are not always true. Often there are situations that animals from different cities make different predictions. Despite this, all Americans and Canadians, knowing when Groundhog Day in 2021, will be required to monitor the behavior of a natural weather forecaster.

In the USA the Groundhog Day is celebrated in Yekaterinburg, but the arrival of spring predicts the hedgehog Puff. 2 Feb set before him two bowls filled with water, marked “early spring” and “late spring”. Predictions often come true. Earlier forecaster was hedgehog pugovka, but it’s almost always wrong.

How to celebrate

The official American Groundhog that can predict the arrival of spring, name is Phil. He lives in the town of Punxsutawney in Pennsylvania. In this regard, the main events are held in this small town. The celebration usually last 3 days. For citizens and guests who come from different parts of the country, developed a comprehensive program of events. Preparations for the event held on the eve. The animal is usually awake at 07:25 am members of the Groundhog Club. They always wear black hats-caps on their heads. After the ceremony, during which the animal makes a prediction, carried out the festival and enjoy the festivities.

Groundhog day in 2021

It is believed that Phil makes predictions since 1886, that is over 133 years, although live animals in captivity for 10-15 years. Members of the Club claim that the secret to his longevity in a special elixir.

There are other marmots-meteorologists. The most famous of them live in new York, Ontario, a small town of Lilburn, Georgia, although the championship is for Phil of Pennsylvania. Festivals and other events carried out in different parts of Canada and the United States.

Interesting! On the Day the Groundhog all over the world learned after the release in 1993 of the same movie with bill Murray in the lead role. In the film the events take place in the city Punksatony 2 Feb.

How did

To Herald the arrival of spring on animals in North America began in the first half of the nineteenth century. Surprisingly, one of the oldest festivals of America is of European origin. The fact that the tradition on the mainland, according to different sources, was introduced by German or Dutch immigrants. In Europe predictions “were” hedgehogs, but in America, their population is low, so the honors went to the Groundhog. Among the locals, the animal was considered sacred.

Groundhog day in 2021

Later was created the Groundhog Club, whose members carried out the holiday weather and made it popular all over the country. They have kept a long tradition, although the festival now and has acquired a modern touch. For example, the reaction of an animal necessarily is broadcast live across the country.

The Americans there are a lot of beliefs and customs which they adhere to. It is believed that February 2 can be positive energy for the whole year. You need to be in the sun and to experience positive emotions. To do this, and arrange noisy and fun festivities. But quarrels and conflicts should be avoided in order not to incur the trouble and unhappiness.

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